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Ashira (channeled messages)

Ashira of Neptune via Genoveva Coyle, December 14th, 2018


Our fleet of wonderful ships are hovering in the sky behind the clouds, and closer to your heads and hearts than you can imagine. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings dearest brothers and sisters! I AM Commander Ashira of Neptune, Commander of the UFOG, I am your family, ally and friend.

I come to greet you on this day, and to remind you of our love and constant support. Know that when you look up into the sky, early in the morning or late at night, when a star is flickering and shining more brightly than others it means that we are beckoning to you, it is a way for us to wave and say hello, to greet you and send you our love. It is the same when you are gazing at a white cloud, know that we are with you, traveling with you, supporting and energizing you, entertaining you with our music, or heart-based lyrics, and heavenly sounds.

Can you hear us dear ones? I know you can, but can you feel our profound love and willingness to be with you?

How we would love you to see us walking alongside you! And that time is coming dear friends! That time is now, indeed!

We have no bigger desire than that you would remember your travels with us going back home, or on our way to the Cities of Light, where we are working in joy, laughing and creating extensive communities of love!

But most of thee are deeply immersed in the thickness of the three-dimensional world, in service that is true, to clear the spaces, to purify, detoxify, and ignite the light in every remote part of Planet Earth. And so it could be detrimental to our missions when you are air-headed, or when you allow your mental bodies to wander too frequently through the clouds. And so, we keep our presence in a low key manner, even to you dear hearts.

This is why I come today to speak to those of you who are so longing to remember us, and/or to have a more tangible experience with us. We know all of you, and we love you so very much!

Even if your dreams or meditative recollections are quite brief, know that we spend plenty of time together. But since we understand your need for more palpable proof, we endeavor to send you many gifts, albeit in more discreet ways. And I am talking about planting ideas in your minds regarding novel technologies that will ease your lives, and the lives of everyone traveling in this 3D reality, now and in future times.

We bring to your attention ways to come into contact with your star brothers and sisters, or receive information about our life in the outer galaxies, in a more indirect way such as through novels, blogs, and through your brothers and sisters who are connected as strongly as you are but who are also able to see us and recall our encounters more clearly. And they can do so because the nature of their mission is very narrowly focused, constantly working and transmitting information directly from our fleet of wonderful ships that are hovering in the sky behind the clouds, and closer to your heads and hearts than you can imagine.

We are so eager to assist you and to bring you our unconditional love and gifts! Our offerings to you and humanity are many and plentiful, materialized and ready to be shared and enjoyed for the benefit of everyone….some of them are in the shops ready to be brought in your homes, and some are being planted in your mental bodies so you can bring them into manifestation yourselves.

Please do act on the ideas that come to your awareness, even if what comes to your mind might be a wild and ‘out of nowhere’ thought. Let these ideas sink deep within; feel them with your heart and allow us to take you in the direction of materializing them with ease and grace.

I will close this message sending all of you our love and gratitude! Farewell!

By permission.

©2018 Council of Love, Inc.

The Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton, September 30th, 2018

At the Time of The Shift ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are continuing to be amazed and surprised by how resilient you all are in the face of the many challenges that you have taken on for this lifetime. This lifetime has not been a walk in the park for those of you who have decided that you would awaken well before the time of the shift, and we want to acknowledge you for that decision. It is only through the facing of your challenges that you will be able to integrate all aspects of self before being able to help others who are struggling.

There will be a great deal of struggle ahead for those who have chosen to remain asleep in this lifetime, and we want to be very clear about this. If you are awake, it does not mean that you are somehow more evolved than anyone else is on the level of your consciousness. It just means that you chose to play that role in this lifetime and be of service, rather than choosing to stay asleep and be the ones who will receive your assistant in the moments when the massive energies hit and the shift becomes real.

Your experiences build compassion within you, but they also build a type of knowledge that can only be gained through experience. You can talk about spiritual concepts and ideologies until you are blue in the face, but you only really gain the wisdom that you need in order to be of service through the experiences of those challenges. You can only become who you are destined to become in this lifetime by allowing yourself to face challenges that in other lifetimes you would have chosen to ignore.

This astonishing resilience that you have all shown as the awakened ones on planet Earth will of course also help you to have an easier time when the shift is upon you. It will not be the experience of being hit by a ton of bricks. It will be more of a gentle and wonderful experience of allowing the higher frequency energies in.

What you are also doing at this time is practicing that experience, and we are so appreciative for those of you who have opened yourselves up to receive, because it is through your willingness to feel and through your willingness to ground higher frequency energies that we can be more of service to you.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Commander Ashira via Linda Dillon, April 5th, 2018

Transcript ~ Ashira of Neptune: Project Nova Earth, Heavenly Blessings, April 5, 2018

Thanks again to Ellen for this transcript.

Ashira of Neptune ~ Project Nova Earth

“Your frequency increases, our frequency increases, but they are compatible – and they are more compatible now than they have ever been. Now when I say that, I am talking about in the establishment, the anchoring, the building, the practicality of building Nova Earth, which starts and finishes with Nova Being – and we consider ourselves part of that community of Nova Being.”

Heavenly Blessings ~ April 5, 2018

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

[Meditation from 9:26 to 19:33]


Ashira: Greetings, I am Ashira.

Suzi: Welcome!

Ashira: And welcome to you, welcome to all of you, beloved friends and allies. And I come to you as friend and ally, not merely as Commander of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies but as friend and, in many ways, as fellow journeyer.

All of you, yes, even those who, unfortunately for their sake, are not aware or conscious of their particular participation in Project Nova Earth – in this unfoldment of the rebirth of consciousness, of love, upon this planet – they are still part of it, as are we! We always have been, for thousands of years. And I do not say that in a way of martyrdom [chuckles]; I simply state it as an indicator of many of our various forces – our commitment to this process of reawakening.

As you well know, we have been penetrating you with our Porlana C. I think sometimes, with all the various attunements, that there is a human tendency – and one that we can relate to – of forgetting what exactly is coming forth. And it is not, my beloved friends, that we need a continual recognition or acknowledgement; this simply is not the case. We have done this kind of work holding Gaia, for example, in a harness, a bubble, a netting of pink for hundreds of years, and it does not mean anyone had to know.

It simply is that for your sake, during this process of very significant and rapid change, that there are times when it is helpful for you to know what exactly is shifting your fields so significantly. And of course, with the Mother’s renewed vigour – shall we call it “vigour” [chuckles] – with her Tsunami of Love, the frequencies have most certainly not only been elevated but very charged.

What you don’t always know is that when an event that you think of as this Tsunami of Love, for example, is taking place, it is not only you who is being penetrated; it is us as well, that ourfrequencies are also being elevated.

Now why do I mention this? In many of our discussions, there is often a reference on both your side and our side of our frequencies, our vibratory rates, being at a rate or a level where our two species can meet without harm or chaos to our electrical systems on one side or the other. But as these frequencies increase, not only your frequencies but our frequencies are being raised.

Yes, of course there is always the ability to go further. And what do we mean in that? That our sense of grander, greater, fuller participation in the One, in the love, in the joy, increases.

Now let us explain.

For many of you when you are feeling these frequencies, you are passing through what has so often been referred to as your ‘ascension portal’ – which most of you have been flying in and out of now for years – but you are literally walking through, progressing through that portal and you are like in the vestibule of a grand hall. And it is not that your entry into the ball, as it were, is in any way restricted; it is not.

But you know how sometimes if you go to a large gathering, you take time in the entryway or the vestibule to judge what’s going on, to discern what’s going on, to get the ‘vibe’ as you would put it – and also to be at the entryway because so many of your friends are showing up, and you have been looking for them and waiting for them, and you want to be the first to get a hug and say hello.

Well, that’s where many of you are! There is no restriction to the ball, to the gathering, however you conceive of this, and you are in that vibration but you haven’t fully entered as yet. And then as you do enter, have you ever noticed that whether it is a party or a cocktail party or a conference or a gathering, that there are always those who tend to gather towards the back of the room?

Now sometimes it is because they are shying away, sometimes it is because they don’t want to get the full blast of the energy, and sometimes they are there, again, because they want to see everything that’s going on. Well, in many ways, we are that group hanging on around the periphery observing, gauging what’s going on, what’s happening, where are the people from the vestibule, when are we getting started.

And then, of course, there are those that are fully engaged in the centre of the room who are already languishing and absorbing and already task-oriented, ready to go, in the centre of the room and at the front of the room. All are equally welcomed. Even those approaching the building – and you can feel the level of excitement – are equally welcomed. But as you physically know, the vibratory rate – the vibe – is slightly different depending on where you are situating yourself.

Now when there is such a gathering, all those positions are delightful; all those positions, might we even say, are necessary. Because what would it be like if you arrived at a gathering or a grandiose ball, particularly if it was a masquerade ball, and you arrived and there was no sign on the door, no welcome committee, no one standing in the vestibule, no one standing where you could see them at the back of the room? You would be hesitant. You would think: “I’m not sure this is the place. I’m not sure that I’m supposed to go forward,” and so there would be this feeling of “I’m not sure I’m welcomed.” And so all of these positions are necessary.

Now you remember full well how Archangel Mi-ka-el has said to you that some of you are portals and that some of you are gatekeepers, some of you are wayshowers. I’m bringing this back to your attention so that you realise again how important it is that each of you have this role to play – as do we!

As Commander of the Unified Forces, one of the roles that has been assigned to me – yes, by the Mother and with, shall I say, the stamp and seal of approval of the various forces and the Intergalactic Council – has been ambassador, welcomer, as we begin our intermingling, so that you can enter the ball and say, “Oh, it’s okay. I know Ashira, I know Galea, I know Ashtar. I am welcome here. I am comfortable here. I think I’ll go in.” And as you are going in, perhaps you are bringing millions of people with you. I hope you are. I invite you to!

Your vibratory rate to fully engage in the activity, in the ball, in the gathering, in all the tasks, the delights, the journeys, has need to be high. So it is not as our frequency increases, yours remains the same. Your frequency increases, our frequency increases, but they are compatible – and they are more compatible now than they have ever been.

Now when I say that, I am talking about in the establishment, the anchoring, the building, the practicality of building Nova Earth, which starts and finishes with Nova Being – and we consider ourselves part of that community of Nova Being.

As we have said prior, we have many, many, many, many of our forces on the ground. And in previous months, we have shared with you how, for many of our beloveds who have volunteered – eagerly volunteered, by the way; it is not a military force in your sense where there is no mutuality or decision-making capacity – our volunteers, our ‘boots on the ground’ were having to return home to ship frequently, and were utilizing very frequently the healing chambers because the vibration, the frequency on-planet – particularly as a result of the chaos and, shall we call it, the recalcitrants, but even the disinterested ones – was very difficult to attune to. It took a toll literally on our being.

Now when I say “our being” note that we don’t make – and you soon will not make – a differentiation between your physicality and your being. So while the distress might exhibit in feelings of exhaustion or lethargy or slight depression in our boots on the ground, there is not a differentiation in terms of what is causing that in terms of the various fields. So we don’t operate in a way where we wait until someone is on the ground sick – in your terminology sick or ill or distressed or diseased. We address this much sooner when that feeling of malaise or exhaustion is felt.

Now the reason I am talking about this, and I know it is an aside, is that you will adopt this greater clarity with regards to your body and fields – and in fact many of you already are. But I have digressed.

What I am saying is that just mere months ago, what we were finding is that many of our volunteers had to return for reignition or rewiring or healing very frequently. That is not the case at this moment. The endurance factor, not in terms of fortitude, gritting your teeth and bearing the difficulty, but the ability to truly be in harmony both with Gaia and with the human collective of the Gaians, various cultures, has significantly increased.

And to us – and this is why I share it with you this day – that it is very encouraging. And sweet angels of light, you can use all the encouraging news you can garner!

What it means in terms of quotients is that the quotient of recalcitrance, and even the quotient of dismissiveness, disengagement, separation upon the planet has diminished significantly – that in the airwaves, if you think of it that way… the soundwaves, the lightwaves… there is a much higher percentage of what we would call “harmony” – and you can infuse into harmony whatever you like: joy, gratitude, love.

Our vibrations are becoming more harmonious with you. The issue has never been the harmony amongst ourselves. But attuning to the vibratory rate of Gaia, and the vibratory rate not of the planet – she is beautiful – but of the collective, has been a challenge and it has massively improved.

So that is the good news that I wanted to begin with this day! Now, dearest Suzi, where do you wish to begin?

Suzi: Oh, that’s a lovely update and I’m glad to hear that. So what I’m wondering is, will embracing full entry into the… well, whatever the event is, our building, say we’re going to the ballet, opera or whatever… would embracing full entry into that mean leaving life behind, this life?

Ashira: No! If I understand your question correctly, what it means… Say you come to me and you say, “Ashira, I am so excited to see this ballet, I can’t hang around in the back of the room. I’m going to try to get a seat right up front,” and off you go. What it means is that you are fully engaged in what we would call – the Mother terms “new beginnings”, we call “new reality” – higher vibratory rates.

It does not mean that you are abandoning the planet. It means that you are changing your life, that you are reaching that point of transition, of thinking about what you’re going to do or planning what you’re going to do, to simply enjoying and participating. This is participatory theater, so you are going to participate in the ballet.

So it is not about leaving it behind. It is about living your dream!

Suzi: Right. And so, I mean we’ve discussed it before, maybe with Galea, about not wanting to limit creations to what I know is possible?

Ashira: Correct.

Suzi: Yeah, okay, so I started this question: “What will life be like once we…” and then I’m thinking like, “well, once we… what?” What exactly will it be? I mean, it’s been a subtle, gradual shift the whole time, and what I’m personally feeling and looking for is a concentrated and unmistakable flood of even greater light. So I’m just wondering what happens after that? How quickly can we… I don’t want to think in 3D terms or wonder about the how’s. I just want it to go fast. [Chuckles]

Ashira: Do you not think we want it to go fast?

Suzi: I do know you do, of course!

Ashira: But we are also patient. But if your practical question is: “How fast can it happen?” – with an enormous build-up, it can happen in the blink of an eye!

Think of it in this way. There are many terms and all of them are welcomed by the Mother, by us, that are describing this shift – yes, ascension – and as we say, you are already in that process. You are not in the waiting phase. You are not in the ‘will call’ line hoping that you can get a ticket! [Chuckles] You are already underway.

What you are letting go of, both individually and collectively, is this sense… and it has been like a cement wall. If you think the Great Wall of China is significant, the cement wall of lack and limitation that humans have put themselves in… it’s not even that the paradigm has been cement; it is as if many humans made up the wall.

When that is released – and there is that expression you have ‘that the realisation that you are limitless because you are divine, and that you can create and co-create’ – when you remember and learn at the same time, then all of a sudden you realise that you are a prima ballerina and you have been for eons, that you know the entire ballet movements, including the pas de deux, and that you are dancing across this stage called Gaia. And sometimes you are leaping and twirling, and sometimes you are catching your breath in the wings, but it is full participation.

One of the stumbling blocks for humans has been that participation – and I speak from experience – participation has often been interpreted or translated as work, work being arduous, responsibility, etc., when in fact participation… even when you are sitting still doing nothing, you are participating. You cannot exempt yourself from participating, in or out of form. You are participating because you are part of the divine orchestration of this multiverse.

