Love is our new reality

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Ashtar via Susan Leland, December 8th

Ashtar: “I Invite You to Become
A High Dimensional Activist!”

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference:

December 8, 2015

“Greetings, Beloved Family!  We are into the Season, and this is unlike any other!!!  You’ve been hearing that within yourselves, first of all, or feeling it, or in some way getting the message. There’s Magic afoot! Big Magic for Planet Earth! And after all, who are the Magicians except you, Beloved Ones! You might call us the Magicians’ Assistants. And yes, we do bring some empowerment to support and assist you along the way – Destination:Golden Age and all of the Gifts coming from within yourselves to yourselves, as well as coming, oh, from one such as Saint Germain!!!

     “But the greatest Gift of all is you, being the Love that You Are!!! That is the Greatest Gift in the Universe after all.It has been spoken of and realized by many, many Masters, Teachers – and by you.  You – Masters walking in human bodies, Teachers of Love and all that Love engenders!  And it is to be the Love that you are here.  It is to lead the way.It is to share the Love and to share what you know about Love, about the Golden Age, about NESARA, and about living the Higher Dimensional Lifestyles, which is what you already are doing – to some extent or other!

     “Sometimes you feel as though you’re really in the lower vibrations of 3D, but you also have those magical golden moments when you are uplifted and feeling uplifted!  And you are very much in the knowing of the difference.  It’s all about feelings, anyway.  It’s all about bringing that LoveLight right into your beings, spreading it throughout the totality of you, connecting with all of you, and with all the LoveLight in the Universe beyond, because you’re part of that and yet you have your own individualities.

     “Now, you have been supporting and facilitating the incoming of the Golden Age.  You’ve been utilizing the incoming energies very well! They’re energies of Love.And yes, yes, we know that you have been experiencing some bumpy moments – you may still have them occurring.  But it is worth it to get everything – let’s just say, to get the final housecleaning done of your beings, so that you can fully step into the Golden Age, leaving behind, you know, all of the 3D programming and mostly what we will call it – we’ll just sum it up to say FEAR!  F-E-A-R, False Evidence Appearing Real because the third dimension is just a creation, a holodeck within holodecks, if you will, of whatever it was that Humanity has needed to experience.And you’ve all done your part and you’ve done it beautifully. And we say, ‘Congratulations!’  Now step up and out of that and into True Reality where there is only Love.

     “Now, we will say this. You are more informed about these things than a lot of the population.  But the population of Planet Earth, and I’m speaking of the human population, is waking up more and more!  And there are leaders who are using their voices.  Bernie* is one of them.  Oh, yes, Bernie is shining very bright!  And there are others, even in your political arena, your Hollywood – what you call, oh, yes, the ‘movers and shakers’ of Hollywood.  Even among some of your institutions which have been almost held to a level of sacredness by those who want to perpetuate them, there are Light Beings ready to not only live themselves, but to assist you in living, or shall we say, en-Joying the High Dimensional, High Integrity, and let’s just say it, Loving Services that they are moving into offering solely, without any of the other kinds of things that go along with it!!!

     “And you have brave ones, your whistleblowers. And some of even your country’s leaders – Obama is one of them. President Xi is another! And how about Mr. Putin? Talk about using his voice!He is talking Peace.  He is talking financial abundance for all. He is talking a return to respecting and working with Mother Gaia and her Kingdoms in the matter of agriculture.  He has decreed that Russia will be farming organically only by the year 2020!!! And the Truth be known, it will happen sooner than that!  He has kept out the GMO’s.  Monsanto, Syngenta, Dow and the others are not real happy about that, but Putin has the power and he’s got the population.  And, yes, he has some military clout.

     “And he is most particularly very much against non-labeling, or deceptive labeling of foods.  In fact, his government is moving into rather stiff penalties for any food manufacturer or grower who does not clearly label the foods.  And, furthermore, Russia is no longer dependent upon importing food and agricultural products, but rather is sending relief to countries who, for one reason or another, are not able to produce enough to feed their people and their animals and so on.

