Love is our new reality

Ashira of Neptune via Genoveva Coyle, December 14th, 2018


Our fleet of wonderful ships are hovering in the sky behind the clouds, and closer to your heads and hearts than you can imagine. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings dearest brothers and sisters! I AM Commander Ashira of Neptune, Commander of the UFOG, I am your family, ally and friend.

I come to greet you on this day, and to remind you of our love and constant support. Know that when you look up into the sky, early in the morning or late at night, when a star is flickering and shining more brightly than others it means that we are beckoning to you, it is a way for us to wave and say hello, to greet you and send you our love. It is the same when you are gazing at a white cloud, know that we are with you, traveling with you, supporting and energizing you, entertaining you with our music, or heart-based lyrics, and heavenly sounds.

Can you hear us dear ones? I know you can, but can you feel our profound love and willingness to be with you?

How we would love you to see us walking alongside you! And that time is coming dear friends! That time is now, indeed!

We have no bigger desire than that you would remember your travels with us going back home, or on our way to the Cities of Light, where we are working in joy, laughing and creating extensive communities of love!

But most of thee are deeply immersed in the thickness of the three-dimensional world, in service that is true, to clear the spaces, to purify, detoxify, and ignite the light in every remote part of Planet Earth. And so it could be detrimental to our missions when you are air-headed, or when you allow your mental bodies to wander too frequently through the clouds. And so, we keep our presence in a low key manner, even to you dear hearts.

This is why I come today to speak to those of you who are so longing to remember us, and/or to have a more tangible experience with us. We know all of you, and we love you so very much!

Even if your dreams or meditative recollections are quite brief, know that we spend plenty of time together. But since we understand your need for more palpable proof, we endeavor to send you many gifts, albeit in more discreet ways. And I am talking about planting ideas in your minds regarding novel technologies that will ease your lives, and the lives of everyone traveling in this 3D reality, now and in future times.

We bring to your attention ways to come into contact with your star brothers and sisters, or receive information about our life in the outer galaxies, in a more indirect way such as through novels, blogs, and through your brothers and sisters who are connected as strongly as you are but who are also able to see us and recall our encounters more clearly. And they can do so because the nature of their mission is very narrowly focused, constantly working and transmitting information directly from our fleet of wonderful ships that are hovering in the sky behind the clouds, and closer to your heads and hearts than you can imagine.

We are so eager to assist you and to bring you our unconditional love and gifts! Our offerings to you and humanity are many and plentiful, materialized and ready to be shared and enjoyed for the benefit of everyone….some of them are in the shops ready to be brought in your homes, and some are being planted in your mental bodies so you can bring them into manifestation yourselves.

Please do act on the ideas that come to your awareness, even if what comes to your mind might be a wild and ‘out of nowhere’ thought. Let these ideas sink deep within; feel them with your heart and allow us to take you in the direction of materializing them with ease and grace.

I will close this message sending all of you our love and gratitude! Farewell!

By permission.

©2018 Council of Love, Inc.