Love is our new reality

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Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, January 3d


Judas Iscariot

Sunday January 3, 2016,

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Judas Iscariot and I greet you all from above. I am grateful that we now walk into the Golden Age. The work to build a more beautiful and sustainable world has started in which we all can live together. It feels good in my heart and in all other’s who now can see what is about to happen on Earth today. Much work remains, but the main thing is that the work has started and that solutions exist to change the development on Earth to a world of peace and caring for each other.

Hold on to your hats now dear friends, because soon a storm will now gather – A storm that will take you to new heights in the world you live in. All is for the best for Earth and you. Do not fear the changes, dear friends. They are what will bring you forward now. It is this that you so long has worked for, tired as you are of war and violence. The changes will give you the harmony you seek in your lives now – The peace and harmony that you want to see appear on Earth. You are a part of this harmony. Your wishes, feelings and needs are manifesting in your world now. What you seek you will find.

Be in the Light, be in joy, feel and experience that which you want to experience and it will come to you as fast as a letter in the mail. Hope, faith and Love is what helps and benefits you most right now. It helps you get on your way so to speak. The voice of the heart is important, she leads you forward now. You will not stumble so much if you follow her. The road becomes clearer and easier if you follow your innermost whisper. A positive approach to all that is happening also makes your path easier to trod.

A surety that you never are alone and that we always are with you can help you take the steps that you need right now. Take small steps at a time so that all goes much better. The smallest of steps is always a good start then it will go by itself. Every little movement we make in the right direction has a large impact on the whole. Together we are a collective and every little movement influences that whole.

You are all important, dear friends, and all that you think, feel and do leaves footprints in the larger whole. It is now, dear friends. It is now that your thoughts, feelings and actions are so important, as they now more quickly leaves imprints in the world you live in. It is a matter of focusing on the world you would want to have. How do you want to live your lives? How do you want it to look around you? It can be a good idea to focus on the small before you take on the large. If the life around you is functioning well you can lift your vision a bit higher.

It is by cleansing ourselves that we anchor the light in the Earth at a deeper level. The life we want and live in is manifesting a little easier then. It is then that we become an anchor for the Light, where the new world can flourish that gives peace and harmony for all.

Do you understand your own importance? Many anchors of light are needed to change a whole world and yes – you are many that can be this anchor. All your guides and me thank you for this great work. We are all around you and support you the whole time now. We admire your courage and your determination. We send love all the time so that you will understand how loved you are.

With so much love,



Translation from Swedish: Per Staffan