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Ashira via Susan Sammarco, August 30


We are proud to be working with a group that is diligent and willing to work and to share laughter and joy. Today my message is going to be about the “Pillars of Light” that have been seen and are going to be seen around the planet. You are getting one-dimensional answers about what these are. We believe we are sharing with you today information that will enable you to see these experiences around the planet even more.
The “Pillars of Light” come from within the planet. The “Pillars of Light” come with out the planet. There are different manifestations and yet they look the same. That which is within is also with out. And there are different purposes for these.

Some of the “Pillars of Light” are portals. These are portals for the Ascension into the 5th dimension for those who are ready upon the planet to make that change. Some of these are transport beams that send love and light to the areas upon which they land. Someone mentioned the transport beams where some are being “transported” down or accepting the rides to the planet in this way. Transport of mentors, those who will be working with you. Transport of those planetary leaders who will be up and coming.

Some of you in this very group have been receiving and have received new orders, new expectations of what you shall be moving into as you are moved to this new energy level, this New World. Some of these coming from the “Inner Planet” are bringing light, love and the energy to the surface of the planet. Some of those “Pillars of Light” are also transports of those from Agartha, from Shamballa and from all parts of Inner Earth to share with you and to celebrate with you.

These lights are from the Angelic Realm. These lights are from the Galactic Realm. These lights are from the Inner Realm of the planet from Mother Gaia, herself.

We know you looked in earnest for pictures of these last weekend in your Advance. It was not the time yet for you to be made fully aware. But now you may invite these. You may find yourself in a place where they open up. Do not fear. Step into these. Allow them to work their magic with you. Believe in them and they will come.

They will be coming more and more upon the planet until she shines her beauty around the planet as the jewel she is in the universe. Do not fear. There is importance in these portals that are opening which is why we share this with you today.

We know too that there are those who have concerns about friends and family. About those who are traveling distances next month, about what is to be happening. Know that each of you in this room, each of you on the phone, each of you who reads these words, all of you will be in the right place at the right time and this also goes for those who are part of your family. \

Those who are “old” people upon this planet, those who are “young” people upon the planet, these are all souls and the soul does not have age and there is no lack of connection to the Divine. There is a perfection that is necessary for every step of this unfolding. For every step of this evolution. This has been worked on for tens of thousands of years. Would we let one sparrow fall?

There is much to be agitated about, in fear about and that is not going to assist any of you. We would share with you, read or not read, pay attention or not pay attention, it does not matter. You are who you are and you are going to be exactly where you are meant to be. In this group you have been prepared to help others. In this group you have been prepared to take official positions. In this group we will meet you on level ground and assist you in the process that you move upon at the time of the Shift.

We are not meaning to be too serious today. We are in joy. We are in happiness. For all that has been written about, all that has been put off can no longer be put off because the time is Now. No more soon. No more impending. All that you wish for is unfolding in the moment. You may not see it in the word and the places that you want to see it yet but know in your heart that it is unfolding Now. And all those things that you have heard of, have spoken of are in the Now.

Lord Buddha visited you some weeks back with a message that all is in the Now. I take you back to this again. To this time. To this moment. This knowingness that you are in the Now.

That is my message for the day. I will be close for questions. Ashtar and Adama are both in this room and are here to answer questions as well. Start thinking what you would ask of them as well. We give you our blessings. We give you our love. Namaste.

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