So when that realisation truly hits, then you are there!

Suzi: So is that enough of the collective, kind of thing?

Ashira: Yes. When you say that, I am assuming what you mean is that when you decide that you are fully engaged in whatever your expression of your choices, free-will choices and divinity, are and is in any given moment, that if affects the ripple effect into the collective… is phenomenal!

Suzi: All right. I’m just going to speak this potentially selfish thing… So we’ve done all this work, and when they’re in this wonderful space and we’re in the position of waiting for other people to catch up, I’m just wondering how long that has to happen? How long do we have to wait? It’s horribly selfish, that’s how I feel [laughing] but it’s also a question I know listeners are going to have as well, “Hey, I’ve done my work and I really just want to get on with it.”

Ashira: But there is nothing stopping you from getting on with it and taking full advantage of every step of the way.

When first Mi-ka-el [Archangel] addressed you about Ascension and the various steps of Ascension – because that is really what you are asking about – there were many, many who said, “I do not want to ascend if it means leaving behind my husband, my children, my family. I cannot do that because I love them,” that expression of deep, heartfelt love and commitment did not detract from your forward thrust.

And I speak to you as intergalactic who has family that I cherish and would no more leave behind… well, it is inconceivable. So that opinion, that commitment of: “I will not ascend if I must leave my family behind,” that declaration of love contributed to the collective ascension – and it was a plus, not a minus. So think of that.

Now what you are saying – and we understand your impatience; we [laughing] are enormously patient and impatient. But think of it in this way. Now you are saying, “How long must we wait?” and you are saying, “Well, dearest Ashira, I am good to go, I am ready to go.” But there are many who for their various reasons are perhaps not as far along as you.

And one of the things that has been, shall we say ‘interesting’, is the observation that we have made about how many – yes, even in the lightworker community – have regressed, have turned back and said, “Well, if I have to wait another minute, forget it, I’m not going, I’m not doing it.” Now that is not of love and that is not of honouring one’s divinity.

So there has been a mixed stop and start factor. But what I say to you is that the forward thrust as you would think of it in terms of “how long do I have to wait?” – what we are saying to you is: “Please, please, please don’t wait!” Because if you are a wayshower – and you are; and I speak to many of you in this regard – as you say, “Well, I’m not waiting. I’m not abandoning you, but I’m not waiting. Let me show you my potential to create, my potential to shift this recalcitrance factor.”

So you are leading – and yes, you are leading in a ballet that they may not even be familiar with – but you are showing them what is possible and that it is done through your being, through your field, through your actions, through your behaviours.

So what I say to you, dearest Suzanne and all of you, is: “Please, don’t wait!”

Suzi: Okay, I hear you, and something else that’s occurring to me to say is that, not about the waiting thing, but if my life is experiencing challenges at this time, am I doing something wrong? Should I be getting these things that you’re talking about and being able to step into it? Am I doing it wrong? And this is a collective thing; I know that I’m not alone in this.

Ashira: Yes, it is. It is a personal and a collective question, and you are going to hate the answer! Now note what I am saying: hate-love, right-wrong, shall we simply eject these positions of duality into deep space? Because it is not a matter of right or wrong, love or hate. But understand the framework; think back to what you are really saying: “Am I doing something wrong? Am I acting in a way of limitation?”

Suzi: “Am I not doing enough?”

Ashira: “Am I not enough?!” That is really the heart of your question. And what I would say to you is: your field is beautiful, it is glorious. What else – and I do not mean simply in the esoteric realm – what else can you do? What else do you want to do? There is always something new every day, every moment. There is always a new adventure to be had.

So your real question is: “Am I a little stuck?” And if there is a question of “Am I a little stuck?” then, sweet angel, of course you are! But in the very question, what you are saying… think of yourself as if you are standing up and you are shrugging off the ‘stuckness’ and saying, “Okay, what else can I do?”

Well, you can come and visit us every single day! And you can extend yourself and say, “This is the perfect landing spot, so come. Even if I don’t see you first and foremost, I will see you, the same way I see the birds and the fairies. So use my property as a landing spot!”

Suzi: Alright, I want a landing spot!

Ashira: Start dreaming big!

Suzi: Oh, I’ve been dreaming big for a long time, believe me! Okay, so if I might ask a question about this. My daughter had an intense dream last night where she looked out the back of our house and in the sky was a cluster of five or seven moons. Each moon was a city with buildings as tall as the ones in Manhattan. She woke up excited from it and it all seemed very real. Could you say anything about that? Is it individual creation, help premonition, or is it all of the above?

Ashira: It is all of the above, but mostly what she was envisioning was the various Cities of Light. Of course, she is also having some past life memories of various planetary situations where there are certainly more than one moon. So yes, it was a future vision, a present vision and a past vision, and it was as real as the skin on her face.

Suzi: Wow, cool! All right, so if you have anything else to add to the conversation, I would certainly welcome that at this time. We probably have a little more time.

Ashira: I wanted to say how we are in sacred partnership, not merely sacred union. Yes, we understand and we know that there are various forms of sacred partnership, and that the intimacy factor varies according to the nature of that sacred partnership. We take sacred partnership very seriously, as in reverence and honouring and respect and love and support and mutuality; I could keep going… cooperation, collegiality, understanding, mutuality.

We are in sacred partnership for this co-creation of beautiful Nova Earth. In some ways, beloved ones, we are the man stuck in the middle, we are the woman stuck in the middle. There is the energy of above, the divine realm, and there is the energy of Gaians below, and we are the intermediaries. We are the monkey in the middle! [Laughter]

But we want you to know: this is our joint venture, and it is a venture that we have been committed to, fully and completely, for a very, very, very long time and there is nothing that we won’t do. So if you arrive at the ballet and you say, “I’m not sure which ballet is being danced, I’m not sure of the music, who indeed is the composer?” – ask us for help!

We are waiting. We are not going to leave you. Yes, we are sending you our Porlana C, but that is with divine permission – and your permission, by the way. And it is being integrated and it is harmonizing our various fields, and it is working actually very well. That is why our boots on the ground are not back and forth, back and forth, all the time.

We are in this partnership heart, soul, body, together. We want you to know that. We are not hanging back waiting for some president or prime minister or dictator to announce our presence. You know of our presence, we most certainly know of your presence, and that is all that is necessary.

So let us dance and gather and play and create together. Do not hesitate to ask us for help. We are here.

Suzi: Okay! Thank you very much for everything that you do for us and what you offer to us. I know you do us well, but we all really very much look forward to our more tangible cooperation and partnership

Ashira: It is a gathering that we are eagerly awaiting, and we will gather together again as we have so long ago. Go with my love.

Suzi: A party on the Neptune?

Ashira: A party on Planet Earth! That will be the grandest party of all!

Suzi: Yes, yes!

Ashira: Go with our love.

Suzi: Thank you so much.

Ashira/Suzi: Farewell.


Channeled by Linda Dillon

©2018 Council of Love, Inc.


This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

Commander Ashira via Genoveva Coyle, January 14th, 2018


You have a major and vital role in decision making in this adventure of the mass ascension of the human collective. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings dear brothers, sisters and family! I am Ashira, I am Commander Ashira of Neptune and yes, I am your close family, for many of you in this forum are part of these unified forces of the far galaxies[1] that have come at this time to assist, and to bring Mother’s Plan to fulfillment at last.

We speak to you in different ways so that you understand us, and there are times when you see us as separate and somewhere out there on a ship, hovering above you, above your home, or above your places of work. But this is not so dear ones, and I am here to tell you, to assure you that we are closer than you might think, in fact we are with you always, or better said, you are here with us at all times.

We are inviting you to come and spend time with us on board, to rest, to replenish, to fill yourselves with light and vigor. But what we are really saying to thee is we want you to come and remember your family, your brothers and sisters. We want you to come to see and embrace that part of yourself, that part of you that is living here permanently, and which has a major and vital role in decision making in this adventure of the mass ascension of the human collective.

Yes, each and every one of you reading or hearing these messages is playing a vital part in the unfolding of this mission of anchoring love, and of demonstrating your love for planet Earth by building and anchoring the Cities of Light of the Nova Earth.

Each and every one of you is an expert, and it would blow your minds to see the vast knowledge you already possess. However, in your wisdom, you trickle just bits of it to the ground crew that you are in charge of, until we can come to openly bring what we have to impart, and gift every human being ready to open their heart and minds to receive.

It makes us smile when we see you sitting and feeling small and sad at times, and we wish we could remind you that you are in charge of the upgrade of the light intensity to this entire planet; or that this one knows exactly how to gradually increase the light absorption of the cells in the human body so that it would not cause too much discomfort and pain; or this other one is an expert on pollution and toxic waste; and so on. You understand that every detail of this grand mission is being attended to carefully, and each and every one of you has a pivotal role in bringing your unique piece of the puzzle to the entire masterpiece, in that divine right timing and order.

You are our feet on the ground and you are doing a magnificent job in clearing and smoothing the paths, showing the way, healing and activating, initiating changes and igniting the light where it is needed. And you are doing all this work while living your life, raising children and grandchildren, paying bills and engaging in the world as it is in the moment.

But you do not have to force things to happen. Rest assured that you are doing exactly what you need to do at this time, and do not be concerned if there are others who seem to be more aware of our connection. All is as it should be at this time.

As you have been told many times, what you need to focus on in every moment is that you live in joy, that you let go of the worries and doubts, and when needed, please do ask for assistance from the higher realm’s and star family, because you do need to do so if we are to intervene in any way. Every challenging situation that comes your way is a great opportunity for you to grow and learn different things, to help you mostly to expand your energy in different ways, and to refine your knowing.

So do not fear these testing’s or get upset in any way, because these are your new paths and openings to bring more light and love to those spots and people that need them sorely.

I will close this message with my gratitude and appreciation for your work and dedication.

Until next time. Farewell.

By Permission.

© 2018 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

Commander Ashira via Genoveva Coyle, December 14th, 2017

Greetings dear brothers and sisters! I am Commander Ashira of Neptune, your ally and protector, your beloved family and friend and it doesn’t matter how you refer to me for I am here to lovingly support and assist you in your current endeavors.

We are here to help you secure and enforce the new golden grid for Gaia and of course for all of humanity. We are here to protect it and to assist you in strengthening it and in the process anchoring it deeply into the planet’s body and into human consciousness.

And how do you do this? It is by refusing to go the way of the old, and instead following only the shiny new and golden path of love and freedom in every situation and in every circumstance. You can show everyone how easy it is to choose only the path of truth and love, by becoming aware of the way you choose to act and respond to challenges and to life in general.

It give me great pleasure to be here with thee. Surely you must remember us coming and taking you for a little ride to reacquaint you with your current mission and to give you all the tools you need so that you can do this work in a most efficient manner. We are sending plenty of reinforcements both in a seen and unseen manner, and it gives us great pleasure to see you recognizing and acknowledging both the subtle and the more obvious helping hints that we are offering you.

You are all going through this final refinement and putting into place the last details before deployment, to say the least, of what is to come as your next grand mission.

What you are all experiencing at this time, though, is going through old lessons, rechecking and testing yourselves to make sure that you do recognize the old paradigm of the third reality and the false exits that you might be persuaded to take, only to lead you off the course of light into the dead ends of the futility and powerlessness. You have been told recently by Archangel Michael and by your own higher selves, guardians from the higher realm, that the process you are undergoing at this time doesn’t mean that you are falling back into the old you or into your previous self-defeating habits.

In this you are working on the old challenges, refreshing and refining the solutions, and while you are in this process you are taking care of releasing and transmuting more of the same fears and core issues for your soul family and for the entire human collective. Bravo!

Dear friends, do not allow yourselves to think that you can ever fall back into taking any more scenic detours, never feel or fear that you are failing because this is quite impossible. You have everything you need to succeed, you have every gadget and tool under the sun to help you navigate through this chaos and turbulence with the utmost ease and grace, but mostly you have your strong confidence and your beautiful open heart that is never going to mislead or fail you.

We are here with you, closer than you think, and we are getting ready to come and shake your hands and hug you in visible form, we are ready to greet the entire world with you. We are ready and excited to celebrate with thee the fulfillment of the Mother’s Plan.


By Permission.

© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

Ashira via Linda Dillon, July 27th, 2017

Transcript ~ Ashira Returns With An Update & An Invitation! July 27, 2017

Ashira Returns With An Update & An Invitation!

… I do invite you to send yourself individually-consciously-physically to make visits back and forth upon ship. Now some of you are going to say, “Well, I don’t know how to do this,” but in fact the meditation* that I have just given you will get you there. …

Enjoy your time with us! The invitation is open and we welcome you.

Heavenly Blessings ~ July 27, 2017

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

*[Meditation from 3:55 to 15:10] Audio version.

Ashira: Greetings, I am Ashira.

Suzi: Welcome.

Ashira: And welcome, welcome to you. I come to you, yes, I cannot deny, as Commander of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies, but I also come to you as brother and friend, as participant in this grand unfoldment of our Mother’s Plan, for we are united – united in heart and united in purpose of this unfoldment.

And yes, while some of you may have felt that it has taken a terribly long time, so do we! And we tend to think in terms of centuries rather than years or decades. No, I do not say that to be boastful; I simply say it so that you will understand – we know the meaning of patience and we know the meaning of impatience!

But let me tell you, throughout not only this command but many of the commands – and you are hearing this equally from all of us – we are excited, we are uplifted. We do not so much anticipate change as we are in the process of celebrating change, as we are in the process of participating in those changes.

And yes, of course, you like we are receiving the renewed Mother’s Tsunami of Love. And while you are always saying, “What’s next?” I encourage you, I invite you, even as you relax with us upon this ship, to take a moment to luxuriate in that vibratory upgrade, in that adjustment in your frequency.

And while I am inviting you to do that, also understand, my beloved family, that we have not stopped. If anything, we are intensifying our energy, our gift, our sending and sharing with you our life force of Porlana C.

There are things that we cannot do simply because of Universal Law, or the unfoldment of the Plan, or our adherence to the Intergalactic Council. But there is so much that we can do and we do do with you and for you. And I do not say this because you need the litany of what we do or our gifts to you. That is not our purpose; that is our job and our unfoldment and our piece of this unfoldment.

But do not think for one moment, one millisecond, that we are not in, yes, not only sacred partnership – because what happens when I say to you that we are in sacred partnership, you have a tendency to put it, shall I say, in the esoteric category, and I don’t want you to think of it this way. No, I do not interfere; you can think of it any way you want! But I want you to know that we are in it with you, not some distant unfoldment of some grand plan that is esoteric in nature, amorphous in nature.

Does it contain that? Yes. But there is also a very practical level of this unfoldment, otherwise we would not bother – we would not be permitted, it would not be appropriate – to have these conversations with you; it would not be fitting or appropriate to have so many millions of ‘boots on the ground’; it would not be appropriate to do ‘bomb-catching’ or clear radiation or pollution or water from your planet.

The wisdom – you may call it wisdom, wisdom-vision, knowing, knowingness, ascension, being in the qualities, the divine being that you are, this expansion that you are and have gone through – is not just the unseen but the physical practicality of holding the energy, of knowing that you are holding the energy, that you are not only deliberate and determined but that you are clear, ready and prepared, and actually doing the anchoring of this Plan.

Shall we call it the Plan of Peace and Joy and Love? All of these terms are interchangeable, but they have slightly different gradation of meaning.

