Love is our new reality

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Ashtar via Kathryn, February 11th

Ashtar: Greetings, Beloved Children of God. It is I, Ashtar, coming to you from the bridge of the New Jerusalem. Of course, that is not strictly true. I am also projecting my being in many complex ways, as all of us in higher dimensions can do. I am connecting heart and mind with Kathryn as she sits in her sunroom typing this message, and I am with each one of you who is reading it, at the very moment you turn your eyes to read my words. Simultaneously, I am giving Christine my signature energy trill-hug, which she recognizes immediately.

You see, it is as natural as breathing for us to direct our energies in a multidimensional way, to be fully present in every encounter. Of course our abilities are not as far-reaching and all-encompassing as Mother and Father’s, but every time we raise our Light quotient, we gain more “wattage” within our beings. It is a thrilling process, this growing in Light. It is exhilarating to feel your own abilities expanding, is it not? You are experiencing the same process now in an analogous way: your Light is expanding, lifting you into more glorious abilities and awareness. You are the lower dimensional version of exactly what we are doing in higher dimensions right along with you. This does not imply that you are somehow doing less of a job than we are because you are currently in a lower dimension, on the contrary. At this time, we are all expanding at a tremendous rate to accomplish this shift of shifts now happening on on Surface Earth – and beyond. There is no better or greater. You are expanding to fulfill your great potential, as we stretch to expand our own Light.

You are now beginning to understand how valuable, how precious is your life there on Surface Earth. The learning you accomplish there – the hurdles leapt, the bridges built – are directly related to the growth of your Higher Self here with us. All efforts to be true to your inner Light are equally valuable, regardless of the dimension you may choose as your playing field. We see your heroic efforts to create Love in the face of all kinds of challenges: this is your brilliance, Beloved Humans.

You are not changed in your essence when you take on the human uniform for this experience; you are being given an opportunity to accomplish the nearly impossible. We all grow when we take on those kinds of challenges. The outcome is not the measure of success or failure. It is the steadfast adherence to Light and Love in the midst of it all that reveals our deep connection to Mother and Father – the living example of how we are made in their image.

We tell you this week through many sources, as you will see in this newsletter, that you have reached the Tipping Point. You have raised yourselves to a higher vibration of Light, enough to carry the whole collective and the planet herself to a higher plane of existence. It is difficult to find the words to describe what we see, because your languages refer so consistently to showing things as places, times, isolated events. We see your rise toward the Light as colors, sounds, illumination, energies, increasing waves of life-force emanating from your planet. Each of you is a growing point of Light, a part of the Universal Light. We applaud you wholeheartedly because we know how difficult it has been to hold steady while you are there, surrounded by doubters, naysayers and the dwindling and now toothless attackers who remain steadfastly “cabal.”

The simple meaning of the tipping point is that you now are creating and sustaining more Light than the cabal can suppress by trying to convince you to stop. They do not create darkness; they do not create anything. They were only able to gain power over Earth’s population by getting you to stop being who you truly are – Lightworkers all. As you have regained your birthright, removing the shackles of negative thoughts and feelings, your divine Light emerges triumphantly. This is the miracle you came here to create, and you are succeeding gloriously.

It is so important now that you hold steady, Dearest Brothers and Sisters. Continue to emit your brilliant Light. Keep expanding, the way a bud grows into a full-blown flower. Do not allow the last-ditch dramas, false flags and theatrically produced displays of violence and negativity to distract you. Keep your focus on us, on the hands we reach out to you and the great Light flowing to you now from the Great Central Sun, our Mother and Father God. Anchor deeply and permanently with Gaia. This stabilizes both you and her. Your past lives, your deep personal work and your willing heart have prepared you for this last great leap into a completely new life.

As you know, my Galactic team and I are overseeing the security for the important transactions that are taking place on Gaia in this phase of the Prosperity Programs. It has required the physical movement of great stores of gold and other precious instruments. Our Galactic and surface teams have accomplished this in synchrony with enormous legions of angels, coordinated by my brother and sister, Archangels Michael and Christine. We work together constantly, in complete harmony and with great joy, as we oversee this massive shift of wealth, out of the grasping hands of the cabal and into the loving arms of our generous, hard-working Lightworkers.

