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The Pleiadian Collective via Beatrice Madsen, December 12th, 2018

The Pleiadian Collective

December 12th, 2018

Channel: Beatrice Madsen


We are present and rejoice resoundingly with your successes dear relatives and cousins, which we can call you. You are making great progress. This might not be visible in your media, but we can see it and we send laud congratulations to your human collective.

You have come so far that there no longer is any going back. You are progressing completely according to plan and you heart chakra have been opened and expanded in unison with your pineal gland. You are all the children of the light are now starting to slowly understand this.

Be not afraid of tears and pain as this also is a door opener to the power of love and sometimes suffering is necessary in order to increase and wake up compassion and the deeper wisdom. No suffering is forever. We can liken it to a portal and that the individual who is suffering is breaking down the door to an expanded consciousness. As you are ascending you are cleaning out your drama and burn what needs to be burned.

We can briefly talk about ascension symptoms you feel and since we are coming through this channel and follow her we can use her as an example.

Sometimes, and not so rarely, she has a feeling of unreality. This feeling is a consequence of the waking up she is experiencing when the veils are pulled from her consciousness. Her previous truth is no longer an absolute truth and in this a feeling of unreality is created until the more true existence has been integrated. This gives her anguish and an experience of fumbling in the dark combined with all kinds of intensive feelings – among them feelings of happiness and a wish to embrace everybody and everything.

On the physical plane she is experiencing being more thirsty and a need to drink more water and herbal teas. Certain foods that she previously liked are no longer to her liking and she now needs less amounts of foods. She experiences further almost daily feelings of fevers, without actually having them – needs for solitude and stillness to the point of being a little odd. She also has Indescribable strong longings for the power of love that she only can find in nature or for short moments with humans and animals. Thus it is a feeling of coming home in certain ways – a large and strong sorrow of the fate of humanity, but an equally strong joy over the new that is coming.

She feels a certain lightness in the body that she never before has felt. This is connected with the transition from having been carbon based to becoming a crystalline structure. She has heart palpitations and an increased awareness of how the body feels – sensations of light and dark and above all she is very sensitive to sounds. She is so sensitive to sounds that non-harmonic sounds can hurt physically in the body.

She feels further a need for sleep at regular times and physical activities, as well as a need to create that which she was not aware of in her before. To create in the forms, which are available, music, painting, texts or sewing.

These are not unusual symptoms or expressions, but things that you all feel more or less depending on your personality. With this text we want to inspire you to embrace the new. Embrace and give yourselves time to integrate. Again we tell you that you have come a very long step forward in your development and we are mighty impressed by you and celebrate the successes here on our side.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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