You have been looking, my beloved friends, for physical, tangible proof and yet, in so many ways, you are the physical, tangible proof. Take a moment with me – and I will not spoil or interfere with our play date on the Neptune because we welcome you! – but take a moment, not to delve or [be] distracted, but simply to feel and to know how substantially, tangibly different you are from even a month ago or a year ago.

If you are having difficulty with this, think of an event that took place in your life within the last year – a tangible, physical event – and then compare it to a similar event that you may have had several years ago – a real event, not simply a spiritual, esoteric, feeling event, although they cannot be separated in reality – and see how much you have changed, grown, evolved, matured, how much deeper your connection is to the All, how that sense of separation, of distance, has simply evaporated.

I invite you to do this, not for our sake – we know how you’re doing! – but for yours.

So often, my sweet family, you don’t give yourselves enough credit and you say, “Yes, but Ashira, I’m still doing X, I’m still doing Y.” And I say to you as you visit with us, “And are you laughing about it? Are you treating that habit, that addiction, that pattern with the humour and the love it deserves?”

If you feel that you are stuck in a particular pattern, it is simply that you’re not done with it! So engage with it, not with a critical eye and perhaps even with a communal eye. Look at it and see how this is serving you, how it is helping you be that projectile, not only to come and join with us but even in your own life and upon sweet Gaia.

One of the things that we learned a long time ago – yes, during the intergalactic wars and certainly during long voyages, and voyages in what you would think of as ‘closed quarters’, if I can put it that way – is that there’s no room for harshness. No, that does not mean we are blind or Pollyannas. What it means is there’s no room for harshness – not with ourselves and not with each other, and certainly not with the civilisations that we encounter, because it is infectious and it of course brings the vibratory, the energy, the love down – it tears away at it.

This is one thing that we have always been – well, we understand it – but really baffled by, these human belief systems born, of course, out of your old paradigms of control and greed and authority, false authority, etc.; how you painted – and then it became a form of entertainment which is even more baffling! – but how you painted us, extraterrestrials, as evil, as punitive, as carrying those old paradigms that you in fact perfected on Earth and that we haven’t held or carried in a long, long, long, long time.

This projection is strange – yes, we understand it but it is strange. It is fearmongering and that is something that many Gaians of the old way, of your ‘cabal’ as you have put it, but there are individuals who have nothing to do with cabal who have also perfected this, this fearmongering, to project – and I am coming to my point – this harshness that they really feel within themselves onto other people, onto other beings, onto other planets.

You have even projected it at different times onto Source/God/One: “This is a thundering, punishing Father.” It is insane!

So we learned that when there is harshness in someone’s heart – whether it is an Arcturian heart or a human heart, even an angelic heart to some extent – if there is harshness there, it is communicated and it is destructive. And I don’t mean destructive in a positive way of tearing down grids. I mean it is destructive in terms of lowering the vibrations of love and truth.

So what I say to you, my beloved family – and I know I have gone on – is that you have done phenomenal work in getting rid of, eliminating, letting go of those lower vibrations and raising the vibration to the point where I am inviting you on ship – and you can journey here by yourself and are welcome as often as you like… until such time as you will realise you can bring your body with you!

That is perhaps a broader conversation. But there is so much news, I did not wish to get off track. I am sorry, dear Suzi! Where do you wish to begin?

Suzi: Oh, no problem. Well, you did say something that I’m wondering if I heard correctly. Did you say it would not be appropriate for you to catch bombs or clear radiation and whatever else?

Ashira: Oh no, I did not mean to communicate that. These are things we do. These aren’t things that we necessarily continually talk to you about. There is a habit in some lower frequencies to say, “Look what I did for you today. You should be grateful.” [Laughter] We will never do that. No, it is important clarification, sweet one!

So we do a lot of things that we don’t… although we have made you aware that we are doing them, we don’t every day show up and say, “Alright, where is our gratitude, where is our payment?” [Laughter]

Suzi: You know what – I and so many of our listeners, if not every single one, would be able to relate to that because we all do our energy work and we just let it go, and we have no idea what happens to it after we let it go. And so, we’re not asking for ‘thanks’ either. We’re just doing what’s in our hearts to do.

Ashira: And you have brought up, you have reinforced my big “Congratulations!” because you are doing what needs to be done. And you are not being that controlling person, human, that used to say, “I will do this for you, but I want to know and I want to hear your gratitude and I want to be in charge.” That has been really, in so many ways, the downfall of the previous human race.

You have come so far. And let us be clear. Yes, we know we are doing our job and you – and I mean ‘you’ the collective, particularly the lightworkers/loveholders’ community – are doing your job. Now, it is not intended to be a contest; everybody has a piece. But let us tell you: we know, and we know from feedback as well from our boots on the ground, how hard it is!

So when you feel that you’ve had a hard day, do not think that we are not supporting you and even sending more Porlana C directly to you, because it is challenging.

Suzi: Yes. Okay, well, I just hope that I’m not shifting gears too rapidly, but I just have the growing curiosity and awareness about my other aspects. And I’m assuming it’s a result of rising frequencies from the Mother’s Tsunami and from Porlana C, what you are all sharing and our own personal work. Could you say more about that?

Ashira: Yes, I most certainly can. And you have, hmm… shall I say a range of aspects. Think of it in this way. You are coming to know more clearly, more deeply, more joyously, shall we call it the family of Suzanne or the family of Linda or the family of Thelma or the family of Gus – you are becoming more fully engaged – which is important – and aware of your various aspects.

Now, one of the reasons is in this ascension process, in physicality, is that you are bringing forth and calling back – whether you are doing it consciously or not matters not; it is where you are at in terms of this journey – you are calling back and wanting to know and to engage with these various aspects because, of course, these aspects – which makes it feel as if it is distant – these aspects are part of the integrated whole, the family of Suzanne.

And so, of course, you want to know and utilise and enjoy those aspects. And that awareness gives you, if you fully utilise it, a greater capacity, a greater awareness in terms of proceeding with your creation work – with the creation work that you, by your own mission and purpose, your own sacred soul contract, have implemented eons ago with the Mother and recently for this lifetime.

But it is also bringing back and integrating various talents, capacities, abilities and experiences…

Suzi: It opens perceptions…

Ashira: Yes, and it allows you to see the breadth, really, of who you are. Now, when you are calling back your aspects – and yes, I do know the channel has said this many times, but I am going to say it anyway – when you are calling back or becoming aware of your various aspects, blessed as they are, ensure that you make sure that they are cleansed before you fully welcome them and integrate them into your current, what you think of as your current self.

Suzi: Yes. So that’s interesting because I’m just thinking of higher aspects that are clean, clear, beautiful, not really thinking about past life kind of things. Okay, so if we’re feeling that we are at peace with past life things, would that be necessary?

Ashira: I am not thinking or talking about past-life things, or even future-life things. Let me be practical. There are a number of you, for example, that are working very diligently, particularly in your night work with Archangel Mi-ka-el. And you are going in various capacities to the places of devastation, whether it is Aleppo or Mosul or Palestine or the Sudan, and you are sending a part of yourself – think of it as an aspect, a full or partial aspect – during your night sleep to work with Mi-ka-el.

Now, this is not to say that you are becoming a warmonger, quite the contrary. What you are doing is bringing the peace, the light, the comfort, the nurturing, the different energies of peace into these war-torn areas. But it would be erroneous to think that you can be in such a devastation-disruption situation and not feel even your angelic or your eternally universal self, you would not feel some heaviness, and even at times physical heaviness from such a situation.

So as you are calling back even those higher aspects that are off doing things on your behalf – because they are you – make sure that as you welcome them home, that they have… and often this is taken care of by the higher aspect… but, nevertheless, it is good practice for you to also make sure that they have been cleansed.

Because your physical self, what you think of as your human self, welcoming those aspects and directing them – fully directing them by the way – that is the most significant change. You are directing; this isn’t being done separate from you. This is being done with your full consciousness now. And so, what you are doing is saying, “Okay, I send you to work in the sewer, but can you hose off before you come in!”

Suzi: Right. This all does feel kind of new, superpowers coming on line and all that sort of thing, things that we didn’t used to be able to do but now we can.

Ashira: That is correct. Now you can…

Suzi: So get on it! [Laughter]

Ashira: Get on it! That is a good way because there is no ‘should’ or ‘must’ – but I cannot even imagine that you would not do it!

Suzi: Well, okay, so something like the “Core Issues” class, basically I think at the core of it would be unworthiness because that’s what it comes down to. When I first started my training, it was “oh, I can’t” and “I don’t feel the ancestors” and it took some sacred play and practicing and sticking with it to realise it really is happening and it really does. And the more attention you pay to it and the more acknowledgement you offer to those sorts of things, the stronger it becomes.

Ashira: That is absolutely correct. And when you focus, all issues on-planet and far beyond all come down to this basic issue of worthiness: “Am I letting the Mother down? Am I worthy of the Mother’s love? Am I doing enough for the Mother?” It is all about self-worth. Now, it wears many faces and many masks and it is time, beloved ones, to take the mask off.

Suzi: Yeah, exactly. So may I ask this cheeky question? Where are we in terms of the collective frequency being at a level high enough for interaction with our star family?

Ashira: Well, of course, as you know, many of you have conscious – because it needs to be; what you are asking is about the conscious self – you do have conscious interaction with us or with Ashtar, or many of the other commands for that matter. What you are asking inside that question, this ‘cheeky’ question, [laughter] is in fact “when will you have the physical interaction?”

Now again, I suggest to you that many of you – not as many as you would like – but many of you are having that physical interaction. Now, is this sometimes confusing because you are having a physical interaction that you are not consciously aware of? So the marriage that you are asking for is physically and consciously having interaction with us. And I am separating out the interactions that you are having with our forces on the ground but that you may not be aware of. You may have a twinkling of understanding or suspicion, but you are not fully aware of [them].

Suzi: Correct.

Ashira: Now let me also say this. I have mentioned to you these terrible belief systems of harshness that have been carried in many civilisations and planetary systems – of which you happen to have one in your current situation.

Now we have suggested to you that what you have termed as ‘disclosure’ – that open declaration for the entire planet to behold – will be done as a group effort by leadership that is already fully aware of us and we of them – yes, it is reciprocal – and that are brilliant, compassionate and not of the fear field. And that will be done, actually, shortly. And when I say that, I mean in the political climate particularly of the United States and Russia where there will not be missiles fired into space.

Now, are we fully capable of what we call ‘catching missiles’? Of course, yes, even nuclear warheads! But we don’t want – and it is not the Mother’s Plan – we don’t want to come in an attitude, in a framework that says, “We caught your nuclear warheads and they’re useless.” And, by the way, they are, but that is another conversation as well! “We caught your nuclear warheads and we’re coming anyway, and here we are,” because that does not create the environment of sustaining friendship and support. The group disclosure that we have talked about on other occasions does.

And so, what we are, hmm… let me say ‘covertly’ [laughter] – and I do not mean a conspiracy – but what we are doing is yes, infiltration, but we are also working with some of these political shenanigans, these high-tension dramas, to have them diffused, let us use that word, prior to the bigger disclosure.

Now, that is the big picture. Having said that, on the small, individual picture, we are revealing ourselves to many of you in a variety of ways. And yes, dear Suzanne, I do mean with the conscious physicality component.

Now, for many of you, your first contact as it were – that is a great term, is it not: first contact! [Laughter]

Suzi: I like it!

Ashira: Yes, we like it too! Even when we’ve known each other for eons, we like it! [Laughter] “Oh, we’ll have first contact.” It is really hilarious!

Anyway, for many of you, we are having first contact on-planet – on your planet rather than projecting you fully, consciously, physically onto various ships – so that you are gaining – and you know who you are that I am talking to – you are gaining a greater comfort level with us. And you say, “I am dying to go on ship, I am dying to meet you,” but in fact, while there is this excitement, there is also in some situations a whisper of concern or fear or what have you.

So much of the first contact, as you would put it, is taking place upon Terra Gaia. But many of you – and I do not invite, like my father had, millions of you to arrive at the same time! – but I do invite you to send yourself individually-consciously-physically to make visits back and forth upon ship.

Now some of you are going to say, “Well, I don’t know how to do this,” but in fact the meditation that I have just given you will get you there. When you lie down, perhaps at night or even for one of those famous two-hour naps, simply say, “I am sending myself to my favourite ship, to where I know my colleagues, my friends and families are located.”

See yourself as taking your physicality and your consciousness, and we will be there welcoming you and helping you. So it is not a matter of waiting. We are ready and so are you!

Suzi: We are too! And you know what? I’m just going to remind myself of what I just said about the sacred play and not seeing the ancestors in the beginning – just start doing it and stay with it and it’ll happen!

Ashira: That is exactly correct.

Suzi: Okay, so thank you for that. If I may, in case our listeners are unaware, there’s going to be a total solar eclipse that’s visible in the continental United States in a 70 mile-wide strip going from Oregon to South Carolina on the 21st of August. I personally feel, and of course we all know it’s very significant, feeling to me like a big ‘wash’ – and I was wondering if you would be willing to say anything about the significance of this particular solar eclipse?

Ashira: I would be pleased to.

Suzi: Fabulous!

Ashira: Now, I cannot take credit [laughter]… you cannot give me gratitude for controlling the solar eclipse!

Suzi: Oh no! Just some intel man, that’s all I’m looking for! [Laughter]

Ashira: I am teasing you! There are people, particularly in what we would call ‘near ancient times’, that thought this was an [?enactment] of evil or of the Gods, etc. or even of the space beings. So we are stepping away from this physical, geophysical occurrence. But you all ask and are assigning, shall we put it that way, importance – and it is importance; it is necessarily important – to physical happenings.

Now what is occurring in this – and you have been very accurate, dearest – the ‘wash’ across this continent and this country, it is just that. It is a wash. Now think about what I say. You enter into the shadows, you enter into the darkness, and in fact in that, what you think of as darkness, there is a great deal of what we would term the ‘silvery light’. And in that removal, there is a balancing – and it is a massive balancing and it is global balancing, by the way – of the energies of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.

Now, all of you – and I mean every being on Earth – loves a great show! And this is one of them where you physically are going to have a great show. And so you can see it for what it is, but you can also feel the energy. It is the balancing of the silver and the gold – the gold of the Great Central Sun, the silver of your Lunar Being – and it is the blending of that into a new realm, a higher vibratory rate, for the entire planet of existence.

Suzi: Oh, that is fabulous! And as you’re saying that, I’m flashing on the laser light shows that the Hayden Planetarium used to have! [Laughter]

Ashira: You love a great show!

Suzi: We do! [Laughter]

Ashira: And it is because – so I do not say that critically; we love a great show as well! – because it reminds you truly, physically, visually, auditorily… it reminds you of the awesomeness of the universe, of the magnitude of what you think of as nature.

But it is also bringing you to the understanding, the broadening – now you do not need and the lightworker community does not need it so much – but the broadening of people’s understanding that there are things that are taking place planetarily, universally, in solar systems eons away, that in fact your perception is bigger than simply your planet. There are suns, there are moons, there are systems spinning around you. So it makes you all look up!

Suzi: Yeah, and think about things bigger than ourselves. It’s an expansive kind of experience. And we as humans – it’s not even that we love a show so much – it’s more, like the symbology and some kind of a marker. A marker, that’s what it is, of our evolution – of look what we’ve done, what we’ve been through. Nice, juicy!