We can hardly wait to celebrate our beloved Boots on the Ground, the great heroes of this time, who have long worked under dangerous and difficult conditions, mostly in anonymity for their own safety. Of course, nothing occurs during this final phase that was not a pre-planned life contract. You are safe under our watchful eyes, and a pivotal part of the success of this great shift is your faith and trust, that even though you are performing services that would be considered difficult or risky, you are completely held in our adoring embrace.

As you all prepare to move from relatively modest circumstances to great wealth, we want to remind you that during this transition phase we wish for you to maintain just a bit of awareness as you move from place to place, especially when you are transporting anything of great value. Always call on us to overlight your movements, and we will instantly assign an extra security detail, both Galactic and Angelic, to accompany you, while we complete the “clean up” of those who would have enjoyed disrupting our work. And don’t forget to join us in celebration, great joy and excitement, but always combined with an aura of generosity, modesty and gratitude.

This temporarily low-key approach, which you have seen us use throughout this project, will not only allow all of us to accomplish our shared goal of spreading the blessings, but it will also create a gentle, high-vibrational atmosphere of abundance – the easy-going atmosphere we experience here in higher dimensions. After all, this is the goal of our magnificent project, is it not?

You are here to establish a global system without anxiety or want. An unwavering state of grace – the assumption that you are safe and loved – is the basis for creating the new world. True abundance must be experienced with joy and the knowing that life is not dangerous or arbitrary. This was the constant programming of the dark ones: “Be afraid!” I am offering to you the higher-dimensional alternative: “Be safe and secure in our Love.” You have come here to be of service, and it is our great pleasure to help pave the way for you. Join with us to celebrate our “un-Veiling.” As Michael Jackson’s song says, “You are not alone; we are here with you.”

Of course we have always been watching over you, but our close communication and your willingness to call on us has allowed us to increasingly ease the way for you, doing our part to “grease the wheels” as we move together into the New Golden Age, the dream we created together. The more you trust in us and take pleasure in our protection and Love, the greater our dispensation to offer more. And so the Love, abundance, joy and peace increase by the moment.

Can you conceive, Beloved Brothers and Sisters, that you already live in a world where danger has ceased to exist? I assure you it is true. You are probably now thinking, “But Ashtar, there are still wars and terrorists and crazies with guns all over the place!” Even if that were true, which it is not because such reports are now the stale waning cabal production of over-exaggerated and invented fear-mongering headlines, it would still have no bearing on your own survival. If it is not part of your soul contract to leave the planet now, then you will not do so. The mainstream media (most of what appears on television) is in its last gasp of working overtime to find stories of violent crime to fill their “news” spots.

ISIS was a creation of the CIA, Mossad and Saudi cabal “intelligence” agencies in order to perpetuate instability in the Middle East. It is already failed to create a profitable World War III because humanity has begun to see the manipulations and lies and are increasingly unwilling to resort to violence against their neighbors. World leaders, including Putin, Obama, Abadi, Rouhani, Merkel, Troudeau, Pope Francis and others are intensively meeting and talking behind the scenes with the ancient Chinese and other ancient families to bring peace, mutual trade, and separation from the iron fist of the U.S. cabal. Syria will soon be shepherded through the current conflicts with help from Russian and Chinese benefactors.

ISIS recruiters and trainers will be captured and unmasked as the fraudulent interlopers they really are, and the resources that have long been pilfered from the war-torn countries of the world will be returned to their rightful citizens. Extensive rebuilding in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and countries all across Africa and South America will flourish this spring, will be generously funded by Prosperity Funds and enthusiastically aided by volunteers and Lightworker experts from around the world. Your Galactic friends are preparing to join the legions of joyful participants who will help organize the global jubilee we are all anticipating.

The changes that are about to take place in your world will be so swift and so far-reaching, it will seem to you that you have awoken one morning to find that the world of struggle, violence and chaos you were immersed in was really a dim nightmare. The New Earth will burst onto the scene, as the old saying goes, like an overnight thousand-year success. You see, Dearest Friends, the danger has already passed, the era of peace prophesied and created, and the details prescribed, down to the last child to be pulled from the rubble of the old reign of terror. You can breathe now, build your Pillar of Light, reach out to touch the first person you encounter in friendship and compassion, and join with us in joyful celebration. We are here, we have triumphed, and we are in Love.

I am Ashtar, your loving brother. Salut!