Love is our new reality

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Commander Ashira via Genoveva Coyle, December 14th, 2017

Greetings dear brothers and sisters! I am Commander Ashira of Neptune, your ally and protector, your beloved family and friend and it doesn’t matter how you refer to me for I am here to lovingly support and assist you in your current endeavors.

We are here to help you secure and enforce the new golden grid for Gaia and of course for all of humanity. We are here to protect it and to assist you in strengthening it and in the process anchoring it deeply into the planet’s body and into human consciousness.

And how do you do this? It is by refusing to go the way of the old, and instead following only the shiny new and golden path of love and freedom in every situation and in every circumstance. You can show everyone how easy it is to choose only the path of truth and love, by becoming aware of the way you choose to act and respond to challenges and to life in general.

It give me great pleasure to be here with thee. Surely you must remember us coming and taking you for a little ride to reacquaint you with your current mission and to give you all the tools you need so that you can do this work in a most efficient manner. We are sending plenty of reinforcements both in a seen and unseen manner, and it gives us great pleasure to see you recognizing and acknowledging both the subtle and the more obvious helping hints that we are offering you.

You are all going through this final refinement and putting into place the last details before deployment, to say the least, of what is to come as your next grand mission.

What you are all experiencing at this time, though, is going through old lessons, rechecking and testing yourselves to make sure that you do recognize the old paradigm of the third reality and the false exits that you might be persuaded to take, only to lead you off the course of light into the dead ends of the futility and powerlessness. You have been told recently by Archangel Michael and by your own higher selves, guardians from the higher realm, that the process you are undergoing at this time doesn’t mean that you are falling back into the old you or into your previous self-defeating habits.

In this you are working on the old challenges, refreshing and refining the solutions, and while you are in this process you are taking care of releasing and transmuting more of the same fears and core issues for your soul family and for the entire human collective. Bravo!

Dear friends, do not allow yourselves to think that you can ever fall back into taking any more scenic detours, never feel or fear that you are failing because this is quite impossible. You have everything you need to succeed, you have every gadget and tool under the sun to help you navigate through this chaos and turbulence with the utmost ease and grace, but mostly you have your strong confidence and your beautiful open heart that is never going to mislead or fail you.

We are here with you, closer than you think, and we are getting ready to come and shake your hands and hug you in visible form, we are ready to greet the entire world with you. We are ready and excited to celebrate with thee the fulfillment of the Mother’s Plan.


By Permission.

© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.

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