Ashira: It is a marker and it is for you to say, “We have gone,” and then symbolically you are going through what you can think of as a dark period, re-emerging into the fullness of the sun, into the fullness of the joy, into the fullness of the brilliance of love, balanced, male and female.

Suzi: You know, we long for it, we do. And did you say something about the change of leadership on the planet?

Ashira: We will never interfere in terms of… You know we are working behind the scenes. There is a change in leadership that is already underway. Now, it has never been – and this is why things sometimes take what you think of as time – it’s not just a matter of taking one puppet and removing them and putting in another puppet. That doesn’t work. So what is changing also is the whole paradigm of leadership being equated and assumed as stewardship.

Suzi: Could we be moving into councils because I think that would be the best thing for us to do? But is it even possible?

Ashira: Of course it is. It is part of Nova Earth and Nova Being. Now that does not mean… Think of it. We work and feel a sense of commitment and responsibility to the Intergalactic Council. So, are councils possible? It is the format that we have used to maintain peace and harmony and prosperity – emphasis on prosperity – for a long time.

Suzi: So what I need to let go of is how we switch over to that kind of [?inaudible].

Ashira: But think of it in a practical sense because, again, we do not want to create more division. But let us also be practical. Many of you – and yes, I do speak particularly to the lightworker/loveholder community – many of you have already, shall I say, divorced, distanced, separated from what you think of as what appears to be reigning leadership.

You’ve already said, “No, that doesn’t work for me and that’s not where I’m putting my attention or my allegiance; that is not where I am aligning with; so that is not even part of my reality.” Now that does not make you schizophrenic. That makes you the transition to the new, because what you are saying is, “I am putting in place, in my own little way, my own council.”

Think of your own council as your circle that supports you and helps you expand and define, grow, take action, support your action for your mission, regardless of what it is. So you are already formulating the pattern and the paradigm for how these councils work.

Think of them as manageable, governing units, so that they are not in competition with one another, that one of the founding principles as it were is mutuality and respect and support. So you don’t seek to overrule another council. No. That becomes: “How do we work harmoniously so that it is a win-win?”

Suzi: Yes, it’s all a weaving together. And I can also see sitting on councils on-planet and off-planet at the same time, which is probably already happening.

Ashira: Yes, it is.

Suzi: Wow, so fascinating. It’s really interesting, perceptions opening up like mad – awesome! Okay, so we’re kind of done here, but I would love to hear if you have anything to say in closing. And I’m so grateful for this conversation. It’s wonderful. And thank you also for everything you guys do.

Ashira: Oh, you are so welcome. I will pass on the sentiment and the energy of love to all engaged and involved, although they are listening anyway! [Laughter]

Enjoy your time with us! The invitation is open and we welcome you.

Go with my love, dear friends. Farewell.

Suzi: Farewell. Thank you.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.


This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

“Transcript ~ Ashira Returns With An Update & An Invitation! July 27, 2017,” Channeled by Linda Dillon

Ashira via Susan Sammarco, November 13th


I am “Ashira”. What lovely energy in this room today!

This has been interesting week for those of us here at these various levels. We are enjoying what is happening. It did not go as you expected it to go. It seemed to go as any other election but it was not. It was a part of a much bigger change that is in place now that is now moving forward and all of us are so excited!

We knew that you needed to walk through the elements of this day. That is what this group is here for. And we expect you to ask us. We know that all in unfolding before your eyes. Everything that you expected needed to have this happen first. This is the way.

It is not that Mr. Trump is going to be an outstanding president that changes everything and the world changes because of that. The world will be very different by the time he takes his place in that role. All of these things are happening and unfolding in front of your eyes. And now the president has been selected you have a little more breathing room for all the rest of the wonders to occur. OK?

Ashira via Linda Dillon, August 30th

HB Transcript ~ Commander Ashira of UFOG ~ Newsflash! Everything Is In The Flow & Ascension Is Underway, August 30, 2016

Heavenly Blessings leap into sunset

Commander Ashira of UFOG ~ Newsflash! Everything Is In The Flow & Ascension Is Underway

So ascension is underway. It is not a future event, my friends; it is right here, right now. And each of you is experiencing it in your own unique way, but that expansion of experience is growing daily, hourly. … It is the most extraordinary event and transition and shift that have happened in eons!

Heavenly Blessings, August 30, 2016

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal


Ashira: And welcome to all of you. I am Ashira. I am Ashira of Neptune, Commander-in-Chief of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies. I am Ashira.

Suzi: Welcome.

Ashira: And thank you, thank you beloved ones, all of you, for inviting me back, for welcoming me and my colleagues, my fellow travellers into your home, into your sacred space, to conjoin and sit and stand and walk and simply be with you.

Now it is highly unusual. As you well know, we are busy, and sometimes busier than you think. But that does not matter. What matters is this conversation, and this sense of growing unity and community that is taking place between all of us.

You have beckoned to us, the same way we have been calling out to you for hundreds, and even thousands of years. But the time is almost inconsequential. Yes, and we know that there is a bit of an obsession about ‘time’. But when things are in alignment, when things are already in motion and movement, what happens is this preoccupation with timing – with ‘when’ – begins to dissipate and in fact disappear. Because in many ways, all of us are too busy attending to the undertaking to worry about anything else.

No, we aren’t worried about coming together with you. We aren’t worried about ascension. We aren’t worried about the shift. We aren’t worried about disclosure or when or how this will work because, my beloved friends, it is already well underway, and it has been for some time. But it becomes more obvious and apparent to even those who are in the most serious level of denial.

We had agreed that we would talk about ascension this day, and in fact this is a topic that is near and dear not only to my heart but to all of our hearts. What humanity is undertaking, with a little help, is this process of the restoration, the rebirth, of love upon the planet.

Now the Council of Love and the Mother and all the beings of light and love have made this definition of ascension really simple, for consistently and repeatedly to you and to us they have said, “This is about the rebirth and the re-anchoring of love upon the planet. This is about the expansion of heart consciousness through the transformation of that love into the DNA and the human experience.”

Now while that is monumental – almost beyond imagination – it is also really simple. And for that reason, we tend to focus on that again and again and again, for it brings us back to our purpose in being here rather than in some other quadrant of the multiverse at this time. And yes, while this Plan has been in unfoldment for a very long time – for a very long time – what we are focused on is what you would think, and what we think, is of the here and now.

So what does this mean for you and for us? The paradigms of your planet, of Gaia – and let us be clear, we don’t refer to Gaia herself when I say this, I mean the human paradigm – has taken a very long time. We’re talking basically millions of years, not just recent history, for these very strong situations to emerge and to be seen as an explanation of how things work.

So these belief systems that are like wisps in the air now, like a foggy day sort of – we don’t have foggy days! – but anyway, of control and aggression and abuse, and of misuse of authority, of spiritual cancer, have been in place for so long that in many ways human beings really thought, “Well, this is how you get things done. Someone has to be in charge. Someone has to pull the shots and someone has to obey.” That’s not how love works. It never has been and it never will be.

But long ago when the Mother said to us, as we left our quadrant home base on CeeCeeCee, “We’re going to try something different; I’m going to anchor love in form.” Now we know an ascension, in your terminology, has taken place out of form. There has been evolution into sheer energy in any number of situations.

But to be able to come and assist in the anchoring of love in form in a massive, not only planetary system but very mixed cultures, societies, systems, was seen as a phenomenal opportunity – an opportunity where we could bring our expertise, our love, our belief systems and share them in practical ways. But also to set a pattern if you will, a new pattern, for what it would look like to have such a realm of high consciousness in body and workability.

Now don’t forget, you and we went through some very difficult lessons in the intergalactic wars, and it took thousands and thousands and thousands of years not only for the cessation of those wars but to find workable solutions. That is how the Intergalactic Council was originally arrived at.

But that interweaving of love in what is not a homogeneous system is intriguing and challenging, beautiful and magnificent, and it lays the groundwork, the foundation, for everything that lies ahead. Now I know that you, by the nature of your being, tend to think in terms of decades or centuries. But if you think of what has transpired in the larger picture of what lies ahead when this is accomplished, it is truly such a gift.

Now where are you in this ascension process? You made the decision – some of you don’t agree or know or understand, it doesn’t matter, that this decision was made some time ago, several years ago now – that you would proceed together, and that you would do so in a level of unity that has not been known upon this planet since the very beginning – think of this: when the angelics originally assumed form as the Creator Race.

Now, when we use this term “Creator Race”, it has connotations that sometimes are taken the wrong way, because it sounds as if it is an aspect of some ascendancy and in control, and that is not it at all. All the Creator Race does is use the energy of love to create. It’s actually quite simple.

So you made the decision and you’ve been in this process – I like to think with our help; in fact, I know with our help! – of preparation, and many different segments, very diverse quadrants, have been preparing in different ways. And there has been a very widespread, not only destruction of the old paradigms which is in the final gasps of its reality, but also in the reconstitution not only of belief systems, of heart systems, of expansion, but what it means to be in form.

And many of you have experienced this as ascension flu, ascension symptoms, reconstitution right down to your very bones. And some of you have volunteered – yes, volunteered! – to play that role perhaps more vigorously than others. But every person upon the planet does and has had a role to play, and the individual and collective heart has been transforming and becoming more open, more accepting, more kind, more loving.

It is not about dogma or science, or how intelligent you are, or how much information you have. It’s about the quotient of your heart. And most of humanity – think of what I am saying: most of humanity has been opening.

Now, about 3-4 years ago, the Mother penetrated all of us, including us in the multitude of ships and fleets. She penetrated us with Her Tsunami of Love, and this was expansive and beautiful and it never really quit.

And although the Mother is infinite patience – can you imagine? – She is eager for this to be completed and so She has sent Her Tsunami of One. Again, we are experiencing it with you, in different ways obviously, but you are being penetrated, upgraded, attuned, by all the legions, all the angelics, of every tier (if I can put it that way).

All the masters, all the gods and goddesses, all your ancestors, are all pushing this energy into your very core, not just into your outer fields but literally into your body. That’s why so many of you who are sensitive feel like you’re coming out of your skin, because you’ve never felt this before.

Now that’s not going to stop either, but the dam is broken. You see, the resistance – oh, and there’s been a very active resistance on the part of the human race, make no mistake about it – but that resistance has broken. That’s why we’re having these conversations. So that is why I say “the dam is broken”. So that energy, that love, that complete upgrade, is flowing freely. And not just to those who are loveholders or lightbearers or lightworkers – to everybody.

Now, are there many of you – and most of you are listening to this broadcast – who are ahead of the wave, who in fact jumped the dam and came to our side and helped with the push? Yes. So what I say this day is astronomical news! And you are seeing that breakthrough in every walk of life, in your science, in the awareness and acceptance.

The acceptance of our beingness, of our presence, is higher than it has ever been before, so there is no resistance to admission of our presence upon the planet. Now, are we cautious? And I will repeat this, and I know we are talking about ascension, but just to talk to this.

We make our presence known in subtle ways and by working through existing framework: science, technology, societal institutions, financial institutions, but everything is in the flow. From our perspective, this is the biggest newsflash that we could offer! I think some of you should call Fox News – they would like to be on top of this!

So ascension is underway. It is not a future event, my friends; it is right here, right now. And each of you is experiencing it in your own unique way, but that expansion of experience is growing daily, hourly.

Now, having made that my brief introduction, dearest Suzanne, what would you like to say?

Suzi: Oh wow, I could let you go on and on! It’s always wonderful to hear these things and that is indeed very wonderful news. It feels to me that a great many of us are absolutely ripe with potential and ready to burst with energy to move forward. And that like you said, it’s done. It’s like one of the tipping points that we’ve had and it’s already done.

Okay, so our internship is over, you said, and it’s time to be calm and serene and hold space. Can you offer any ideas as to how it might look stepping into our new roles? Are we going to be acting as stewards for awakening humanity? And does that also take the focus off of the individual, away from the self, once we’re nice and balanced and clear?

Ashira: I could say yes – yes – yes and yes, [laughter] but that wouldn’t make for much of a show, would it! Let’s explain.

First of all, each and every one of you is far too precious, far too wonderful; your unique beauty cannot be ignored. So we are never going to say to you: “Don’t pay attention to that bright, beautiful self,” because it’s also through the attention to self – the internal and the external monitoring of yourself – that everything gets done.

But is there a shift in place and underway? Absolutely! You are – and we are your helpers – the Mother’s implementation team, plain and simple. And that is amazing! Now we came to help, to build the foundation, to share technology, science, healing, education… You name it, we’ve got stuff to offer. But you are the implementation team.

Now think of it in a really practical way. This is about self-responsibility and collective responsibility. But think of it in this way. If you and, I don’t know, two girlfriends or two friends – we are not gender-specific! – decided to take a trip, and you are in New Jersey and your other friend is in the Netherlands and your other friend is in China, and you are all deciding to go and visit New Zealand – you can make the plan, but if you don’t implement it, if you don’t talk, if you don’t choose dates, if you don’t book tickets and then actually go, then nothing ever happens – and you don’t even have any pictures to show of your trip to New Zealand!

So the practical part of this is actually coming into form. And what would motivate you to make those steps? Well, of course, it would be the love of your friends, the desire to absolutely get together, have an adventure, spend time together, because you want to be together, because you miss each other, because it’s time. But unless those practical steps are taken and the flights scheduled as it were, then of course it doesn’t happen.

Now, I hear some of you, and some very particulars, saying, “Well, when should we schedule our trip?” Schedule it right now! So let’s be practical though. Before you get to the point of booking the trip, what’s present is the love for each other. Otherwise, there would be no motivation; there would be no desire to see each other, to come together, to have a new adventure, to share the fun.

Because I can’t tell you how much fun this is! Are we working? Yes! And is it the greatest fun ever? Yes! So first comes the love, but then – inside of that or with that or tandemed to it, partnered to it, however you want to think of it – is this determination, an act of will, and an assumption of responsibility.

Now you can’t – not in the new realm – you can’t assume responsibility, not in the way of New Earth or Nova Human, if in fact the love isn’t there, because it would simply be a reversion back to the old paradigm – and heaven really does know, we don’t want that!

So what happens then is you divvy it up, right. You say, “Okay, I’ll check out the flights, you check out the itinerary when we’re on the South Island, the third person will figure out what we need to bring.” So you all assume responsibility according to, not just because you love one another but what your specialities are. Some of you are better on computers; some of you are better at dreaming up the best adventure; some of you are busy packing homeopathics – ignoring what we have to offer! [Laughter]

But you get what I am saying… but first comes the love, so the love quotient is there and it’s flowing.

Suzi: It is. I have to say that I feel I am having fun now. It used to feel like this ascension process was kind of a suffering thing and we just had to get through it. But there’s so many synchronicities happening in my life, people stepping in, information coming my way and everything just falling into place. It’s like having the parking-space fairy be available for me all the time. I really am having fun so thank you. Whatever part you guys play in it, I am eternally grateful!

Ashira: Well, you are welcome! And do you know how long and far a thankyou goes? When a thankyou is made, it’s broadcast not only on my ship, my home base, but throughout the fleets. So a grateful heart… if there is anything that we look for… we’re not talking about IOU’s or a formal welcome or a “gee, thank you”… is all we want. That and the welcome mat – and both are there.

