Love is our new reality

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Ashira the Arcturian via Meredith Murphy, January 20th


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We love co-creating with you, and we love that you are ready for more insight into your own state of being.

Life on Earth is ripening. We like this word: ripening. It’s very suitable for what we’re noticing in your experience. There are tremendous opportunities in your space-time location. We are pleased to be given your attention in these conversations so that we might have the opportunity to remind you and share with you perspectives about all of this that will be very beneficial to you.

​​The reason we like the word ripening is that it’s very accurate for the way your life feels, and is unfolding, and it hints at the impermanent nature of it all. Creation itself unfolds within your awareness. All of life is an impermanent experience within the awareness you are. This awareness is Oneness, and this Oneness is eternal, expansive, unchanging, perpetual.

Within this dynamic wholeness there are infinite arisings of manifest experience. It is in these infinite arisings of manifest experience that you find yourself as the human being you are now. It is through these infinite arisings of manifest experience that your Earth came to be, and it is in the space-time unfolding.

The location and specific arrangement you are experiencing of this because of your energy state that you feel like the self you know As you in the world. you know as your reality.

Earth is as a collective planetary field an infinite expression of divine wholeness. Earth has infinite locations in space-time and each is different. You are a creator of locations within Earth’s space-time dynamic and expanding wholeness. You create locations in space-time that you do not consciously experience. In fact, you create far more locations in space-time than you will ever explore within what you consider a single human life.

​Consider this and know you are free.

You are free and your energy state and your choice of thought directs your awareness. It is through your intentions, your energy state and the embodied presence you experience as yourself that you able to experience locations in space-time.

Without your human body, locations in Earth’s space-time would not be experientially available to you. You need a vehicle that you can embody to translate vibrations so that you can experience locations in space-time on Earth.

The more unity and harmony and thus clarity and coherence you experience in your blended embodied state, the state of your physical body infused with your eternal divine consciousness, the more you can tap into the freedom that is yours to explore.

We’ve already shared a lot today. We know this. We are activating within you your own remembering of the truth of your whole divine being.

In this series of transmissions and activations*, we will be assisting you in opening up your knowing, and in beginning to more fully directly act upon this in your life.

You, of course, are required to take action to make anything of what we share real for you. In embodiment, action and thought and presence and energy are integrated and correspond. They are infusing you, in ways that make their unity impossible without all components being coordinated and in integrity. Thus, we will speak of how to live in integrity with your true unlimited potential while experiencing Earth in this specific space-time location through the vehicle of a human form.

Lastly, we want to leave you with this today. You are dear dear friends in human form naturally, innately, free and fully creative, entirely capable. You have to unlearn this to get to the location of space-time experience that are you having now, which is a diminished, seemingly limited experience of you.

But we remind you, all other experience options for this space-time location are alive and well and available. In fact, location choices for this space-time continuum are continually expanding for each human being.

​We encourage you to reflect upon all we have shared today and the energy we have transmitted. Let it sink in. The unlearning begins with this realization. What are you are experiencing as your life and as your reality is a location in space-time, not an identity.

To have a new experience is to change locations, not to change who are you.

Who you are is eternal, unchanging, pure awareness. To change location is simply a matter of energy changes that create new resonances.

I am Ashira and we are the Arcturians.