Ash’Tar Ka’Ree via David Rousseau , June 1st, 2019

Ash’Tar Ka’Ree

Galactic & Planetary Update

June 1st, 2019

Galactic & Planetary Update

June 1st, 2019


I am Ash’Tar Ka’Ree

More and more of you are asking questions about the real progress in the passage to the 5th Dimension.

And many bring answers that are not right.

What’s going on today, it is that two Matrix Timelines are re-found and begin to merge.

For example: 

The old matrix (that of 3D) leaves more room for the new (5D).

That is to say, the Old One collapses to give way to renewal.

As the old matrix fades, more and more ,  sails fall.

Do you not see that what you call “The Disclosure” has already begun.???? 

Do not you hear more and more about Chemtrails every day? 

UFOs? Etc … by official sources?

Yes’ …  the sails are starting to fall.

The masks will fall too.

The involutive entities that have controlled your beautiful planet for so long, are losing a little more ground every day.

And do not be shocked, 

because as I just said, 

masks will fall.

People and public figures (you admire), will show their true faces and / or their true nature ‘ 

laid bare before you …… 

For many of you, it will be terrible.

Because it will show ‘ who will be involved in this facade 

people you did not even expect.

One needs to Show a level of detachment’  and discernment from all this, and do not let yourself be impregnated… by the Actors…. ( playing out there roll ) 

Place yourself in the center of your being and accept all these things with love and detachment. 

It will be very important for the future.

The transition will not be smooth if you do not detach yourself from apprehension, Of fear, of self-judgment and judging others.

Re: Focus and keep this center in you (between the mother earth and the universe) and trust yourself.

You are going through a difficult and dark period, but nevertheless necessary evolution .

And remember beloveds : the light is there and will always be there.

And us too. Look to your sky’s …. we are there with love🛸

With all our love.

Ash’Tar Ka’Ree of Jupiter’s Command


Telepathically channelled by 

David Rousseau