Suzi: Absolutely.

Ashira: So we have already… I shall use this word ‘infiltrated’ your society. But I also want you to know, many of you – as I mentioned in our last time together – have infiltrated us as well! And we couldn’t be happier. But it’s time now for you and we taking the next steps.

Now, you are the implementation team. We have been setting things up – yes, the channel has spoken to you privately about how we catch bombs, how we disperse chemtrails, how we plant technology – all this we’ve been doing so that you don’t need to worry about it. That’s our job; that’s part of what we can happily take care of.

Let me just make an aside about this issue of responsibility and will. I call myself Commander-in-Chief – actually, I very rarely call myself Commander or Commander-in-Chief! [Laughter] But that’s the title and it goes with the job. But our roles are defined by, yes, the assumption of self-responsibility, and with the collective that assumption of ‘who does what best’.

We use authority… it is more self-governed than what you have, in the old paradigms of Earth, thought of as authority or as an expression of will, because it is collegial, it is collaborative. I don’t order my captains or commanders or anybody to do anything. There is an assumption of authority and that particularly telepathic communication – let alone our communication systems are slightly more advanced than yours – but it is based on the willingness, and not only the willingness, the love that we share. So nobody would dream of not doing.

And if for some reason they needed a break, a vacation, a quasi-sick day, of course it would be arranged to spell one another. We are not obsessed with work. Have we been working overtime and diligently helping to get things organised for the number of things that are unfolding, all of them on your planet? Yes. But that’s only to make this transition more smooth. So we are so willing to do that.

So now we’re saying for humans, with the kindness of their hearts according to what they feel passionate about – not ‘ho-hum’; that never works – but what they feel passionate about, to simply do and perhaps expand, adopt a new direction, begin to put into place what has been asked of them not only by the collective, not only by us, but by their own soul awareness.

So it’s not about some future event, because now we’re talking – thank goodness! – right here, right now.

Suzi: Yes, yes. And I have a feeling that we’re having this conversation, of course, because resistance is broken as you said, but because our meeting grows ever more near, which we’re all looking forward to.

Ashira: You and us both!

Suzi: I’ve seen pictures lately of – and you know with Photoshop masters, you just really never know – pictures of tubes of light right from the sky down into the Earth. Is that really happening? Could you say anything about that?

Ashira: Yes, and this is part of the Tsunami of One. This is energy of a quotient; it’s also… think of it as a teleportation device. So it is being used with great regularity. Now, they have been used for some time, but now what we are doing is allowing people to see them.

So, much is happening. These tubes of light, sightings, very clear sightings of our ships, encounters with your star family, your presence at the Intergalactic Council, and various, shall we say, ‘committees’ would be your term I guess. So this is already underway.

There will be growing awareness. You have recently… your science community is discovering all of a sudden that there are many planets that are available and similar to Earth. We say we are laying the pattern for this expansion to other planetary systems. Do you not wonder where these planets are?

You are already receiving the signals via SETI for our communications, again another way for human beings in a scientific manner to know that there is a communication from abroad. So, all of these are happening so that the human beings get very comfortable with the idea. Now, at the same time as they are getting a greater comfort level, their hearts are expanding, so their openness to this has expanded – oh, incomprehensibly.

Suzi: Yes, beautiful. I’m so happy! Well, I think we’re probably close to being out of time although I haven’t actually been paying attention to that. If you have more to say, I would just welcome that and say thank you.

Ashira: You are so welcome. Let us bring you back to this ascension process because it is important.

It’s probably… and Archangel Michael is correcting me, which is always interesting! It is the most extraordinary event and transition and shift that have happened in eons!

Now, if I was human, I’d be really impressed with myself! So I want you to feel that sense of extraordinary pride, in the humblest of ways – and I want you to feel our gratitude that you actually volunteered to be the Mother’s implementation team.

Now, the ascension for all of you… conscious or unconscious, subconscious, it matters not; it doesn’t matter what path you’ve taken… has been a process of heart awareness growing. But there does come a moment – and it is a moment – when we all experience what you can visualise as a flipping of the switch.

Now many of you, especially those who are listening, have been travelling in and out of that ascension portal for ages. But there comes a moment in terms of what you think of as ‘the shift’ – that ‘momentary impulse’ – takes place.

Now, in other situations – think of Halion or Tralana, which I know you are both familiar with – where, at a moment in time, all beings left their bodies and assumed sheer energy. Now that was a huge coordination, and that was a coordination where everybody was basically at the same vibratory rate.

Think of what is the next step in your ascension, which is that ‘throwing of the switch’ as it were, where all the energy is anchored fully into human form. Now you had to get all the upgrades in order to be able to handle this – and I am not talking necessarily to you who are the lightworkers and loveholders’ community, but think of the man on the street. It would have been too much energy for them to handle, even with the kindest, most loving heart.

So these upgrades have taken place and now you are getting ready. But I tell you – it is underway.

Suzi: Yes, yes. So September is going to be a big month for us, isn’t it?

Ashira: It already is!

Suzi: Okay. I feel the 22nd is very big but I’m sure that there are other things happening. Okay, so dare I ask? The event that’s always spoken of, like a cross-cultural thing that there’s an event coming – is it really like a blink-of-an-eye kind of event or like a series of things such as we’ve been experiencing?

Ashira: It is more of a series of things and a singular event, so it is both. But you have been experiencing a series of things.

Suzi: Yes, yes, yes. And it used to be an up and down, and now it’s pretty much just straight up. But there’s no let-up; it’s just increased frequency all the time.

Ashira: You have a ‘new normal’. There is already a new normal upon your beautiful planet – and we feel it! The harmony, yes, even with all these silly things going on, the harmony is beautiful and it is rising.

So it is not the individuals who are still acting out their little dramas that need to be paid attention to. This is coming from the collective, the same way your decision to ascend together came from the collective. It was not the decision of an old autocrat saying, “You will do this.” It was all of your hearts saying, “Yes, we believe in love and that is our choice.”

Suzi: And our default…

Ashira: You have never ceased since that decision to truly, simply leap ahead. I know you’ve had your moments but yes, it is your new default.

Suzi: Yes, I love it. I’m so glad. And I’m so grateful for you coming to speak with us again. Hugs to all of you! [Laughter]

Ashira: And hugs right back to you! Go with our love. Go with my love. Farewell.

Suzi: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2016 Council of Love, Inc.

Ashira via Linda Dillon, August 16th

Commander Ashira of UFOG: We Are Your Complements, August 16, 2016

Heavenly Blessings leap into sunset


Heavenly Blessings, August 16, 2016

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

[Meditation from 6:24 to 11:17]  Link to show audio





Ashira: Greetings. Greetings, my beloved friends, family, allies. Welcome.

Suzi: Welcome to you.

Ashira: I welcome you this day, not only as Commander-in-Chief of UFOG [United Forces of the Outer Galaxy] but as friend, as brother, as ally, for we do not operate on hierarchy, and we most certainly do not stand on ceremony!

Oh, that doesn’t mean that we do not have many, many, many delightful ceremonies. We do, and we practice them almost every day, for there are always things to celebrate, always things to create, always things to bring forth in a sacred manner. But I welcome you. I welcome you to our ship, to our home, to where we have lived, many of us, for thousands of years.

My beloveds, so often you are saying to us, “Come and join us, come and walk with us, and let this disclosure (as you term it) be fulfilled.” And you know there have been so many various announcements upon your planet, and by people in what you think of or consider ‘authority’. And yet, so often it simply goes ignored or unreported. It matters not.

But in the same way, my friends, we have been beckoning you, we have been calling to you, we have been inviting you. Earth, Gaia (sometimes also known as Gia) that we often call Terra Nova, has been part of the Intergalactic Council for well over a decade.

Your original representatives, Wakana Taka and company, those who have also served at the council fire of the Mother Gaia, have performed and served extraordinarily well, but this delegation, as we would call it, is rapidly expanding. Your period of internship is over. The period of finding your legs, as it were, is over. And it is time for Earth, for Gaia, to be fully represented – and not only in ceremonial ways but fully as humans.

Yes, you are still in the process, collectively anyway, of your ascension. Many of you have been on board ship – well, some of you – for decades or eons. But the number of you who have been cohabitating back and forth has been increasing significantly every single day. [Linda clears her throat] Excuse me, for my channel adjusts the vocal cords, does she not!

But let me explain. As much as you are calling and beckoning to us, we are calling and beckoning to you. Now that is not a universal call but, nevertheless, it is important for you to know – and specifically those that we have been calling – that your presence with us is rapidly expanding; your participation with us is growing hour to hour.

Now the purpose of this is not merely your presence at the Intergalactic Council – which, by the way, is hosted, located if you will, here – but it is the daily interactions as well. Many of you are becoming more conversant with our science, with our technology, with our communication methods, with science and healing, even with teaching. We haven’t invited any chefs yet, but that will come!

Some of you are simply coming to acclimatise, to become familiar with our customs and culture, our ways of doing things, because your role is as emissaries upon Earth, upon Gaia. And that will be a very important role as our presence is more clearly known and identifiable, so that the human beings will welcome us as brethren, as friends, rather than as beings who come with agendas of power or control or even sabotage. That is not only not true, it is not possible.

And you say, “Ashira, why would that be? Why would it not be possible?” Like you, our commitment, our mission and purpose is in service to the Mother, the Father, the One, the unfoldment of Her Plan upon this planet and far beyond. Our culture, our being has been in that alignment for a very, very long time.

Do we have free will? Yes, we do. But because of our history, the way that we have built our civilisations, there is no will, there is no desire to proceed in any way that is contrary to the Divine Plan or the will of Mother/Father/One. So would we be, in your terminology, physically capable of altering that? Yes, but in our collective and individual consciousness, that is inconceivable.

Now you as a collective – and this is part of your ascension process – are learning about that use of will in creation and the marriage, the union, the sacred union, between your beloved heart, the love, and the expression of it in the outer and the inner realms which is activated by will.

A very simple way to think of it is that it is will is love in action. So we have no will within our beings or within our history – what I would say ‘current history’ which would be many thousands, about 10,000 years – to do anything but help.

Think of us in this way: we want, we pray, to be your complements. And I do not mean that in the necessarily romantic way, although for some of you it is – and we are happy about that as well, especially for those of you who have been waiting for a very long time for your partners. But when we say “complement”, we mean that as a desirable add-on, a recognition, a bowing, an assistance to the human race, to this magnificent race of Gaians.

You are correct, Suzanne, dearest Suzi, when you say that we see you more clearly at times – and might I say most times – than you see yourselves. I do not mean that in a way of superiority. I mean it as compliment.

We see your beauty, the beauty of your hearts, the commitment of your hearts, the power of your will, your desire to create and to bring forth Nova Earth, Terra Nova, and to live in peace and harmony and joy on a planet that is based on freedom and equality, prosperity and abundance. And I do not mean that in terms of money; I mean the abundance, the bounty of your planet is overwhelming.

I do not say that in an acquisitive way, but when you look at this planet, at the elements alone of water and air and sunshine and light and energy, of food – many of you are reacquainting yourselves with the delicious nature of the experience of food in the true form of what Gaia has to offer.

I am not talking about chemical machinations. I’m talking about food that is grown from the heart of the Mother, water that is pristine. The abundance of this Gaia Archangel is truly beyond imagination. Now has it been sullied? Yes. And can it be remedied basically in the blink of an eye? Yes. And is that already underway? Yes.

There are many things that we do with you, as complements for you, to enhance your life. We are not sitting here waiting for approval, although we will never proceed in ways that can be in the slightest way interpreted as aggressive. But there are many things that we do simply because of who we are, wanting to enrich your experience, and in that to anchor the fullness of the Mother’s Plan.

And the Mother’s Plan isn’t simply for heart consciousness – yes, that is part of it; transformative love – yes, that is part of it. But in that is the harmony between all kingdoms, all species, all races, all belief systems, all nations. That is why we address you as Gaians. That is why you are at the Intergalactic Council. But it is also the fullness of Gaia, the peace of the kingdoms, so that they are not harmed or dishonoured in any way.

So much of what we have been addressing has been about this as well. And let us also preface that by saying we have absolute confirmation and direction in these actions, as do all the fleets from the Intergalactic Council of which Earth has been a full, participating member. And many of you who are now stepping forth into that role as emissaries on that Council are bringing many of the needs and desires of the collective to the Council to be worked on and to be fulfilled.

It is not just a matter of handing over technology. I hear those pleas written, shouted, whispered daily: “Give us our replicator.” But can you imagine, not to those who are individuals, sweet and pure – and we know you – but to the collective at this point? It would be like giving car keys, or the ignition switch to a spaceship, to a 2-year old. In fact, a 2-year old would be more equipped because they remember from whence they came. Let’s say a young teenager who is acting out. It would not be wise.

Why would you wish to replicate disaster or mayhem, nuclear bombs or weapons. You have already developed destructive technology – even your 3D printers which are star technology have been abused for weapons of war. So we are very cautious and prudent in terms of what we are sharing.

Now our forces on the ground, our boots on the ground – although many of them wear sneakers, high-tops, low-tops and everything in between! – are growing daily, and they are in every walk of life. Our favourite spots and our favourite towns are highly populated, but they are in Wall Street, in Washington, in Moscow, in Saudi Arabia, Israel. There is no nation that is not being attended to; there is no group that is not being attended to and watched over, assisted where and can we may.

So do not think, my friends, that things are not going forward. They are.

Now having said that, I would like, Suzanne, to hand it over to you.

Suzi: Well, thank you Ashira. Firstly I want to speak my heart and express my gratitude, our gratitude, for all the loving actions that you and the Unified Forces have taken on behalf of humanity and of Gaia. Thank you so much, very much. We don’t even know what you’ve done.

I will say for myself, whatever I’ve done that’s outside of my conscious awareness, I am absolutely volunteering to be emissary, ambassador… whatever you guys need basically to make a nice, smooth transition here. And I just know that there are many, many of our listeners, if not every single one, [laughter] who would also volunteer to do that.

So might we talk about food? You mentioned “chefs” and if we aren’t ready for replicators, let’s please talk about food and what we might expect there because, as you mentioned, lots of us are going through transitions. My daughter and I are on this very highly restrictive sensitivity diet and getting back to health, and it’s clearing us, but I would really like to know what to expect from food, if we could talk about that?

Ashira: The purity of food, the nutritious nature of food, the creative power of food, is part of the gifts of this planet. Now I’m sure you understand – and many of you, including you, dearest Suzanne – have yearned to be part of the species that doesn’t eat, that ingests sheer energy.

And all of you, and all of you who are emissaries… and you are right: there is not a single listener that is not prepared to do that, and joyfully, willingly, graciously. Parts of the gifts of this planet are the food and the water, the elements, and if you look to the native traditions that you have, the elements are key. But why are they key? Because of the gifts they bear.

What has happened in the imbalance of Gaia is that the value of food has truly been forgotten, and we look at it and we are overwhelmed and impressed. Now you look at us and say, “Oh, but you have these magnificent gardens,” and we do, but look at this planet. Things are simply growing wild!

