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Ansgar via Beatrice Madsen, August 26th, 2018


August 26th, 2018

Channel: Beatrice Madsen

Greetings, I am Ansgar. Once upon a time I battled as you are doing now in order for people to dare think in new and more loving ways. I worked hard to embody the thoughts of Christ and my purpose was to have it embodied and become meat within each and every human. It was in the beginning of the last age and just as now there was chaos and messy when the old and so contradictory thoughts would develop to a higher level and become filled with more light. There was much resistance and life was lost again and again. It was so enormously provoking for them who during their whole life and more would let go of the thought of “an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth”. That they would turn the other cheek and love their neighbor as themselves – to not go into battle. It was unthinkable.

Those of us who then pushed the message of love from Christ and saw it as our mission did the same thing you are doing now. It is in resistance that we move forward. We are looked upon as idiots and lepers, but as we have our inner calling and know so well that this new must be born we push forward with a persistence of an old goat. We must butt head a little with our light filled horns and then bleat in laughter of light and then be tongue in cheek. It is not a matter of conquering or to be conquered. We are. The new age is born by you in the same painful birthing process that I previously was in. Your detractors can and may make you into idiots and laugh at you as if you were fools and put you into the block in the square. However, know that there is fear behind it, deep fear to loose the hard thoughts that have been there identity and companion. If you give this your resistance loving and light filled thoughts it become harder for them to hold on to the old, which wants to divide up the world in good and evil, good and bad, black and white.

Just as in me in those days the old thoughts are still within you and sometimes ask for attention. Give them then loving care and tell them that there no longer is a space for them and ask them to quietly leave you. In the void after them the new, lighter and higher is born. Do not be afraid of the void and the stillness, as they are needed in order for the new seeds to germinate properly and be able to grow healthy strong roots that hold in all weathers.

I am Ansgar and I am with you and I hold a special hand over my former beloved Svea Rike, which lies so close to my heart. I can see that you have come a good part on the way and that you are forerunners in so much more than you can imagine. You fashion the new and it requires the courage of a lion to enter into it and the innocence and purity of a lamb. Ask me for help and I am there for to strengthen the courage of your heart with new light filled winds that sweep away the old and depleted. Be greeted!



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