Love is our new reality

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Ashtar via Susan Leland, August 9th

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference
August 9, 2016

“Greetings, Beloved Family!  Well, the pace has certainly quickened, has it not?  And we know there is not one of you who is not feeling all of these energies swirling around.  What is constant is YOU – your Hearts, your Love!  And so I start by reminding you that we are here in partnership together.  We could not do our mission without your help, your support and, most of all, your sharing your LoveLights with us.  And so it is that we are here because we answered your call!!!

“You said, ‘Yes, come on, come on in.  We’re going to do this.We’re going to make it up into a Higher Dimensional Lifestyle, and we invite you to come in.  And we give you permissionto bring yourselves, your Love, your technologies to assist our Planet on its DIVINE JOURNEY!’  And yes, the destiny that you all felt – no matter how long you’ve been feeling it, you came in here to be participants in this grand elevation and celebration into what we are calling the ‘Golden Age!’

“Now, there are specifics, and we have discussed this before. But we will tell you right now, as we have always done, that the main empowerment for this is LOVE – along with Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude!  I have been speaking of that through this Voice for well over 12 years as you measure them.  Now to me it’s but an instant.  However, I will say this:Never has the Ashtar Command had a mission of such magnificent importance for the Universe!!!  Yes, you hear that right!

“This is pivotal, of course, for Planet Earth, for your solar system and your galaxy and even beyond – I would say our galaxy, even though I have been to others.  It is succeeding – it is ordained!!! And it is succeeding because you have stepped up.  You are among the Lightworkers’ legions, if you will.I will not say armies. Even though I may seem to have a military kind of an aspect to me, or an aura, or presence, or however you choose to see me – I am above all else a Being of Light as are you!  And so it is to simply say we share a mission together as Beings of LoveLight, or Love!

“And that is our prime motivation and that is all the energy that anybody in the Universe needs.  Talk to Dr. Keshe.*  He’ll tell you what can be done with High energies, High Dimensional energies.Talk to those who are using these energies with their blue rooms** and their scalar wave healings,*** and so on and so on.Talk to the practitioners who know how to bring in the energies and focus it.Above all else talk to yourselves and practice, practice, practice bringing in the LoveLight and sharing it!

“I will tell you this:  The number one mission of every Lightworker on Planet Earth – below, on and above, and beyond – is to do just exactly that.  Anything else that you choose to do, whether it is helping a homeless person, or helping an entire country to recover from some kind of a devastating destruction, or teaching someone else what you know from your Heart to theirs – whatever it is you might do beyond the energy sharing, the energies of Love and its Light, that is in addition! And we invite all of you to join in those additional missions.  But the number one thing for you to do is be a Lightworker!!!   And it’s really not that much work.  For those of you who are practicing bringing in the Light, or sharing it in some way, it’s de-Lightfull because it’s High!

“You know, we have had eons of time to observe Humanity.  We will tell you that the ultimate High is to get high on Love and you don’t need any substances to do that!  We will tell you that the ultimate healing tool is Love!The ultimate way to resolve any kind of conflicts and bring Peace, lasting Peace, is with Love! The ultimate way to create whatever it is that you choose to create, as far as your own Lifestyles are concerned, isby utilizing the High energies of Love!

“Well, you know what happens when you get into a low vibration. What are you attracting anyway?  Oh!  Your car won’t start and you have an appointment to get to that is very important – perhaps you might even say critical.  Love your car!  It may be that your car needs some additional help, but start out with appreciating everything that is in your World – the people and the other members of Mother Gaia’s Kingdoms, including the crystals which may be components of some of your ‘things.’ There is a lot of wisdom in that and we wish to make that point along the way!

“As far as tools are concerned, there are simple applications for the energies that are going into the most powerful forms of energy on Planet Earth!  There are applications which are disabling even nuclearweapons.  There are applications which are cleaning up the Planet!  I mean, I’m talking aboutthe most elementary components of the Planet – let’s think soils of the Earth, and its air and waters!

“There are numerous inventions which incorporate these Higher Dimensional energies and they are already being unveiled at such a rapid pace that they will become the ‘now!’  They’re not just far-off, lah-dee-dah pie in the sky and maybe by your year 2050 you might get a glimpse of it!   No, no, no, no, no!!  We are saying ‘NOW’ as you measure time, as you count your moments. NOW they are here!!!  Even if they are as yet unspoken of, they are here and they are moving into the Golden Age with you, or so it would seem.  But the reality is that they’re all there and waiting for you!  Does that not sound wonderful, even like magic, or like you’re moving into some kind of a fairy tale paradise?

“No, Beloved Family!  If you can focus on this concept for just a moment – forget your tweets and your texting and your news headlines and all that is constantly being paraded before you – focus on seeing that Golden Age as your True Reality because that is what it is!  That is true.That is your Truth!That is what you are here to move into.  And the more that you energize it with your Love, with your High Dimensional, High Vibrational energies, the more it becomes your reality, because it’s already there.  Or should I say ‘here’?!!!

“It is like you remember perhaps when you were young – or not so young – and you took a ride on the merry-go-round and you reached for the brass ring which was the prize.  Well, yes, you are on a very fast track, more like unto a roller coaster perhaps, but imagine a roller coaster that perpetually stays high and just goes higher!  And then imagine that there are prizes there for everyone – and not just one!

“Do you think that you can only have one dream, one vision for yourselves?  Not at all!  You can have an infinite number – as many as you choose to create – is what I’m saying!  So go for it and don’t think that you’re going to go past it and never have another opportunity.  That is not your reality either!  It’s what they would like you to believe – as in, ‘Well, you know, you’ve lived your lives and then you grow old and then you get sick and you die.And that’s just life.’  Cancel that and release it!  Delete it!!!  It’s old programming and it doesn’t serve you well.  And you know it’s not true.  You’re eternal anyway!!!  You can leave your body if you choose to, but remember, it’s your choice!  And remember that you’re here to take your bodies with you into the Higher Golden Age, and Ascension beyond!

“So with all of that good news, why on Earth do you want to focus on anything that brings you down?  We are suggesting that you stay High on the energies of Love and all that Love creates!!!  Love doesn’t create polarity.Love doesn’t create fear and all of those fear-based emotions and thoughts and attitudes and programs.

“Now, you’ve had plenty of practice in feeling those low vibrations.  Remember that as a member of Humanity, you volunteered to do that, too – eons and eons of time ago.  And you volunteered to become pretty well sunken down into it.  Yes, enslaved is another word, but you also volunteered to be here now, to raise up and out of that, to catch the vision of the Higher Realms and the Golden Age.  So reach for that!!!

“And if you start feeling a little bit of a downward spiral, go right back up again.  Treat yourselves to yourselves, living in the Golden Age! Visualize it.  Smile about it.  And practice Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude to yourselves, Beloved Ones, because I promise you that when you do, that is another expression of your being Lightworkers!  The Love energy that you are using for this – that you are utilizing, that you are expanding with more and more – is automatically paying forward to the entirety of Planet Earth and the Universe beyond!  And you, Beloved Lightworkers, are infinitely loved and thanked.  And this Family of Ashtar On The Road is blessed by your being here with all of us!  And so it is.  Salut!”



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Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, August 9, 2016.

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