Love is our new reality

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Ashira via Meredith Murphy, December 31st

Meredith Murphy ~ The Arcturians and Ashira ~ A NEW TIME-SPELL

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Hello Divine Ones,
As you prepare to enter this new year, what we most want you to know is that there really truly is a new year arising. A new experience of time, in fact. A new time spell for Earth.
What we are calling a time-spell is the experience of life unfolding. The new paradigm that shapes perception has been activated and is available within leading edge frequency resonance, for awakening humans on Earth. This new time-spell puts you into a multidimensional experience in which you realize multiple streams of focus participating in each moment. In a sense, this new time spell shifts you into a different kind of perception of the vibrations within your world.
Each of you will access this time-spell and integrate it’s activating energies as you are resonant with the leading edge. You will know you are moving into this harmonic as you begin to sense life unfolding radiantly within you. Life is unfolding within you, not outside of you. Perception is experienced as external events and experiences, but it is actually happening within you.

As you shift into a more unconditionally loving state of being, you allow for resonance with new facets within your own energy field. One of these facets of you, is what we might call, a “future” expression within this Earth experience. There are actually many “future” expressions, and you are always lining up — via choices and attention –to experience a connected state with a particular future version of you. In connection with this “future” you, you have a certain arrangement of desires, interests and resonances. When you shift into a more unconditional, loving state of being, you will notice life unfolding radiantly from within. This will allow you to feel the influence across space and time, of other frequencies participating in your present moment, including “future” you.
Noticing this radiant unfolding from within, will be quite splendid for you. You will discover in ways that feel quite natural in this new state, that each present moment experience contains far more expansive elements and frequencies converging. Your “future” state is made manifest from expressed focus in the present. This “future” expression draws you into alignment with yourself in ways that facilitate that particular experience unfolding within you. “Future” YOU is also aware of other aspects that are relevant and can benefit you in the present moment. As you discover that your consciousness shifts and you begin to know your life from within, you become aware of watching it unfold within you with a great deal of confidence and calm. To live like this is an enriching experience in which you can embellish and enjoy your life with far more awareness of your creative role.
The light within you is leading you into greater spiritual alignment. Spiritual alignment is the ultimate aspiration of your human life in that it facilitates soul expansion. Soul expansion is the most important thing to you. In fact, it is why you are here now. This realm of focus promises immense opportunities for expansion. It is in giving yourself the love within, allowing yourself to trust and love yourself fully, that you allow for Universal Aspects of your being to flow through your embodied consciousness into this realm of focus, elaborating your essence.
To experience your universal flow is the most exquisite and uplifting experience. It gives you bliss, dear friends, to feel your own expanded energy flow, unimpeded. The innate movement toward this generates desires and propels you to make choices. That which you feel as happiness and even bliss, is truly your own unified wholeness in movement, expanding into this realm, expanding as consciousness, which gives you the emotional states you treasure so much.
The new paradigms of humanity are taking shape.
Life is opening up for human beings in truly revolutionary ways. Although you may have heard this before, and despite demonstrations in the world of inner conflict and aggression, the shift is well underway.
So much of what was within is beginning to move and flow. Some of this is manifesting as violence and aggressive actions. Realize that as this plays out, what is also happening is inner energies are moving; becoming unstuck. This is progress and it will lead to an awareness of the quality of these energies. The manifest world is a brilliant mirror for you, even though it sometimes takes a while to orient to it this way and notice your state of being.
All beings have the same capacity to awaken from within, and each of you that chose to focus upon your own awakening furthers our Divine Wholeness. The illumination you create as you generate increasingly clearly, as an expression of your soul, is altering the planetary field. The elevated and clarifying frequencies on Earth are increasing, and this is changing the environment in which all human beings live.
As you enter into a new year, recognize that your life is ripe for clarification. The more willing you are to look clearly at your actions and see how they line up with your values, and chose to close these gaps, the more acceleration you will experience in the expansion of your consciousness.
Most of you have lived for a long time participating unconsciously in many systems of oppression and violence, neglect and hatred. You have found it fairly simple to notice them when projected onto others, but it is harder to see them in yourselves. More and more, however, you love yourself enough to realize how you participate and perpetuate these qualities in your world. You are becoming more courageous in both observing what is occurring and in seeing the underlying values that are driving your choices.
All ways of using another being are aggressive. All ways of using other humans for energy or approval, for love or validation, is neglect of self and enslavement of another. All ways of using other sentient beings as slaves, as ways of feeling important or powerful, as food, as clothing, all of these are practices of living that developed during what you would think of as darker times. Taking advantage of others — sexually, financially, emotionally, or using any other sentient being for your own pleasure, is clearly (when put in these words), not ideal. Yet there are many global systems and patterns and the corresponding personal choices in your world that reflect these hidden patterns of fear and separation.
For human beings to move into the utopian dream of peace and harmony, unity and love, is to purify these aspects of the experience.
This refinement is a gradual process and is already happening. Each of you is growing in your capacity to love yourselves, and that is the means by which all of this will become possible. As you love yourself more, you become more capable of making choices that have integrity with the Oneness that is.
As you become more self-aware, initially you will find more anxiety and fear, more aggression and violence in your choices than you would imagine. Be gentle with yourself if you find this upsetting. Forgive and then make choices that feel better to you.
All relationships — with yourself, with other sentient beings and with the planet — will be reimagined and recreated reflecting the Oneness that is, as you become more conscious and expanded.
Know that the insight into these areas where you have been afraid and fearful of separation and abandonment will come as you are ready to see them. There is no rush, not because it does not matter, but because you cannot rush. Insight arises based on vibrational resonance. As you love yourself in more unconditional and thus healing ways, you will naturally feel the strong desire to love ALL in that same unconditional, honoring way.
Your generous loving opens up your alignment with your soul.
Gradually by cultivating spiritual alignment in more and more moments, you will allow the soul to expand into your embodiment and flow into your world. You will experience an ongoing expansion of consciousness as you are in alignment more often, that will make changing your lives and dreaming new ways of being, feel natural and exciting to you.
Realize, that these changes are being drawn out from within you. You have summoned them by this drive you have to remember your true divine being and live from your eternal soul presence. You embodied in this life knowing that there would be waves of awakening, and you are both opening up and integrating within yourself, the energies you need from the vaster you. You are activating one another through connection, imprinting on places, and exchanging energy. All of you are interpenetrating fields and particle movement between fields is natural and intelligently coordinated.
There is magic on Earth, and it is happening from within each of you. Each of you is a planetary body, collaborating with the planetary field and the galactic fields, in a dynamic constellation that is being upgraded and reformed, from within each sentient point of focus within these fields.
Imagine these fields like the torus energy field you see pictured. You are self-generating, and self-repairing and your openness and love is making an accelerated version of your presence, available within you. This more coherent and whole version of you is what we refer to as your “future” self. It is simply an experience of perception that you chose and generated and are now drawing from your core and unfolding from within. This flow changes your frequency which then transforms the energies you are resonant with and thus encounter. As you translate these new energies into perceptions, you have an expanded awareness of life experience.
All that we share today is only one of the new potentials for humanity which you are creating, integrating and beginning to perceive as experience! We celebrate you, with love.
I am Ashira and We are the Arcturians.