Love is our new reality

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Ashira via Susan Sammarco, November 13th


I am “Ashira”. What lovely energy in this room today!

This has been interesting week for those of us here at these various levels. We are enjoying what is happening. It did not go as you expected it to go. It seemed to go as any other election but it was not. It was a part of a much bigger change that is in place now that is now moving forward and all of us are so excited!

We knew that you needed to walk through the elements of this day. That is what this group is here for. And we expect you to ask us. We know that all in unfolding before your eyes. Everything that you expected needed to have this happen first. This is the way.

It is not that Mr. Trump is going to be an outstanding president that changes everything and the world changes because of that. The world will be very different by the time he takes his place in that role. All of these things are happening and unfolding in front of your eyes. And now the president has been selected you have a little more breathing room for all the rest of the wonders to occur. OK?