So it would be strange – and I do mean strange! – that Gaia grows and assists you to grow these wonderful, nutritious substances, food. And when that occurs, you are eating not only the delicious nature and the vitamins and minerals and all those practical things – you are eating Creation. You take a carrot out of the earth, and it is earth and water and air and sunshine. That’s what it’s made of! And when you take that into your body, and that wonderful orange ray which is Creation – oh, it is gift beyond measure!

And so, can you imagine going to a feast, going to a banquet, and the hostess who is sweet Gaia offering you her bounty and everybody saying, “Oh, no thanks. I don’t eat.” Even those beings who can exist and do exist on sheer energy would take a bite because it is an offering of love; it is an offering of something that has been part of Her.

So there has been this imbalance. The beauty, the nutrition of food has been lost, and in the western culture it has become chemical warfare of a certain sort. And then in the other nations where there is starvation because of drought or chemicals or what have you, that has been lost.

So part of what we are doing, and part of what you are doing, is the restoration of that balance of the true abundance of this planet. And we are working diligently on it. But also part of that is not only the physical rebalancing; it is the rebalancing of attitudes. So it is not that you need to be eating 24/7, but it is to enjoy the delights that are offered up by this sentient being.

Suzi: Well, I have to say it’s changed our attitudes towards eating a lot, because when you’re on a highly restricted diet and then you’re allowed to eat some more foods… gosh, I tell you, you really start to love food and really enjoy eating the food. So I know this was very purposeful for us to go through this. It’s been a difficult journey but I do appreciate it.

So as far as food is concerned, could you just tell me that it’s going to be very easy to eliminate GMO’s and their contamination of other crops from this whole planet, just gone! Is that possible?

Ashira: Genetic modification, in some cases… You see, everything begins with intent and attitude, so there are times when genetic modification is desirable. Now I’m talking from our perspective. I’m not talking about what your current situation is. I need to be clear about that because I can already hear the hue and cry.

But genetic modification as you advance, as we restore, as we conjointly restore, there will be some modification, but it will also be modification to bring back the fullness of nutrients and the balance of those nutrients. If you are asking, “Can the chemicals, etc. etc. etc., ad nauseam, be eliminated?” The answer is yes.

But I also want to encourage you because you are a magnificent Creator Race! You can also begin changing that balance or imbalance right now, like we are working on it. We have ships: science ships, explorer ships, nutrition ships, healing ships that are busy on this very project. But as Creator Race, and as adherents and followers and friends and allies of St. Germaine, you are capable.

Now you know when you pray, bless, thank, but also transmute what you are putting in your body – before you do so; it’s a little late after the fact! – even if it is sheer energy, you are blessing it and bringing it forth. You can change literally the chemical composition of what you are putting in. So do not wait for everything in your laboratories to test positive. Do it for everything you put in your body.

But also I would encourage you, because we also do this. I have begun this day by saying that there are many, many ceremonies that we undertake, and it isn’t selective. It isn’t, “Now we are having a ceremony for the healers; now we are having a ceremony for the communications.” We are a family and so are you. So when we say, “Oh, if you’re free around five, come on over. We’re blessing the planet and all the food.”

And you can do this. Use the peace meditation. Take it and make it a food meditation; make it a chemical-free meditation. Start working as a ‘Unified Force of Gaia’ on the planet and we would join you with bells on!

Suzi: Fabulous. You spoke to this a little bit. Are certain receptive humans being seeded with galactic technology? Is there now any resistance to the release and dissemination of ideas that will help us clean this place up?

Ashira: No. If there is a hiccup or a ‘glitch’ as you would call it in this, the clean-up is underway and a great deal of this has been ‘current a little, past most definitely’ undercover. Our reason isn’t so much as what you would think of as active resistance, but we don’t want the abuse of power – I won’t say power, I will say “abuse of power” – for this to become big business.

Now let me be clear. Just as production in many fields has become big business under the control of individuals, or corporations which are only made up of individuals that only are interested in making money and gaining more power, we can’t – we won’t! – abide or support the nature of clean-up, be it food or atmosphere. You know we work continually on your chemtrails so that is a good example. We won’t allow that to be the purview of what you can think of as “big business”.

Now think about it. When a popular idea is born and gains momentum, what has happened? You have had an individual or a corporation say, “Oh, there’s money in that, therefore we’re going to take it over and popularise it and make more money and gain greater control.” That has been a paradigm of old Earth, and that is not a paradigm that we will ever support.

Now the positive thing is that there are many, many, many, many of you… those of you who are not busy being emissaries have projects that you have dreamt of and planned for yourselves. Now these projects such as clean-up of Gaia, production of healthy food, taking care of the kingdoms, cleaning up the air, feeding the starving – all of these will not be based on the paradigm of control and hierarchical set-up. And we do support those!

So right now, you are in the tipping point, the transition point; these things are coming online and that is where our support and our full participation – active, knowing, accessible – participation will be.

And that is one of the reasons we are talking today, because these are projects, these are undertakings that are born from the purity of heart, of love. Not because you want to control a community, be it a farming community, an investment community, a banking community, a social community, a hospital community, a healing community – they are not based on aggression and control and so we support those undertakings.

Suzi: Would it be accurate to say at this point that the big bosses are pretty much out of commission and we are only dealing with minions at this point?

Ashira: Yes.

Suzi: That’s pretty groovy. I like it!

Ashira: Yes, it is very accurate. They may think [laughter] – and that is part of the humour, and we do have a sense of humour, you know; but that is part of the joke – they may think they are still in control. They’re not!

Suzi: Yes, I feel that. I haven’t seen very many [chemtrails]. We’ve had a couple of months of really beautiful, chemtrail-free skies, and then one day last week was just sprayed all over the place. And now it’s clear again, so whatever happens is okay. I trust.

I had a vision the other day while out driving. I don’t know how to read music but I love to sing, and to sing in most choirs one must be able to read music. It occurred to me that music could be written in colours. As I understand it, we’re headed for a deeper understanding of both colour and sound for things like healing. Would you say more about that please and in what other ways that might be happening?

Ashira: Oh yes, my beloved friend. Now, you don’t need to read music in order to sing, to play an instrument. Now I know traditionally that has been the case, but think of telepathic imprinting so that all those tones, all those measures, the rhythm, staccato or anything else is already within you, just as most of the formulas are.

So when we work with healing, primarily it is with the rays, with colours and with sound. And as my Galea has often explained to you, inside sound is light. The light is variations of the rays and of different colours, depending. And you can tell this when you listen or sing and inside the colour is the sound, and inside the sound is the colour and the light. And it is infinite. Think of it as an infinity sign and both meet in the middle.

We are surprised sometimes at how more people do not sing just for the sheer joy of it! And it does not need to be opera or an aria or a ballad or anything. It can simply be your song of the universe. But when you sing it, when you belt it out, let us say that over here on our side you have an appreciative audience like you wouldn’t believe!

And let me also say, Gaia, the plants, the animals, the trees, the flowers, the mountains are all listening to you. And when you sing walking down Madison Avenue or the streets of Beijing and you sing, the cement and the pavement and the air is welcoming you and saying, “Thank God someone is expressing joy!”

Suzi: Oh yay, that makes me happy. I’m so giddy now, yay!

Ashira: We are listening, and you are listening to us more and more. You are also hearing the angelic chorus, you are hearing the song of the universe, you are hearing the song of Gaia, you are hearing the song of the breeze, of the wind, you are hearing the whispers of the trees and the animals. Sing along! It is one of our favourite things to do.

Suzi: Yay, okay, fabulous. I’m just going to think of you guys now, go out in my yard and sing out loud, and it’ll be wonderful.

Ashira: And at the same time, it is healing. So I have talked about songs of joy, but we also mean the songs of grief, the songs of confusion, even the song of frustration. Love songs are our favourite too!

Suzi: Oh, I want to give you a hug!

Ashira: And I gladly accept!

Suzi: Oh, okay! You’ve been observing life on Earth for quite a while. As things are right now, it really is a matter of survival of the fittest – “that rule” where animals have to hunt and consume one another and humans need to take both plant and animal life in order to survive. Would you say more about how that will be changing, and perhaps how that was either a deviation from or part of the Mother’s Plan?

Ashira: That has been part of your evolution, and there is a time and place, can I say, for moving on. Now what has happened is the reverence – and I do mean reverence: the deep appreciation for a life that is given – has, in many situations, gone missing.

There are beings… and I have used the example of a carrot, but it can be an animal, because there are many misunderstandings about that as well… that give their lives, not in the way of survival of the fittest, because look what that has done on the human level of people killing people, but the sacrifice that one says – and do not think that a carrot or a cabbage or an apple or an animal cannot speak; they can – that says, “I give you my essence to nourish you because I am continuing on elsewhere.” And that is in balance.

And sometimes it is a very new, little baby carrot, and sometimes it is an old root that has lived for seasons. Sometimes it is a young animal that just came for a brief time to experience what it is to be in that form and to teach love, compassion and sharing.

But is it a situation of just survival? That has been out of balance, not so much in the various kingdoms as in how humans have created that, but there will be a more peaceful progression. And that balance will be – by choice, not by enforcement – be re-established because it will not mean, “I simply need to do this to survive.”

Think of the bears that in the spring consume the salmon so that they may continue on, that they may feed their cubs. The salmon knows. It is not that they feel that they have been martyred. In their collective and individual consciousness, they are aware. And there is an agreement, and although you don’t notice it, a reverence in this sacred ceremony of life. It is humans that need to learn this.

Suzi: We need to learn that it’s about the relationship and respect.

Ashira: Yes – and that it is not about aggression. It is about the circle of support.

Suzi: Yes, it’s true. There was recently a brilliant ship revealed in a video taken over Colombia. I’m sure there are pictures and videos all over the place. I would love to know that it’s real, but with the prevalence of masterful Photoshop artists, it’s not so easy to discern; probably because we want contact so very much and for it to be truly happening. Can you say anything about that particular video?

Ashira: There are many ships that are being photographed. And yes, in that particular case, it is real.

Suzi: Wow, that was pretty amazing!

Ashira: You have been seeing us for a long time as twinkling planets or stars, or sometimes you think it is a shooting star or meteorite and it’s simply us waving hello! But we are making our presence far more visible these days.

Suzi: Oh, I love that. And I guess it all depends on the size of the ship, but if we see a spot of light in the sky, how far away is the ship?

Ashira: Usually several thousand miles.

Suzi: Wow, okay!

Ashira: We tend to be quite large, you know!

Suzi: [Laughter] Yes, yes. I’m very excited! We’re coming to the end of our thing here but I would love to have you back for some more conversation. It would be wonderful if you would come.

Ashira: I would love to and I would be honoured to. And yes, I would be most interested in speaking further. This was a general update, was it not? But let us have a further conversation about the human ascension process that we are enthusiastically, gleefully, joyfully, not only observing but participating in! So we would like to talk about that.

Suzi: Yes yes yes – very much. I look forward to it with glee! [Laughter] So have you got anything in closing? And I really want to say thank you very much again.

Ashira: My beloved friend and all of you – you are welcome. You are welcome with us and we feel welcome with you.

Go with our love and go, sweet friends, in peace. Farewell.

Suzi: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2016 Council of Love, Inc.

Ashira via Christine Preston, May 13th

The Council of Radiant Light

vbnWe greet you from a star that is close to you and yet in your conscious experience, is known only as light. We know that you are cognizant that there is life in the heavens and we speak to you in that state of inner knowing.

Your planet has opened up energetically and with this, new potentials are in play. Not many humans are living the fullness of these potentials yet, and yet we watch know, it is just a matter of time. We watch with respect and honoring of you and great curiosity and enthusiasm for what you are creating.

The time is now to awaken and express your divine self; the essence that you are. Before this time, Earth was differently focused and so were the inhabitants of this planet. Now Earth has shifted and the movement into Divine Expression is underway. We encourage you, to follow. To consciously shift from exploring the mastery of limitation and into inner knowing, sovereign alignment and flow — liberating Divine Expression.

All that you are, knows how to do this yet you, beloved Earthlings are entirely free to choose to continue to experience and explore limitation or to shift and tune into the ascending planet and follow her lead.

It is up to you.

As you change your focus, if you were to do so, we would see your whole energy field reorganize. You might feel as if what you were leaving behind, actually became more prominent in your awareness if you were not knowing that as it cleared you would sense it, energetically and know it, as it occurred to you, on its way out of your fluid and form-shifting embodiment.

Then, the light would begin to turn and flow, taking shape in new ways. New paradigms of wholeness would open within your field and you would find that you are no longer simple here, and simply human. Experientially you would know yourself as of the stars and of the Universe in a very real way. A way that is felt as much more than an idea.

As you make this shift, most of you will become aware that you are playing at this ascension game from many different areas of focus, including here with us, on Arcturus. Many beings train here for entry there on Earth, and that is how we know you some of you directly; as a skillful master who trained for this and is now turning the tide of your own embodied flow.

You are the beings who are opening up new capacities! Turning the focus of what you elaborate and share and are and explore on Earth from discovering the nuances of limitation to tuning in…and with inner alignment and flow ravishingly exploding into your own potentials as embodied light, truth and love.

The energy qualities of light, truth and love, comprise all things and you are organized in a unique arrangement of these qualities, as is your planet. Your planet is a love-planet. You know this, don’t you. You know that love is where it’s at on Earth. You feel this deep within and when you know this and answer to it you sync up with the planetary field in ways that are very beneficial to your body’s well-being and your consciousness expanding into more light.

Given this, we hope you see how precious this moment is. This is a moment in which a whole planet says — oh, yes! Home! Going home! Let me sing my song and dance my dance and flow my flow and be me! Do me! Share me! Shine me! Let me move throughout this creation as all lines merge into the pure timeline of REUNION as ONE and enjoy that. Let me dance it all out while I am here as me and light it up. Make this sky and earth, resonant and resplendent with my exalted presence. Inspiring and tickling others to do the same.

Oh light within me as love and truth. Oh truth within me as love and light. Oh love within me, loving truth, loving light. Fuse me into a new arrangement of particles and being that expresses my divine self, here, now.

The time is now. Let me awaken and be true to all that I am. Let me awaken to the new potentials emerging now and with great skillfulness and joy, for I am here to fly. I am here to sing my song of love and light, truly and with the expressiveness that is me, may I know myself as ONE with this realm. One with all that is here…for it is expanding and ascending and it is going to merge into a more fantastic and yet different and unique Universal arrangement and this time, this moment, this richly ordained and expressive experience will never be again.

You can feel this within you, can’t you.

Awaken all that is within me now that wants to be here, play here, express here, in me, through me as me. Let the light that is, shape and shine as me. For all to see and through this, know the glory of God; the Oneness that is.

Adoni. Adoni. Adonia. I AM. I AM. I AM.

Indeed. Masters, you are. In all that you are.

It’s up to you to choose your orientation to embodiment. To decide what path you are on. Are you spinning everything out into more and more parallel expressions? Are you coming to center…aligning, flowing and expanding into a Unity of Light?

We simply sing the call within:

Set yourself free! The time is NOW. Be who you truly are.

I AM Ashira, with Ailia of the Council of Radiant Light in collaboration with the Arcturians


Ashira the Arcturian via Meredith Murphy, January 20th


Post 20JAN2016_edited-1

We love co-creating with you, and we love that you are ready for more insight into your own state of being.

