Love is our new reality

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Ashtar of the GFL via Erena Velazquez, July 12th, 2020

I am Ashtar Galactic Federation Commander,
I am happy to be here and deliver this message to you today. You noticed that a lot is going on in your world and the world you live in has changed and continues to change. Somedays, you feel that your life is now, so drastically different than before, that it doesn’t even feel the same or look normal anymore. You know why, since March you were stuck at your homes, the whole world got darker and you were affected by it a lot. Your life and your families got separated by the mask and social distancing, you can’t even hug each other anymore, because of the restrictions your governments put on you. The government leaders have their own agendas and it’s not in the best interest of your needs. All they do is create more problems and obstacles for you to overcome with their new rules. They want you to be staying at your location and be controlled by them, and this is nothing new for you. You have been seeing that for the past 3 months now.
You are now in the second phase of the Coronavirus, I mentioned before that We, The Galactics eliminated over hundred viruses in my previous message and we did. This one is just leftovers from the main virus and it’s not so dangerous, what the media claims to the public, your immune system can handle this and it can adopt to this new threat. The only people who had issues
with the Coronavirus are the ones who already had a lot of health issues before it was released on humanity by the Dark Forces, so please trust us and trust yourself. Don’t panic and don’t buy what your governments are trying to sell to you with their scare tactics.
We are working very hard behind the scenes everyday and we are receiving and adding more tasks to do in our mission here on Earth, because of all the chaos going on right now on Mother Gaia our workload is increasing with each day. The Galactic Federation is preventing catastrophic events that would end life here on this planet on a daily basis. We are committed to our mission here
and want to make sure that humanity stays safe and sound, and that nothing would stop them from reaching their goal of Ascension.
We have groups here on Earth who are doing work for us, we call them Light Workers or Light Warriors. Now, some of them came out of the shadow, who are working diligently with us and Prime Creator. Also, Prime Creator himself is now on Earth, his coming through this channel daily, 24/7 and he communicates with humanity and spreads light and love across the whole planet. He works closely right now with one of our groups on Mother Gaia. The name of the group is Galactic Federation Brotherhood. They are part of Galactic Federation, the only difference is that they are here with you on Earth and not in our ships. They consist of Angels, they have been here for a long time, for thousands of years until now, they finally got reunited and formed into this group and already started working together to help bring the light to this planet and to finish all of the tasks that is needed to be done before Ascension.
Please, respect this group and help them out, they just right now launched their website and Facebook page, because they want to collect funds by offering services to help humanity. They are not doing this for their selfish reasons, they want to help the ones who are in need, join their group, they are the ones who you can count on and ask for advice and emotional support during this transition.
I would like to ask for you to be strong and don’t let your media or your politics to confuse you and lead you in a wrong direction. As you noticed, the timelines are shifting and separating, what does shifting mean, it means that the 3D reality is separating from 5D and this separations will continue. The ones who meditate on a daily basis and do their spiritual work, they are moving closer and closer towards the fifth dimension, to the exit of Ascension. The other part of population who are still asleep and are not ready to do their spiritual work, they are moving towards the 3D line. They still have a chance to catch up and move to the line of 5D. You can help them by guiding them to the light, We, The Galactics, Our Higher Counselors and Ascended Masters, we are all united as One Consciousness in this process. We are here to bring Mother Earth to 5th dimension, and so please come together as One Consciousness for the betterment of humankind.
Forget about the little and unimportant issues in this world, we understand that this 3D reality is a high density reality and somedays you feel lost, because of all the obstacles you receive everyday and it’s hard for you to stay positive and optimistic about life here on this planet at this moment. Especially these past 3 months what you went through, a lot of you are experiencing hardships, some of you lost your businesses or jobs, please trust us that everything is going in a right direction, even if it looks like the whole world is falling apart, despite of all the appearances everything is going as pre planned by Prime Creator. The picture right now looks dark and gloomy, so you change it by reaching out towards the light by meditating on a daily basis, doings things that uplift your spirit and keep you going, and by avoiding things that drag you down even more into this 3D high density reality. You will get through these challenging times, We, The Galactics believe in you.
You have expression here on Earth, things get worse before they get better and that is true. To make the changes you are waiting for in this reality, the whole system first needs to crash all together, starting first with the financial system and then everything else needs to crash, and only then you will be able move to your new 5D reality, which will have only harmony, peace, serenity, prosperity and happiness. This system was never designed for the good of humanity, it was created only to enslave and eliminate humans from this planet.
You can make your life better right now just being in the now moment, by lifting yourself and others around you, be positive, be brave and never give up. Look at us, we have been here for many years, for about thousands years here around Mother Earth staying in our ships, doing our routine and waiting for you to wake up, because we love you and we are your Galactic Family. Think about it, we have been very patient and respectful for your process of Ascension, so please be patient and respectful to yourselves. Somedays, we hear that you say, oh I can’t take anymore of this reality, oh I am so tired of 3D, yes we are all tired of it, but we can’t give up now, when we have done so much work already. Our goal is to finish this Ascension and move to a new project, we are eagerly waiting for that to be done. You are aware of that, it just sometimes it’s difficult to stay in the now and be patient, I understand that. I am commander, I have a lot of ships under my command and I know that they and you are waiting for this process to be finished.
My crew is committed to continue diligently to do their work and keep you safe from unexpected events that could in danger life on Earth and cause catastrophes here. You probably don’t even realize how many catastrophic events we prevented, somedays we have them daily or even couple times a day. We stopped a lot of nuclear disasters. The Negative Forces are using their technology from their worlds to create problems here all the time. Our concern is for your well being and not to let any catastrophic events to happen on Terra Christa, which could effect many other galaxies.
I am happy that I can communicate to you and express my gratitude to the Light Workers and Light Warriors who are doing their ground work here and are trying to help us to move quicker to the end of this process. As I mentioned before, a lot of things are happening behind the scenes on Earth like mass arrests, children being rescued, the prevention of killing leaders who are working closely with us and keeping your environment safe. Please, stay in high energies and remember to be kind and cordial to each other. Your governments are not going to rescue you or help you, because they only care about is to fulfill their negative agendas.
The governments are going to be replaced in the future by spiritual people who stay neutral and focus only on helping others. It will be much smaller than it is now and it will be run by small groups similar to what we have in our societies, like The High Counsel. They will be overlooking to maintain balance in the community or in the world. In the near future, you are going to start receiving information about your guides and mentors. They will be coming through in your dreams, channeling or a direct message will come to you from them. Their task is to guide you through this Ascension Process. Your body is still in the process of moving to a new reality and requires a lot of adjustments to be made, because you can’t carry this body the way it is now to 5th dimension. Your 12 strands DNA needs to be activated and other alignments need to be done or otherwise your body is not going to survive the light, it’s going to be burned.
One more thing, I want to mention, you are going to continue to receive energies that are coming everyday to Mother Christa, which are helping you with Ascension. Please, don’t be afraid of the sun. Sun is good for you, when you are outside in the sun, you are receiving life energy that helps you to heal and to restore balance in your body. I am not talking about laying near the water and frying yourself, no, I am talking about having a walk or sitting on the bench and feeling the warmth of the sun. It brings life to Earth and to other planets, if there is no sun than there will be no life in the Universe.
I am Ashtar and I was grateful to be here that I was able to give you a little update on the things that are happening around your globe. I need to let you know that in a couple of months, you will see a lot of commotion going on in the world and in your governments, so be prepared and don’t panic, just stay positive and be strong.
I was glad to be here and give you my report. I am Ashtar Commander of Galactic Federation. Thank you