Love is our new reality

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The Galactic Federation of Light via Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek, December 12th

Dec 12   2 AM Mtn

As a multidimensional being I have now for the past 13.000.00 years in linearity been changing my form through the process of reincarnation, experiencing life as a man and as a woman and vice versa in the hundreds of lives ive had on Earth, the reason being to balance out karma and balancing out the feminine and masculine aspects as polarities between these two aspects can over lapse one another in which one can then be more dominant than the other, where in today’s world the masculine can be more dominant and destructive if not balanced out with its counterpart in which the feminine is more suppressed here on Earth making it difficult to truly awaken into a singular expression, as it requires much balance of both to experience enlightenment.

As this is my last lifetime on Earth I have been working extensively to reach a frequency of equilibrium between the masculine in which I appear as a man in this life and the feminine aspect, where in this I have indeed reached a mile stone in my expansion within my full activation into unity consciousness, in which both masculine and feminine aspects are in harmony, this is why I am able to recieve vast information from my higher self and articulate it in such a way that you resonate with the tone it plays, like chords from a piano, it comes as a soothing gentle healing light of frequencies in which this is why you are drawn to this guidance, because this guidance resonates a divine melody of unconditional love, which speaks to your heart as the truth that is.

With this awareness, you will realise that in order to truly feel and express your unconditionally loving essence, you must then let go of identifying yourself with your gender as in truth you are neither male or female but merely pure consciousness which is the expression of your God Self in being multidimensional in nature.

Dec 12   1:44 AM Mtn

As a representative of the highest order of light within the Melchizedek sisterhood brotherhood of the Sun/Alcyone, my name Garrith broken down into separate letters G.A.R.R.I.T.H simply means.
Gaurdian, Amun, Ra, Revealing, Immortality, To, Humanity
In which I only bring forth to you all that is but truth, go within and you will see the trutn in my words, allow your intuition to guide you, be open to the truth and reality of your heart, realise that all that you seek is already within you, you are in truth the answer to all your questions.

dec 10 7:22 AM

The reality is that your future is NOW.

Actions that you take today are going to determine how your life looks in the future.

Keep expanding, keep growing, keep raising and never allow your light to dim, shine bright. For you are the light.

All is now.