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The Tranquility of Transfiguration – Sandra Walter, July 14

Sandra Walter ~ The Tranquility of Transfiguration

July 14 2015

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,
There is much occurring at the moment, on all levels of the Ascension process, the awakening, and the Shift in consciousness. As has been emphasized for all of 2015, your focus and your choices sculpt and create your own personal Ascension experience. This is readily apparent, even within the diversity of the Ascension Tribe. Embodiment of the crystalline consciousness creates stability as the volume is turned up on all realities. It also challenges the Tribe to honor Divine Delineation as your experience, or the experience of your colleagues, becomes unfamiliar. It will not always be this way; truly nothing is set in stone – ever. We are entering an (even more) accelerated passage; that is the nature of the Shift. Breathe and embrace it with your words, actions, and thoughts in order to serve its Divine purpose.

It will be important for you to recognize and focus on the divinity emerging through yourself or your colleagues. Some of you are experiencing the unwavering peace of crystalline/Christ consciousness; that vibration is anchored and continues to gain strength each moment, each day, each Gateway. Blessings upon all of the Divine beings who have taken on the Mastery challenge of walking in both worlds. It is becoming effortless as we surrender to the weirdness of it.
Notice how different it feels in this passage of July. The frequencies coming onto the planet are aimed directly at supporting the Christed embodiments, which in turn sends ripples through the collective exhuming distortions, emotions, and belief systems which no longer serve. As always, the choices of the individual shape their experience of Ascension and the Shift. For the brave ones who have crossed the threshold into Divine neutrality, we commend your Divine service work. Your reward for the moment is the experience itself; the deep understanding of the power of Divine love. It has become part of your consciousness again, and you will notice that it is unaffected by the external. Congratulations, Beloveds. The fifth/sixth dimensional aspect of your Multidimensional Self, the higher Self, is now aligned to allow for a complete embodiment of the the Christed Self. The trigger frequencies have begun, and delicate, precise Divine timing – in the highest interests of your journey and the collective – allow this sacred mission to unfold.
Cosmic Rays of Evolution
Galactic Alliances, Masters, Solar consciousness, Archangelic forces consistently work in tandem with the level of collective HUman consciousness to monitor and provide what we call forth, integrate, and agree to receive. Many of you understand at a heart-level, rather than a mind-level, that your higher aspects are part of the off-world alliances in service to the pure and true Ascension. Some of you take on the service of becoming more and more aware of multiple dimensional realities at the same time, within the body vehicle experience, in order to allow more of the cosmic forces onto the planet. For those of you taking on this level of Mastery, there will be light-encoded filaments coming to the planet in the last two gateways of July which will provide support for the psychological and physical affects of that awareness.
Physical effects of the Now Ascension
Because this is a new experience, let us note a few of the physical changes which many of you are experiencing, and let us remind you that these are not to be mistaken for side effects of earlier stages of the Ascension process. In brief, you will know at a core level whether or not you are truly embodying the Christed Self, the Multidimensional Self, as the next step of the more advanced stages of your ascension. Yes Beloveds, the embodiments unfolding this year and the energies which you can already feel being threaded through the collective consciousness are the beginning of the last Equinox through Eclipse passage of September.
Of course there will be subsequent waves of energy, and ongoing waves of embodiment, however the stability of a first wave is needed as the energies intensify this year. It is a Divine act of service for many Wayshowers. If your Higher levels are guiding you to abandon all other missions and focus on this service, we request that you consider aligning with this moment by moment. The stability will be crucial for both Gaia and the collective. Fortunately, you will feel mercifully detached from the lower activities of the external which may flail and strike out like a cornered wildcat as the pure photonic light forces disharmony to the surface. That applies to all lifestreams, not just those in disharmonious alignment with denser agendas. For those following these messages who are not experiencing embodiment, we ask you to consider getting as clear and heart-based as possible so your journey may unfold with ease and grace. It will also assist with not being swayed or pulled into thought forms and activities which have nothing to do with your true self, or the direction of this Ascending planetary experience.
The Heat of the Crystalline Rewrite
As you transcend the lower chakra systems and strengthen the Ascension column, the (consciously activated) crystalline structures begin to rewrite the cellular and light body structures into sacred geometric form. This internal activity assists the torus fields to accelerate in order to hold more light and merge the 4D field with the 5D and beyond fields of your Lighter, Higher dimensional Self. There are codes within your bones, blood and Lightbody which merge with the crystalline structures within in their sacred purpose of Ascension. Men and women of all age ranges experience this; it began during the last Equinox Gateway.