Life on Earth is ripening. We like this word: ripening. It’s very suitable for what we’re noticing in your experience. There are tremendous opportunities in your space-time location. We are pleased to be given your attention in these conversations so that we might have the opportunity to remind you and share with you perspectives about all of this that will be very beneficial to you.

​​The reason we like the word ripening is that it’s very accurate for the way your life feels, and is unfolding, and it hints at the impermanent nature of it all. Creation itself unfolds within your awareness. All of life is an impermanent experience within the awareness you are. This awareness is Oneness, and this Oneness is eternal, expansive, unchanging, perpetual.

Within this dynamic wholeness there are infinite arisings of manifest experience. It is in these infinite arisings of manifest experience that you find yourself as the human being you are now. It is through these infinite arisings of manifest experience that your Earth came to be, and it is in the space-time unfolding.

The location and specific arrangement you are experiencing of this because of your energy state that you feel like the self you know As you in the world. you know as your reality.

Earth is as a collective planetary field an infinite expression of divine wholeness. Earth has infinite locations in space-time and each is different. You are a creator of locations within Earth’s space-time dynamic and expanding wholeness. You create locations in space-time that you do not consciously experience. In fact, you create far more locations in space-time than you will ever explore within what you consider a single human life.

​Consider this and know you are free.

You are free and your energy state and your choice of thought directs your awareness. It is through your intentions, your energy state and the embodied presence you experience as yourself that you able to experience locations in space-time.

Without your human body, locations in Earth’s space-time would not be experientially available to you. You need a vehicle that you can embody to translate vibrations so that you can experience locations in space-time on Earth.

The more unity and harmony and thus clarity and coherence you experience in your blended embodied state, the state of your physical body infused with your eternal divine consciousness, the more you can tap into the freedom that is yours to explore.

We’ve already shared a lot today. We know this. We are activating within you your own remembering of the truth of your whole divine being.

In this series of transmissions and activations*, we will be assisting you in opening up your knowing, and in beginning to more fully directly act upon this in your life.

You, of course, are required to take action to make anything of what we share real for you. In embodiment, action and thought and presence and energy are integrated and correspond. They are infusing you, in ways that make their unity impossible without all components being coordinated and in integrity. Thus, we will speak of how to live in integrity with your true unlimited potential while experiencing Earth in this specific space-time location through the vehicle of a human form.

Lastly, we want to leave you with this today. You are dear dear friends in human form naturally, innately, free and fully creative, entirely capable. You have to unlearn this to get to the location of space-time experience that are you having now, which is a diminished, seemingly limited experience of you.

But we remind you, all other experience options for this space-time location are alive and well and available. In fact, location choices for this space-time continuum are continually expanding for each human being.

​We encourage you to reflect upon all we have shared today and the energy we have transmitted. Let it sink in. The unlearning begins with this realization. What are you are experiencing as your life and as your reality is a location in space-time, not an identity.

To have a new experience is to change locations, not to change who are you.

Who you are is eternal, unchanging, pure awareness. To change location is simply a matter of energy changes that create new resonances.

I am Ashira and we are the Arcturians.

Ashira via Meredith Murphy, December 31st

Meredith Murphy ~ The Arcturians and Ashira ~ A NEW TIME-SPELL

Post 30DEC2015_edited-1

Hello Divine Ones,
As you prepare to enter this new year, what we most want you to know is that there really truly is a new year arising. A new experience of time, in fact. A new time spell for Earth.
What we are calling a time-spell is the experience of life unfolding. The new paradigm that shapes perception has been activated and is available within leading edge frequency resonance, for awakening humans on Earth. This new time-spell puts you into a multidimensional experience in which you realize multiple streams of focus participating in each moment. In a sense, this new time spell shifts you into a different kind of perception of the vibrations within your world.
Each of you will access this time-spell and integrate it’s activating energies as you are resonant with the leading edge. You will know you are moving into this harmonic as you begin to sense life unfolding radiantly within you. Life is unfolding within you, not outside of you. Perception is experienced as external events and experiences, but it is actually happening within you.

As you shift into a more unconditionally loving state of being, you allow for resonance with new facets within your own energy field. One of these facets of you, is what we might call, a “future” expression within this Earth experience. There are actually many “future” expressions, and you are always lining up — via choices and attention –to experience a connected state with a particular future version of you. In connection with this “future” you, you have a certain arrangement of desires, interests and resonances. When you shift into a more unconditional, loving state of being, you will notice life unfolding radiantly from within. This will allow you to feel the influence across space and time, of other frequencies participating in your present moment, including “future” you.
Noticing this radiant unfolding from within, will be quite splendid for you. You will discover in ways that feel quite natural in this new state, that each present moment experience contains far more expansive elements and frequencies converging. Your “future” state is made manifest from expressed focus in the present. This “future” expression draws you into alignment with yourself in ways that facilitate that particular experience unfolding within you. “Future” YOU is also aware of other aspects that are relevant and can benefit you in the present moment. As you discover that your consciousness shifts and you begin to know your life from within, you become aware of watching it unfold within you with a great deal of confidence and calm. To live like this is an enriching experience in which you can embellish and enjoy your life with far more awareness of your creative role.
The light within you is leading you into greater spiritual alignment. Spiritual alignment is the ultimate aspiration of your human life in that it facilitates soul expansion. Soul expansion is the most important thing to you. In fact, it is why you are here now. This realm of focus promises immense opportunities for expansion. It is in giving yourself the love within, allowing yourself to trust and love yourself fully, that you allow for Universal Aspects of your being to flow through your embodied consciousness into this realm of focus, elaborating your essence.
To experience your universal flow is the most exquisite and uplifting experience. It gives you bliss, dear friends, to feel your own expanded energy flow, unimpeded. The innate movement toward this generates desires and propels you to make choices. That which you feel as happiness and even bliss, is truly your own unified wholeness in movement, expanding into this realm, expanding as consciousness, which gives you the emotional states you treasure so much.
The new paradigms of humanity are taking shape.
Life is opening up for human beings in truly revolutionary ways. Although you may have heard this before, and despite demonstrations in the world of inner conflict and aggression, the shift is well underway.
So much of what was within is beginning to move and flow. Some of this is manifesting as violence and aggressive actions. Realize that as this plays out, what is also happening is inner energies are moving; becoming unstuck. This is progress and it will lead to an awareness of the quality of these energies. The manifest world is a brilliant mirror for you, even though it sometimes takes a while to orient to it this way and notice your state of being.
All beings have the same capacity to awaken from within, and each of you that chose to focus upon your own awakening furthers our Divine Wholeness. The illumination you create as you generate increasingly clearly, as an expression of your soul, is altering the planetary field. The elevated and clarifying frequencies on Earth are increasing, and this is changing the environment in which all human beings live.
As you enter into a new year, recognize that your life is ripe for clarification. The more willing you are to look clearly at your actions and see how they line up with your values, and chose to close these gaps, the more acceleration you will experience in the expansion of your consciousness.
Most of you have lived for a long time participating unconsciously in many systems of oppression and violence, neglect and hatred. You have found it fairly simple to notice them when projected onto others, but it is harder to see them in yourselves. More and more, however, you love yourself enough to realize how you participate and perpetuate these qualities in your world. You are becoming more courageous in both observing what is occurring and in seeing the underlying values that are driving your choices.
All ways of using another being are aggressive. All ways of using other humans for energy or approval, for love or validation, is neglect of self and enslavement of another. All ways of using other sentient beings as slaves, as ways of feeling important or powerful, as food, as clothing, all of these are practices of living that developed during what you would think of as darker times. Taking advantage of others — sexually, financially, emotionally, or using any other sentient being for your own pleasure, is clearly (when put in these words), not ideal. Yet there are many global systems and patterns and the corresponding personal choices in your world that reflect these hidden patterns of fear and separation.
For human beings to move into the utopian dream of peace and harmony, unity and love, is to purify these aspects of the experience.
This refinement is a gradual process and is already happening. Each of you is growing in your capacity to love yourselves, and that is the means by which all of this will become possible. As you love yourself more, you become more capable of making choices that have integrity with the Oneness that is.
As you become more self-aware, initially you will find more anxiety and fear, more aggression and violence in your choices than you would imagine. Be gentle with yourself if you find this upsetting. Forgive and then make choices that feel better to you.
All relationships — with yourself, with other sentient beings and with the planet — will be reimagined and recreated reflecting the Oneness that is, as you become more conscious and expanded.
Know that the insight into these areas where you have been afraid and fearful of separation and abandonment will come as you are ready to see them. There is no rush, not because it does not matter, but because you cannot rush. Insight arises based on vibrational resonance. As you love yourself in more unconditional and thus healing ways, you will naturally feel the strong desire to love ALL in that same unconditional, honoring way.
Your generous loving opens up your alignment with your soul.
Gradually by cultivating spiritual alignment in more and more moments, you will allow the soul to expand into your embodiment and flow into your world. You will experience an ongoing expansion of consciousness as you are in alignment more often, that will make changing your lives and dreaming new ways of being, feel natural and exciting to you.
Realize, that these changes are being drawn out from within you. You have summoned them by this drive you have to remember your true divine being and live from your eternal soul presence. You embodied in this life knowing that there would be waves of awakening, and you are both opening up and integrating within yourself, the energies you need from the vaster you. You are activating one another through connection, imprinting on places, and exchanging energy. All of you are interpenetrating fields and particle movement between fields is natural and intelligently coordinated.
There is magic on Earth, and it is happening from within each of you. Each of you is a planetary body, collaborating with the planetary field and the galactic fields, in a dynamic constellation that is being upgraded and reformed, from within each sentient point of focus within these fields.
Imagine these fields like the torus energy field you see pictured. You are self-generating, and self-repairing and your openness and love is making an accelerated version of your presence, available within you. This more coherent and whole version of you is what we refer to as your “future” self. It is simply an experience of perception that you chose and generated and are now drawing from your core and unfolding from within. This flow changes your frequency which then transforms the energies you are resonant with and thus encounter. As you translate these new energies into perceptions, you have an expanded awareness of life experience.
All that we share today is only one of the new potentials for humanity which you are creating, integrating and beginning to perceive as experience! We celebrate you, with love.
I am Ashira and We are the Arcturians.

Ashira via Susan Sammarco, October 25th

I am “Ashira”. I will have the message for closing this day.
The message of hope, of joy, of compassion. All of these are 5th dimensional vibrations. All of these bring you to the highest point, for this point in time.

Each and every one of you has those of us who are visiting you nightly. Each and every one of you has those of us who are visiting you daily as well. These are time when there are so many things happening behind the curtains, as you say.

These are times when even your home pets, which is the reason I mentioned it earlier, are having their moments, having their times. They may be extra loving to you as well. They have a job. They have a purpose.

Everybody on the planet is waking up. Everybody on the planet is experiencing new things. New ideas. New understandings. You have been at the front of the pack. You have been trying to bring the others along. You have been grabbing them by their collars and dragging them sometimes.
This is no longer necessary for the portals are open now. And those who are leading the pack are coming back to help. To help those who are not yet fully aware of what they know, what they feel, what they see.

This was an important meditation today. It has been given by the one, Cobra, to share upon the planet. To move the planet forward. To move the planet and all those upon her toward the direction of full peace. Full peace. Full understanding.

Many of you are watching the news about the re-val. Many of you have felt the coming and going of that energy. But the time is coming. St. Germain shared with you three weeks ago that the time is here.

Continue to do the work that you do on a day to day basis. Know that, indeed, the world is in an instant of changing.
We give you are peace and our blessings. Namaste.


Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

Ashira and Obeedi-chya via Susan Sammarco, September 30


I am “Ashira”. We have a special guest this day. “Obeedi-chya” will be visiting and I will be visiting afterwards during the questions and at the closing comment. Prepare yourself for this one who comes.




I am “Obeedi-chya”. I am the nine foot handsome boy standing on my tail black and white (personified as a Orca whale) as is your pleasure. It is a great day to come and visit with you. Several of you have questions for me. Several of you have called upon me. One of these is Miss Diana. Please share my message with her this day.

You are all a twitter about the exciting things that are happening to you. It is a wonderful day to be able to share with you. Not only all of that which is occurring on the planet but to all of that which is happening to us and all of the rest of the universe. These are exciting times that we share.

We come to talk about those things that you normally do not mention in these groups. We talk to you about “Mer-People”, lives which many of you have experienced. We speak to you of the lives you have spent in “Elemental” forms. We speak to you who have shared lives as whales and porpoises, bodies such as ours.

All of these are part of the unity of the planet. All of these are part of what make the planet work with “Mother Gaia”. All of these are part of the unity about which you are learning and you will learn more.

The animals in your home are your guides. The animals in your homes are showing you the way. Those of you who feel accustomed to porpoises and whales, many of you have expressed life in these bodies. Many of you have had lives where you hunted down and killed us. But those times are going to be no longer. We are excited about that!

We are excited about all that is coming for all of us will be speaking the same language. All of us will be speaking the language of love and acceptance. We know how excited your guides have been the last two years that you have been coming together. We know how excited you are for what is about to happen. We know that you have been led to this door.

We have been of help when those things that are done in preparation. We have talked about the preparation of not eating your brothers and your sisters any longer. Some of you are there. Some of you are still in the process. That is perfectly acceptable.

I envelope you with our love. With all of our existences together. And we know that as you walk through the doors of the dimensional shifts at first it will not seem like much but the days that follow will help you for sure for what is coming for you have been prepared.

We wish to share with you that those who are of the “Mer” folks, they are eager to accept you, to hold you and to share with you again. There is an immense civilization under the sea that has been held from you. It is not of the dark. It is of the light. We all are eager to call you brothers and sisters.

So, this was but a stop in the day to encourage you in the most wonderful way to continue walking forward. Work through your sides of grief. Work through your sides of negativity. Work through all of these so when the moment comes and you feel this “Wave” be in grace, be in forgiveness, be in love. You will be exactly where you need to be.

I am going to close today. I will not come through this one again but I will give my answer to any questions to “Ashira”. We all look to see you again, soon, after the veil has lifted and we are once again one. Blessings.

Ashira via Susan Sammarco, August 30


We are proud to be working with a group that is diligent and willing to work and to share laughter and joy. Today my message is going to be about the “Pillars of Light” that have been seen and are going to be seen around the planet. You are getting one-dimensional answers about what these are. We believe we are sharing with you today information that will enable you to see these experiences around the planet even more.
The “Pillars of Light” come from within the planet. The “Pillars of Light” come with out the planet. There are different manifestations and yet they look the same. That which is within is also with out. And there are different purposes for these.

Some of the “Pillars of Light” are portals. These are portals for the Ascension into the 5th dimension for those who are ready upon the planet to make that change. Some of these are transport beams that send love and light to the areas upon which they land. Someone mentioned the transport beams where some are being “transported” down or accepting the rides to the planet in this way. Transport of mentors, those who will be working with you. Transport of those planetary leaders who will be up and coming.

Some of you in this very group have been receiving and have received new orders, new expectations of what you shall be moving into as you are moved to this new energy level, this New World. Some of these coming from the “Inner Planet” are bringing light, love and the energy to the surface of the planet. Some of those “Pillars of Light” are also transports of those from Agartha, from Shamballa and from all parts of Inner Earth to share with you and to celebrate with you.

These lights are from the Angelic Realm. These lights are from the Galactic Realm. These lights are from the Inner Realm of the planet from Mother Gaia, herself.

