Love is our new reality

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Sananda via James McConnell, February 7th


This is Sananda. It is wonderful to be with you here again as we have been each month. It is such a good time to be able to share with all of you, share all of the messages that we have, all of the understandings that we have. But please understand that you also have these understandings. It is not something that only we have. You were born with them, you came in with them. It is just a matter of re-acquiring those messages, those understandings, remembering. You have heard this many times and we wish to say here that the last month we were preempted by our dear brother Sanat Kumara. And certainly I was more than willing to step aside for the message that he brought last time.

And of course that message was that there was going to be a Great Initiation across the entire planet. Many would feel this in many different ways and many have already been feeling this but the major impetus of this yet has not been felt. It is still coming so relax, sit back, and basically enjoy the show. Because it is a show, certainly to those of us who look down upon you, we see this as a show. It amuses us at many times, it saddens us at other times, but we can see that all is progressing as it needs to. All is happening as it has to, to continue to bring about all the changes that need to happen here. And the changes are many, as you have been understanding.

Yes, we know that you are not yet seeing these with your physical eyes but close your physical eyes, let your inner spirit come through, your inner understanding, your inner sight come through. That is how you will begin to see more and more and as you open your third eye, more will come to you and there will be no stopping it once it has been fully opened. So sit back and relax, all is happening as it needs to, all is happening as we have been saying for some time. And even more importantly, all is happening as you knew it would before you even came into this lifetime. Those of you that came in and knew that this was the last lifetime that you would have to reincarnate for; and we are telling you now that this is true, that is the case.

We recently gave a message to James – he has not yet shared it – it came just after his dream state when he was in the awakening, just after his coming awake – and at that time he was given the message that “they have not surrendered but we are taking over.” And we are taking over. There are still some things that we cannot do because of the Prime Directive as you know it, but it is all happening and we are going to be more and more and more moving in and taking, not control because we do not want to take control away from you, but giving you more and more assistance, more guidance. That is coming. Please understand that there is nothing that can stop it now, nothing that can hold it back. The cabal, as you know it, is in their last…we don’t like to use these terminologies…but “their last dying breath.” Even what you call the chemtrails now are dissipating; you will begin to see less and less and less of them. Their funding has stopped, they cannot continue to do this as they were. You may see little glimpses of it here and there but the major use of these chemtrails is no longer going to be an issue. They did not get what they wanted from it and they realize that it is a futile attempt at this point so it will be drying up so this is certainly good news for all. For you will be able to look at the skies and see the blue, the clear skies, feel the energy in the skies once again. This is all over the planet, not just here in this United States, but all over the planet. You will begin to see the skies clearing more and more.

So much is in the works, so much is happening, so much. We are proud of all of you, all of our brothers and sisters, all of our dear friends that have been working at this, working and working to make this all happen. For without you it would not be happening; we could not do it for you, we can only do it along with you. So know that there is nothing that can hold it back and you are going to begin to see more and more and more of the results of your labors as we continue to move on in this year. And it has been given by my beloved, Lady Nada, that this is the year, 2016 – this is it. There will not be a need to go beyond that. We are telling you that now. Unless something incredibly major happens, which it cannot, there is no more concern about this. You will see a great deal, a great many changes, in the weeks and months to come here. That is my message as Sananda.  I will leave you now. All of my peace and love be with all of you as you continue on doing what you came here to do and preparing for the missions that are at hand. (Thank you, thank you).


Channeled by James McConnell