Love is our new reality

Ashtar via Ann Dahlberg, August 27th, 2018


Tuesday, August 27th, 2018

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Ashtar and I am commander of the Silver Fleet, a large fleet of space ship that is in orbit around your Earth. We are here to help Earth to hold the right course in the dimension that she has chosen. We are of course not the only fleet here, but there are many from different parts of the Universe. Many are needed to keep a planet of such relatively low density on the right course towards the light.

There are many individuals from the higher dimensions that right now are incarnated on Earth in order to help hold the higher light, the higher vibration of light. Their mission is to wake up Earth and its beings so that they can sense the light and take in the higher vibration of light in their bodies. This is true for all of Gaia’s living beings. We have seen that there has been a large change on Earth and that Gaia has flipped over on the side of the light. The darkness that remains will soon be dissolved to lighter nuances.

Your world is facing a large change and it requires that many focus on what is light and beautiful rather than what feels heavy and troublesome. That which you focus on and think about is of great importance. It is of a larger importance than you think, so be careful with your thoughts my dear friends on Earth. Do not let the negative lure you into trouble and hopelessness. Instead let the positive give you hope and trust that the best is happening for you right now. This is the way it is dear friends on Earth…that the best is happening to you right now. The most beautiful and fragile tones have reached your world and high vibrations can be heard a little bit everywhere on your Earth today. You can feel it if you open your heart. You can even sense that you have your galactic families around you.

We are here…. We are here for you now. We are here in order to get you to take the last steps across the finish line so that we can meet in peace and joy. This is what we are waiting for. All that is needed is that you open your heart to the light vibrations that surround you now. We are ready when you are ready to receive us dear friends on Earth. We have prepared for this meeting meticulously and for a long time. We are waiting for you to wake up. A great awakening is approaching its crescendo and with this I mean that a critical mass will be reached and that everything will just explode out. It will be a wonderful time of novelties and changes. A certain chaos might appear, but it is not likely as at that time there are so many more conscious and awake people on Earth who direct this with a steady and just hand. It will be a time to remember and to be documented in our inner most libraries and in our greater collective.

It is a beautiful, rare and wonderful time we are now encountering. We are grateful for being here and to be allowed to watch over the whole of it. You are grateful for being able to be a part of everything. We are with you and support your efforts to bring your Earth to the dimension she originally belonged to. It is a big task that you have assumed – a great, rare and beautiful task. Be proud, be focused in love.

We surround you with love.

The Galactic Federation / Ashtar



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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