We know you looked in earnest for pictures of these last weekend in your Advance. It was not the time yet for you to be made fully aware. But now you may invite these. You may find yourself in a place where they open up. Do not fear. Step into these. Allow them to work their magic with you. Believe in them and they will come.

They will be coming more and more upon the planet until she shines her beauty around the planet as the jewel she is in the universe. Do not fear. There is importance in these portals that are opening which is why we share this with you today.

We know too that there are those who have concerns about friends and family. About those who are traveling distances next month, about what is to be happening. Know that each of you in this room, each of you on the phone, each of you who reads these words, all of you will be in the right place at the right time and this also goes for those who are part of your family. \

Those who are “old” people upon this planet, those who are “young” people upon the planet, these are all souls and the soul does not have age and there is no lack of connection to the Divine. There is a perfection that is necessary for every step of this unfolding. For every step of this evolution. This has been worked on for tens of thousands of years. Would we let one sparrow fall?

There is much to be agitated about, in fear about and that is not going to assist any of you. We would share with you, read or not read, pay attention or not pay attention, it does not matter. You are who you are and you are going to be exactly where you are meant to be. In this group you have been prepared to help others. In this group you have been prepared to take official positions. In this group we will meet you on level ground and assist you in the process that you move upon at the time of the Shift.

We are not meaning to be too serious today. We are in joy. We are in happiness. For all that has been written about, all that has been put off can no longer be put off because the time is Now. No more soon. No more impending. All that you wish for is unfolding in the moment. You may not see it in the word and the places that you want to see it yet but know in your heart that it is unfolding Now. And all those things that you have heard of, have spoken of are in the Now.

Lord Buddha visited you some weeks back with a message that all is in the Now. I take you back to this again. To this time. To this moment. This knowingness that you are in the Now.

That is my message for the day. I will be close for questions. Ashtar and Adama are both in this room and are here to answer questions as well. Start thinking what you would ask of them as well. We give you our blessings. We give you our love. Namaste.

Ashira via Susan Sammarco, August 2


August 2, 2015

Channel: Susan Sammarco


I am going to add a touch of humor to this. You are probably too young to remember this but you in this room who remember the show, “My Favorite Martian”, a long time ago did he not have funny antenna that would come up? That was much the guffaw at the time, the laughter at the time. The show was very popular. And I mention this because this was a precursor. It got people thinking.

Your crystalline bodies are going to be much like antennae.  They are going to be much more sensitive reaching out in many different ways, as “OWS” has said, they will manifest in different ways for each person.

And the change in the structure has been something new. Those of us who have left our physical bodies and have raised our vibrations and have existed on other planes have had spiritual bodies but not quite the same body that you are manifesting. This is part of the grand show that has been going on. To see how you adapt to the bodies and how you change as you go through this process.

This has been an important part of what we have needed to do in our roles to support you in this. To make you aware of the aches and pains, the change in diet, the change in sleep habits.  And as the changes have progressed the need for sleep has increased, the need for certain foods has increased.  We told you at one time or another that chocolate is OK, have we not. For it you crave something it may be something you need at that moment to make the change.

Go with the flow. Allow yourselves the pleasure but we know that this one has not always experienced pleasure at times, allow yourself to go with the flow. Allow yourself to be led to what to eat, what to drink and to know that there are many, many who are closely watching this process and keeping a very close eye on every one of few.


“Ashira”:  Yes, thank you.

First, let me address the new children who are coming in bodies that are very young.  Also, women who are carrying children who are coming in to experience this.  These children who have been coming in for many years have been given many different names. The new children who are coming into the plane have this very strong task before them for they are uplifting every person upon the planet.

Their innocence is amazing .  However, their awareness is also amazing and they stay connected at very deep levels.  It is their job to maintain balance and to maintain a sense of optimism and a sense of where everyone is going! They are so connected at this moment in time.

Even the child who sits in the cradle, even that child who is breastfed by its mother,  it is NOT a child, it is a soul being, it is a spiritual being that is here with a great sense of purpose.  And that great sense of purpose is also to assist the other children at every level well into their twenties. All of these children that have come with great desire to make a difference, great desires to see a change.

They will accept this easily and effortlessly and will move with the energy without question.  As you see the youngest children coming in, know that they are the support for the entire human family. Their sense of awareness and duty comes higher than other generation previously. They brought with them an understanding of this process.

To answer your question, yes, the children have an inner guidance to this process that even your children who seem to be turning their backs on you and your belief system, when the Clarion Call goes out they will understand more deeply and more quickly than adults around them. We will see this in young people up until and through the twenties.  The twenty year olds are more concerned about supporting one another and their family. They will still be more alert than those who are not yet awake on the planet.

The Wave will hit and there will be a response of love from the very youngest in the cradle to the very oldest. All of the children that you ask about are a part of this process and will amaze you in the depth of their understanding and their support.

“One Who Serves”: Yes.  And we would add here that there is the preparation in the Lightworker community that will add a great assistance to all of those who are not understanding what is going on here, what is happening. So, you will be of service beyond what you can imagine up to this point in time here. You are being prepared for this.

Any further questions here now?

Then we are done here. We will release channel. Just continue to work on those things that are given you and are coming through you at all different times of your life. You are being nudged here and nudged there. You are being shown glimpses of the veil dropping, all for you to accept these things that are within you. Whether they seem like maladies or they are pleasurable experiences they are all part of the great change and transition that is happening here.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.



I am “Ashira”.  I have addressed you in questions today. As always it is my pleasure.

I would bring the remembrance to you, you have discussed it in your group today and that has been intentional.  There are things you turn away on purpose in the greater world for you know they are but remnants, like shadows. They are memories that pop up here and there that are not of the highest love. It is part of the cleansing of the planet.  This is to allow people to release their old belief systems. Such as that you saw this week of that of the Animal Kingdom.

You have seen that toward ethnicities. You have seen that toward countries. You have seen that toward people. But each time there is an occurrence it is an opportunity for more to be awakened, more to feel the greater love. Not only for humans but also for animals.

This is the time that love is awakening in each and every being. It is your opportunity to speak of love in every instance.  When you have information that is not resonating with you, it could be a piece of the puzzle that they are so fiercely defending. It is no longer the time for fiercely defending. It is now time for truth, it is the time for love. It is time to say, “Maybe you are right” and allowing it to pass from you.

We give you great thanks, peace and understanding for the coming times. Namaste.


Channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

Ashira via Susan Sammaro, August 16


August 16, 2015

Channel: Susan Sammarco


So pleased to share with this group again. This is “Ashira”.
Part of what many of you have received and worked with we will be working with again at the Advance, that is the “Light Mental Body”. You have left your bodies through your spiritual body, through your Light Body, through your Merkaba body during your meditations in this group. You formed a group Merkaba today in your experience with “Sananda”.

You experienced much in that experience and you accomplished much as well. Yes, in the coming week we will be working even more with this. You are going to be coming to more and more of an understanding that the brain inside your head that you think of so much of the time as “your body” and is the center of your thoughts and your existence.

You have a physical body but YOU ARE A SPIRITUAL BEING. For the moment you are in this body but also in that same moment you are so much more than this body. Those of you who have called on the “Light Mental Body” have seen many wondrous things. If you have not yet received the gift of the “Light Mental Body” this is in part what you shall receive next week. For those of you who have it, you will be reminded of it.

There are so many more things that you are going to experience in the near future. The “Light Mental Body” is part of that. Some of you are already moving into this body during meditations to move into other lifetimes, other dimensions. We have talked about the dropping of the veil but much of these experiences are because you are achieving the higher vibrations and are experiencing these things. If nothing else, you experience these things on Sundays when you come together for meditation.

We are excited about the events that are coming for you. While the word “consternation” that came up a couple of times today may raise a red flag for you, we are pleased to say that it has not affected your frequency in a way that may hold you back. You are eager for the times to come. You are eager for the changes. You are eager to make this transition. For that we give you thanks for THAT is the eagerness and that is the passion. That is what is being fed into the mass consciousness by this group!

We bring you love. We bring you peace. Namaste.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

Ashira via Meredith Murphy, 5 augusti

August 5, 2015
Channel: Meredith Murphy
Greetings Divine Beings of Light,
We are here to speak with you in love, as love, as you are. You and we are so similar in so many ways and yet the form of our field gives you pause to see it that way, or so it may seem to you. Yet it is true. We are in so many ways, simply you refined and refocused in different ways for different experiences of light. So it is.
Let us tell you now, about our being here with you, for it is of great interest to us. We are here to live within your world in and through you so that you might know yourselves more fully. We come here as a unified field of light knowing you in the Divine Self you fundamentally are. We are comprised of an even more expansive wholeness than your Divine Self and yet made up of your Divine Self. We come here to listen and live with you, through you, being in your awareness as the All that is You are, so that you might know yourselves more fully.
We speak to you as messengers of Creation, as ambassadors of the Pure Land; a living field of light that is transcendent and eternal.
It is this knowing which you long for and which fuels your inner exploration; the drive to know yourselves beyond all identity, beyond all form, beyond everything in fact, and as everything. This Self-Realization is the fundamental inner call of your being and yet in this lifetime, it is also the call stimulated by the world, too. Can you imagine that? A fundamentally mundane world is calling forth your enlightened freedom? This is the time of times in which you are focused; a time of ascending energies rising from within the electromagnetics of your planet and from your own inner being, streaming forth in increasingly vast and highly upgraded concentrations of living light energy. This is the life you are living and creating and merging into and shaping all at the same time.
So then we come here as you, through you, in you, for you, to help you to find your inner connection with this Divine Self which is you and which is present here as your increasingly luminous being. You are arising into more love and light than any other humans before have collectively shared and this change is transforming your planet, as your planet is transforming your experience of You. Do not underestimate the capacity you have to know and be, this actual Divine Self you fundamentally are. To connect directly with the Source of your being; your Divine Self.
We tell you, beloved friends, this Divine Self is not masculine or feminine, it is not a separate god for you to pray to or look up to and yet! This Divine Self is everything you need and are and will be. It is everything that is via You. It is the way home and the wholeness and yet it is formless and infinite. It is love and it is energy and it is light and it is You. It is how you are here as you and so you see it is really not that different from you although the way it is shaped in focus may feel so different in concept to you. Nothing could be further from the truth; there is great similarity now and always between you in your humanness, and this Divine Self you truly are.
So then, dance to this knowing. Let yourself ponder and feel into a merging with this beyond form aspect of creation that you have within you. Find your way in stillness. Feel your way through silence. Let yourself in through spaciousness. It is all easier when you are feeling your way into alignment with all of you, for in this direct relationship to Creation you are quite easily and naturally realized as you; free, awakened and enlightened.
So then, cultivate your own new life. Shape it knowing love is you and nothing more, nothing less. Shape it knowing you are it and nothing more, nothing less. All else is a simple arising, temporary and luminous, like a firecracker in the sky. Breathtaking, moving, exquisite and unexpected, yet fading and dissolving. And so it is.
Beyond all of this, is you, Divine Self, as knowing, as wholeness and Oneness and true as the day is long. Vast and wild and free.
We are the Arcturians and I am Ashira, your* living light and ambassador to the Pure Land of Love.

Ashira via Susan Sammarco, July 12


July 12, 2015

Channel: Susan Sammarco

I am Ashira and I am bringing this experience to you today as well as bringing you a brief message before the questions and answers with “One Who Serves”.

There has been much wisdom spoken today in the discussions that have taken place. Much wisdom and each of you is probably feeling the same inclination to be reducing the amounts of things you read and reducing the amount of things you listen to and see. To be more respectful of your bodies, more respectful of your minds and more respectful of your spirits.

As energy continues to rise upon the planet, every person takes it in and processes it differently, do they not? As they take this energy in they experience and express it in different ways. There are those that express it in their 3D world speaking as ones who “know”. And yet, in your own discernment you “feel” that these people are not of the highest but are speaking of what they know and what they see from their perspective.

If one thinks that there are only a small percentage of those upon the planets that actually understand, see and know through the Awakening process what is happening. All others are experiencing this in various ways and dimensions.

Sometimes, any one person upon this planet may be in a higher dimension. They may be in longer periods of song, dance and celebration. Those who have not had as much time in the higher dimensions may not be as far along in the Awakening process and pulled back into the 3D experience more quickly than you may be.

For those that we speak to each week, through writing, through word and through the sounds of our voices are those who are moving into the higher dimensions for longer periods of time. Playing in those. Experiencing those. Those in this room, those on the phone, those who read these words can sense more quickly when someone is coming from a different perspective than what you would resonate to.

We know this is taking longer than you expected. It is taking longer than WE who have been planning this and working on this expected because the consciousness on the planet took turns that we did not see. Those that we have been actively planning games against, that we wish to take out of power, they have done their deeds too in ways we did not expect. But that does not mean that we have not continued the celebration. That does not mean that you are not closer to your celebration than you would know.

So we bring you that love today. The love and the sharing so that all of those things that you expect and that you feel and that you see and that you “know”, those are yours! As much as you can free yourself of those things that bring you back into the 3D perspective. For every time you can consciously do this it will bring you into the realms where you can make the world into what you choose to make the world into. You will be reminded of the strength and the power that you are and you will come to believe more and more in believing to see first!

We give you our thanks. We know that you are “keeping on” and we know that every time we meet with you we know that things are different each week, each day and evermore each month.

We will step aside now to allow the “Ones Who Serves” to come through to share with you today. Thank you and we will be together at the end. Blessings.

Ashira via Susan Sammarco, July 5


July 5, 2015

Channel: Susan Sammarco

I am “Ashira”. Last week the transcription was cut short and I wanted to repeat some of my closing message again. We also wish to share our support for the messages given this day.

Last week we discussed some of the mood swings people are experiencing. Know that these moods, those of melancholy or depression are not yours. They are part of what is evolving upon this planet and as it moves through you and you feel it, stop and say, “This is not mine”. Allow it to move through you.

Those who need to process are processing but as it moves around the planet in consciousness, those who are awake to others feel this as well. As was given last week, allow these to move through and do not seek a meaning from them. You have done your work.

There are many who are crying out saying that “we” do not understand what is happening. Yet those in this group and others like it know that we understand because we have been through this too. As this continues on, as you meet in this group and other groups as well, you SEE what is happening. You are in a different place and a different state of mind than those who are in early states of awakening and wonder about all they are being shown.

This is the good news. For as you look a year hence from now, next year’s Fourth of July, the conversation will be lively. This is the reason we have been excited and spoke about the movement over the finish line.

It is only days and weeks and months and not so long as many months. Yes, August, September and Fall this year sees many changes coming. Bigger changes are coming. All over the planet, changes. The majority of those who are sleeping now will be awakened. You will step into your new roles. We are eager to be sharing with you and answering your questions.

Those of you, like Mahendrin who was not able to ask his question, are feeling nudges, you are feeling pushes. You are feeling that which is coming for it is coming so quickly that you are being pushed in ways that are unfamiliar to you. You do not see a finish line. Where are you going? Where are you being pushed to?

Keep the faith. Go with the flow. Allow each day to unfold. As doors seem to close, know that others will open on the other side. It is somewhat like the death process where there are crowds of people who tell you goodbye on one side and there are crowds on the other side welcoming you. We are with you there pulling you forward, helping you as we are happy to do.

We give you all of our love and blessings. Thank you for this day. Namaste.