     “Now, I’m giving you this example because I want you to understand that you do have a different situation in the United States. The ‘dark act’ is looming!  And the dark act will strip you, the people, of any ability to insist upon mandatory labeling.The dark act is designed to let the poisoners keep on poisoning you while you remain ignorant!

     “So, I, Ashtar have a proposal for you.  And this is a general one.We are already asking you to step up and sign the NESARA petition.  And it is getting more and more people reading it and finding out what’s really in it in the way of its articles or provisions.  And, of course, this will do away with the corporations.  Corporations will no longer have ‘personhood’ status!  And it will also do away with the corruption in the government in all branches, and so on and so on.  But in the meantime, it is for the people to support it.  So we have already asked you to raise your voices in support.  Sign the petition** – spread the word!!!

     “Now here’s something else. This is an example.We are asking that you become Ashtar On The Road Activists in any walk of life, anywhere that you see that you want to help or bring about the changes.  So, for instance, if you are concerned about the direction that your country is going in the area of – well, anyone’s rights – but let’s talk specifically about women’s rights. Why? Because the dark is so afraid of the equalization, or the balancing out between the masculine and feminine.  After all, it’s been the masculine which has had its way through intimidation, wars, and so on and so on.  We’re not going there.

     “The feminine way is through Love and Peace, through harmonious discussion and communication and connection. And so they’re scared of the feminine.  So, of course, they want to try to attack the feminine in a third dimensional way and that would be, of course, women’s bodies and their rights.  So if you feel strongly about that, raise your voices!!!  Sign those petitions!  Get the word out!  Get a neighborhood community group started of people who talk about ways to support this particular en-Lightenment – this putting the Light on the subject, so that people can understand what’s really going on.

     “Here’s a good one!  Next time you go into your grocery store, seek out somebody who works there – oh, in the meat department – and ask whether the meat that they’re selling has toxins in it.  ‘Is it poisonous for me to eat your meat?’ And when the person says, ‘I don’t know what you’re’ – if they say ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about,’ say, ‘Well, has your meat been kept on feed lots and stuffed full of antibiotics and toxic materials, and fed grains that have pesticides and fungicides and all manner of poisons in them?  Are they eating GMO corn or grains?’  And so on and so on!  In other words, know what you’re speaking of and speak eloquently and with Love.  You are not there to make war upon that employee, who will probably call for the manager.  You are there to express your sincere support of them, at the same time saying, ‘Look, you’re eating this, too!How do you feel about poisoning yourself?Is it possible that if enough of us customers could get together with you we can talk about some ways to improve the quality of what you are selling?’

     “Now, an example of how this worked out is the gigantic store chain – they call themselves the warehouse named ‘Costco.’ Costco has decided – on the basis that a lot of their customers spoke up individually and in groups, and in consumers’ group petitions – not to sell GMO salmon!!!  Now this was a lot of people getting the Light on the subject, or the Lightbulbs turning on at the same time, but in different parts of the World!  This was consumers’ groups getting together, mounting petitions.  This was also individual.There is one sitting in this room who delivered her own personal letter to a manager in the local Costco store here on Maui!  So it is a matter of individuals raising their voices, and you can do that!!!  And if you want to get a group to work with you, you can find them online, or you can, as we have said, start a group.  Invite someone to come and sit in your living room or at your kitchen table.  Have a cup of tea and talk about what you might be able to do in your own community!

     “These are examples.  There are many.  How about Dr. Keshe’s free energy?  Perhaps there are one or more of you in the audience who are intrigued enough to learn more about it and then find some like-minded ones to work on this in your community.  There is a wondrous one who lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  He contacted Ashtar On The Road.  There is a wondrous woman who lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  And there are others who inquired here and elsewhere.  Get some groups together and start talking about how you might bring free energy into your community.  Don’t try for the whole World at once. EMPOWER THE WHOLE WORLD within your community!  Open your Hearts and see where you can share the Love and share the wisdom that is within you!!!

