Love is our new reality

Spiritual Alchemy: the power of thinking via Summer Sun in China, May 6th, 2018

Spiritual Alchemy: the power of thinking.

Hello, everyone, I am the summer sunshine. Today I share the knowledge gained after my realization: the true creativity of consciousness.


One, the explanation of the creation of consciousness

The idea of being a reality is what everyone wants to experience, but we may think we can’t do it. It will cause us to “Imagine” but not “become a reality” by distrust of our true power.

This is very important: your beliefs determine your reality and creativity.

The source of creation of consciousness is actually the creator’s perception of creation after all creation, and into his new creation.

The creator creates all things through his own consciousness, and as a child of the creator, each of us is the creator of the creator, and this power comes from the sacred spark of our sleeping DNA.

This sacred spark is the gift of the creator to each of its own children. When our sacred spark activates and grows into the “little sun”, the source of the creative power of your consciousness comes from your little sun.

When we do not activate the sacred spark from the source, our conscious creativity provides limited energy. These energies come from the food you eat daily, interact with others, interact with nature, and all are related to the photon energy of the sun.

You can see that children who often exercise in the sunshine tend to be taller, while children who are studying in the classroom are generally not very high. This is because people who exercise outside consume their old energy through exercise.

Absorb the energy of new sunlight and love, this energy can bring vitality to life.

We lack the right knowledge, which causes the release of energy from a variety of external situations, such as hard study, marriage, money, family and so on.

Old consciousness says we can’t do this. You need to listen to me. Your power is unconsciously given to your loved ones by your own beliefs.

Energy is consumed by everyday language, thought and labor, and has not been accumulated.

Our energy is limited to the consciousness of programming and blockade in the chakras below the body (the bottom wheel, the navel wheel [the position of the 2 little thumbs below the navel], the solar plexus [stomach], the heart wheel [thymus]).

These energies are bound or incorrectly understood by both our “fear” of survival and the wrong understanding of the emotions, the lack of understanding of their own strength or the delivery of others. All kinds of old consciousness limit your conscious creativity.

Do you know why mosquitoes suck blood? Mosquitoes breed themselves by absorbing the fear energy in their blood. If your frequency is low to very low, your body will attract things and realities that correspond to the frequency.

This comes from the creator’s law of creation, the law of attraction: what kind of consciousness / action you will receive when you release your consciousness / behavior.

If you love mosquitoes, your frequency will increase, and they will not bite you. But you think, what do I do when a mosquito bites me? I am afraid of being bitten, so mosquitoes most like the energy of “fear”.

Our unconscious thoughts and beliefs will attract the reality that we are going to experience, to a “conscious” life, to not let the “mind’s habitual unconsciousness” become your daily life and see what you want in your heart.

Leave yourself a period of 5~10 minutes every day, and think carefully about what is wrong with your heart in your life today.

What makes you bind your heart through the power of the conscious energy of lies?

If so, take a closer look at what beliefs trigger your response.

Find this belief that when you find it, you can choose to continue to use this belief to live, or to make the first step of change, and change your thoughts and actions step by step.

[we can replace old beliefs with a daily simple consciousness and conscious choice, which requires a firm exercise every day for more than 21 days, and your old beliefs will be replaced by a new consciousness. ]

If you are afraid of survival, you can replace your belief in this language: “there is nothing to fear, fear is a simple response to the stress of survival instinct, I no longer choose fear, I have the power to face everything in life.”

If you are bound by other people’s beliefs, you can tell yourself, “my strength comes from my heart, I no longer deliver my power to anyone, I have my thoughts and beliefs.”

Or you can say to that person, “I respect your thoughts, and I know who I am.

In addition to giving yourself strength to others and doing what others are asking you to do, your power will not be stolen. ]

As for the lack of strength, we can tell ourselves, “I have the courage and strength that comes from my strong will and my heart, and no one can take it away.”

There are no other factors that can limit your strength except for our own lack of strength. Even if your relatives say to you, you have no strength, your conviction will not be shaken.

I feel no hope for my future, or I can’t feel love.

We can tell ourselves in this way: “my future is full of boundless hope, I can create my own future; I love all of myself, both light and dark, they are part of me. ”

Every day, I love myself, all my cells, all my love.

When you say, “I won’t love yourself”, you are making the choice of consciousness – you don’t love yourself; you can make a change to a conscious choice.

When you have faith in hope, love, courage, strength and firmness, you begin the first step in creating reality and life with consciousness.

Two, the application of the creation of consciousness

What is the application of consciousness creation?

For example, we send love to our food. We can connect with your powerful heart through conscious concentration, and we can do it through the language of consciousness.

Close your eyes (eyes can connect your mind to your mind).

Close your teeth up and down, and the front half of your tongue lightly on the upper jaw (so that your thoughts can be passed on to your heart).

Then use your hands to pick up your food or water, and connect your mind with your mind.

Meditation: I bless the water in my hands with unconditional love in my heart, and send my blessing to my food / water. (repeated many times)

When you do this, the water is activated, like the sunshine in the nature of the water – the stream, the river is clear, through the sunlight, the photons and the love of the blessing, very sweet.

Postscript: when we have removed the energy of our conscious programming,

Our body will restore health and vitality.

Even cancer, when your own frequency increases, they will be transformed into healthy cells. This is the creativity of ideas and beliefs.


The summer sun