Please note that it is not the kundalini burning/sweating sensation of earlier stages of Ascension. It is an evenly distributed, head to toe, deep core burning sensation. It will not feel like sweat on the surface of the skin; it feels like a fine mist emanating through the skin, coming from a deep skeletal or core energy. Like a feverish sensation without the illness. Misty, refined. It does not emanate from one chakra or another, rather it is the full Ascension column experience. The heat begins, head to toe, and the emanation of it feels like a fine hot crystalline mist coming forth. In the Spring it felt like burning off stages of a rocket, burning off density. At this phase it is a refined rewrite of the cellular structure. It definitely puts the Solar sensation in Solar Cosmic Christ. You do indeed emanate these frequencies of the Sun, and in this density it does indeed feel like heat. If you are curious about the difference between this and kundalini rushes of the past, look to the sweat factor; if you’re drenched in your own sweat, that is kundalini sweats (or hot flashes for ladies in that physical phase). If you are experiencing an all-over misty sensation that feels like a light body expansion, it is most likely the restructuring of these crystalline aspects within the body vehicle, which in turn is preparation for more strands of DNA to etherically reconnect. Nothing is needed to fix it; stay hydrated, in gratitude, and welcome the transformation.
Crystalline structure reaction to direct SUNlight
On some days, in some hours (not all), you may experience a crackling, prickly, tingling sensation on the surface of your skin when exposed to direct sunlight. On these days when crystalline structures within the body are sensitive to the alignment with the SUN, it is best not to overexpose yourself to that sensation. It is quite uncomfortable, so you will most likely be guided to get out of the SUN. As mentioned in earlier messages, it is the crystalline structures becoming more active, especially when there is this crystalline focus during these gateways of 2015. Crystalline structures within the body, the crystals you put in the ground, Gaia’s crystalline beds, and the crystalline grid are all unifying in Divine purpose to bring forth these Christed embodiments this year. The structures get very stimulated in direct sunlight, and you feel that strong radiation coming into the body vehicle to anchor that light. Use your discernment when it comes to length of exposure.
Afternoon activations continue
While it may be inconvenient to drop everything that you are doing and go into meditation, or lay down, when the daily activation presents, do your best to accept these activations. They occur roughly between 12 noon – 6 pm, and last between1 to 2 hours. Even if you are engaged in other activities when the activations present, you may still consciously accept them with gratitude and love, and continue doing what the day demands as the energies are received through the Ascension column. It is your choice as to how deeply you would like to experience these activations, which are focused on your own personal process. Work with your team and your higher levels, and open your heart to the full experience of Ascension in order to receive.
Brilliant light in the Ascension column
The brilliant light I described in previous articles is a side-effect of working with the I AM templates here in Shasta. If you are consciously accepting the template codes during the Gateway dates provided, you may begin to experience this rapid lighting up of your Ascension column. It is extremely bright at first, like staring into the face of an Archangel. I have learned how to integrate it so that it doesn’t affect my external vision as consistently as when it first began. To be clear, this is the merging of the I AM within the Ascension column. For those of you unfamiliar with the Ascension column, that is the central chamber which activates when all of the tube torus fields of the Multidimensional Self are aligned and activated through the Solar Cosmic Christed Heart Center, so the awareness of consciousness in all of these different dimensional levels can unify in the divine purpose of Ascension. If you would like to study and experience that, feel free to explore the Ascension Path class. I described the experience in depth on the last connection call.
Effects of the embodiment on our Consciousness
– Consistent peace.
– Infinite patience with all that is.
– A deep unification with Source; the pure Love which is Source.
– Consistent Divine neutrality, which is detached compassion, and the transfiguration of mental activity to the higher, expansive states of Love.
– Mastery-Level Patience with the collective, the external, and the grounded Self.
– Flowing, flexible beingness unattached to belief systems, judgments or external programs/realities.
– Pure Presence in the Zero Point.
– Freedom.
Gateway Focus: July 15 – 19th
Light-encoded filaments will be entering over the next few days which are focused on our consciousness. The last Gate brought a deep peace to the embodiers after the flare did its work. Gatekeepers and gridworkers, we continue to use crystals to accelerate and expand these energies. Transfiguration of the lower levels – the emotional, mental and egoic levels – is one of our largest challenges as a collective. For those of you who have done the work, assist your brothers and sisters who may become triggered or spun off-center during this passage. Your ability to be present in the heart, patient, and consistently creating higher solutions (rather than drama) demonstrates the true Ascension activity.
As we emerge from the illusion where our free will seemed controlled, we retrain ourselves to honor, respect, and demonstrate the activity of divine choice in alignment with the highest interests of all concerned. Use your discernment and Divine neutrality during this acceleration. Be selective with your words, activities and energy; especially if you are in a Wayshower role. Take note of the forces using these energies to create anxiety, fear, or judgment. Observe, but do not engage or assist in the creation of fear. All is incredibly well, Beloveds. Let the old light crumble, and focus on the expanded perception and perspective of your Divine Self.
Rebroadcast of the Multidimensional Merge Event: July 18-19
The feedback from the Multidimensional Merge Sequence online event has been powerful. I AM truly honored to provide this method for experiencing the multidimensional Self, alignment of the torus energy fields and Ascension column. Because of the strong results, Lauren Galey is re-releasing the three-part series this weekend. Registration is open now at Please note it is an advanced level Mastery class.
Blessings upon all of us engaged with this Divine experience of Ascension!
In Love, Light and Service,

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