     “Do you know a child who might benefit from having a new toy at Christmas time?  That is Love in its own way – it might sound commercial, but to a child, Love is expressed in simple terms.The children already know about opening their Hearts!!! The children already know how to give, how to Love!  And maybe you can find a way to help a child, or help a child’s family during this Holy Days Season.  Perhaps inviting someone who is without a home to come and enjoy your Holy Days feast upon your own table; perhaps bringing Love to a place where older people live who have no other place to go.

     “There are so many ways for you to Love each other, and in so doing, the Great Secret, which I’m about to tell you.  The Great Secret in all this is when you do that, you shower your own beautiful selves with Love.  When you open your Hearts to share with someone else – even if it is just a smile to someone who is standing ahead of you in the checkout line, who is obviously somewhat tired, or in a rush, or whatever – even if you just beam them for a moment with your Love, you change the whole dynamics – not just for that person, but for the whole entire place where you are and, very importantly, you change it for yourselves!

     “Why let someone else broadcast their dumpies to you?  Another way of saying it, of course, is that they dump it on you.  Why don’t you broadcast your Love – and even if you are vocal with it, do so!  ‘Can I help you carry your packages?It looks like they’re heavy.  Is there something I can take for you?  I’ll walk out to your car with you.’  [Do] You know what a difference that makes? And that reverberates all around the World and all through the Universe – an act of Love, an act of Kindness, an act of Compassion!  This is High Dimensional stuff! This is up, up and out of 3D – that’s what you’re here to do!!!

     “So I, Ashtar, invite you to take another step.  I know you’re all Beamers.  I know you’re all sharing your Love and I know that you know all about NESARA and the Golden Age.  I’m simply suggesting that you take one step further.  Raise your voices in some manner that reaches from the very Highest Levels of the Realms of Light right down and into, let’s face it, the lower vibrational levels of 3D, because what is our Mission, anyway?  What is the Ashtar On The Road Mission; what is the Mission of the Ashtar Command, in partnership with the Ascended Masters, the Angels, the Angelic Kingdoms, Mother Gaia and all of her Kingdoms, and Mother/Father Creator God?  Our Mission is to move up and out of 3D and into the Higher Dimensional Lifestyle!!!  First stop along the way: the Golden Age; Destination: Ascension!

     “So shine your Lights, Beloved Ones!  Raise your voices.  Shower the World with your Love and become Activists, each of you according to your own Hearts and according to what you see as your priority, because the World is ready for you to be an Activist!!!  Step up just a bit more, just a tiny bit more, and you will be making an exponential difference, not only to yourselves but to the entirety of the World.  But you will see even more the Light that you’re beaming when you look in the mirror and greet the Divine God or Goddess who looks back at you.  Thatis quantum physics, simplified to be sure, but nevertheless Reality and Truth!!!

     “Now is the time! This Holy Days Season with all of these Energies coming in – High Dimensional Love Energies – is absolutely the most perfect moment in the history/herstory of Planet Earth to increase your activities even more, because one more step into becoming an Activist of the High Dimensional Kind is a huge step for all of Humanity on the Ascension path!!!

     “So go ahead.  Get with your guides, your own guidance group, and see what it is for you to engage in that is either new, or an extension of something that you are already doing, to increase not only your role as an Activist, but to shower even more the entirety of Planet Earth and the Universe beyond with your High Dimensional, Divine and, indeed, most Sacred Love!!!

     “And so I, Ashtar, and the entirety of the Ashtar Command – and you can take this as being from you to you, if you wish – wish you absolutely – well, it’s not a wish – it’s the Truth- the most Joy-full, the most Happy, the most De-Lightful Holy Days Season that you have ever, ever, ever experienced in this lifetime or any other!!! Because, Beloved Ones, you have called it forth, and you are keeping the Promise, the Sacred and Divine Promise that you made long ago and far away!  And so it is.  Salut!”

* Bernie Sanders  **

Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, December 8, 2015.
© Ashtar On The Road Publications 2004-2015. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.