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Ashtar via Beatrice Madsen, May 5th, 2018


May 5th, 2018

Channel: Beatrice Madsen


Ashtar speaks. You must understand that you are doing a solid job, dear co-creators. You are wise old souls and you are in the vanguard. You plow the field for all that follow and the journey will then in a way become easier for them. You came here by your courage in this time and created new ground for humanity to stand on. Many of you work in silence and do not have a need to be seen or to be praised in your world. We see this and we thank you dearly for this. We also want to say that you do not need to be perfect. If you do your best with good intentions it is good enough. When you are tired you need to rest and then we can also work with you at an energy level. Dear friend, allow the new light existence and breathe deep in your lungs and fill them into your blood system so that it can embrace and activate your heart muscle and thus your heart chakra. Allow yourself to rest! In this intensive time you sometimes need to press the pause button to recover and then you get renewed speed again. Do not forget the rest and recovery – it is just as important as taking action.

It has become easier for you we can see, as the energy has been raised considerably. When conflicts occur it is as if you more quickly find a solution to the problem and the conflict is resolved in a smoother way.

We, my team and I want to again point out that what is happening has never previously taken place in history. You work with a Carte Blanche or Tabula Rasa. You create anew, a paradigm shift or whatever you want to call it. Know that you are creators and co-creators. We work together on a material and immaterial plane.

You should understand that what is called “The Event” is not a singular physical happening. It is an energetic event that is happening in steps, and which slides and overlaps with old times. For our dear Gaia and every human who are in the ascension phase “The Event” is happening in the same way. If you want to know when “The Event” will happen turn to your inner universe. You cellular codes together with your soul know. It is happening in the micro as the macro.

I can give you a symbolic picture of how our work looks and the planetary situation. If you imagine a town where there for a long time has been a war between a dark and a light side, where the former comes from the kingdom of shadows we can now see that there is a tremendous battle taking place in the center square of the town. The victory is crystal clear for the light side and the joy is great. However, the dark league is mighty upset and is doing mischief and making plans to retake the power over the down and the light. They are trying with cunning and force to overtake the light, and they do not want to recognize that their time is over. Active lightworkers are now continuing their work to track down the remaining dark ones who have retreated into the narrow alleys and down into dungeons. They are with all means trying to hide in the hope of not being found so that they can continue with their awful plans for humanity. They try with their intelligence, their cunning an their satanic rituals to come up with new perfect plans that their little pet animals – humans – cannot see through.

We know it is too late for them. The major battle is over and the light is victorious. All that remains now are smaller battles and tracking down.

I, Ashtar, wish that you thank yourself and your personality for tirelessly working to spread your light with your very being. Know that we see your actions, intentions and visions and we love you unconditionally.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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