Ashtar and Sananda via Zane Morgan, June 3d, 2019

Greetings dear ones, I am Ashtar, and I greet this one as he watches over the beautiful coastline, observing Mother Earth’s beauty and taking in the essence of it all.

For dear ones, I will say now, that all is to unravel. Yes, you have heard this before, but as you all know, and feel, that everything seems to be at a crescendo, and I tell you now that it certainly is.

As you see many half-truths coming forward from the MSM, know that these are but little smoke screens and snippets of the bigger picture. It is through these little drops of truth, that the bigger truths will unfold, for it cannot be held back any longer. You are all tired and ready to start the new, start your work of restoration and regeneration, of Mother Earth and her people’s. For it is time dear ones, there is a reason so many half-truths are appearing now, and that is because, those who think they are in control, know that the real truth is about to be displayed for all to see. Rest dear ones and know the hard work of fighting for truth is over, and now it will be the work of assisting those to understand these truths that are now to be revealed. Let go of fighting and know that all is in place, all is well and ready to be revealed. I Am Ashtar and I will now step aside for another brother to step forth.


I Am Sananda, and I greet you all as I stand side by side, with dear brother Ashtar, ready to assist those of you in the next phases of your journey.

It is time for one mission to end and a new one to begin dear ones. It is now time to let go of the fighting for truth, fighting for justice, as you can now rest in the knowing that all will be taken care of and all is in place to be revealed.

It has been a long, tough battle We have watched you go through, and it has not been an easy task seeking the truth, but you, the light workers and warriors, know this truth and it is now time to let go of seeking the truth and let those seek you out. For the work and your new missions are about to commence. Sit tight as these things are revealed, and let go of having to seek the truth, let go of the fighting for truth and know that those of the light are all in the right places now to reveal this truth.

Yes, still share these truths when the opportunity arises, but let go of having to find it yourself, for you know the truth and to constantly seek more truth’s, only depletes your energy, you all know what is to be revealed and so share those truths, but do not continue the hunt for more, share what you know and the rest will follow.

You all have more than enough to spread and inform others with, so let go of the seeking and instead prepare yourself with all the truths that you know and let those now seek you.

Be ready dear ones, for the truth is now to come out, you are the truth dear hearts, be that truth and all will be as it should. I Am your brother Sananda and I Am here ready to serve and assist all those that shall but ask.




In my latest message from brothers Ashtar & Lord Sananda, they speak of letting go of the pursuit for truths in the outer world. In saying this, they wish for me to explain that when they say “let go of the pursuit of truth” it is to say, let go of seeking to find more truths in the outer world, such as UFO activity, cabal interference and other truths associated with these things. They wish for me to say that, we already have enough truth to share with others and those who seek it, and the big truths about the cabal and ET’s are in the hands of the Light Forces on Earth who will introduce them at the right time. They ask that those of us on the front-line stop looking for more truth and instead share what we have as it is more than enough to circulate. They do NOT mean that we stop seeking the truth within, for that is our journey, but to stop looking to prove more points in the outer world and the stories that are playing out in it. It is important that we use our energy wisely now, and to continue seeking these sorts of truths only depletes it. Instead, we must use the truth we already have and that is readily available, to share with others.

The Light Forces and White Hats have the truths that will bring down the cabal, so we can rest in that knowing and continue to share what we already have, and when the time is right, the real truths shall be released.


Tapestry of Creation

by Zane Morgan