Love is our new reality

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Ashtar via Susan Leland, January 12th

Think and Connect
with Your Hearts!
Ashtar On The Road Teleconference
January 12, 2016

“Greetings, Beloved Family!  We see a whole Brighter, Higher Level of Energy, the Energy of Love moving gloriously across Planet Earth!  Even those who did not listen to the speech given by President Obama* are nevertheless receiving the incoming beams of this Energy!!!

“He stood before the World, not just the United States of America.  He spoke of the World. He spoke of bringing the World together in so many ways.  And if you did not have the opportunity to listen, then listen, or read it. READ THE WORDS!* Treasure them and savor them.  What he was telling you is that of a whole new World – the days of darkness, the 13,000 years of darkness, are over!!!  The Light is shining, and while it may seem as though he was just giving a list of problems that have yet to be solved, ALL of the solutions are here – and more!

“We call it NESARA, and its whole purpose is not only to bring Abundance to all, not only to bring Freedom to all, but to bring that Love, that Security, that Trust, that Faith in oneself.  This allows not only the inward feelings of Unconditional Love, but it allows everyone to feel the expansion of it and, yes, then to reach out to all of Humanity, in fact, to all the Kingdoms of Mother Gaia!!!

“What was made abundantly clear – once again – was the answer to the question which we Mentors have answered time and again, that question being, ‘Am I my brother’s keeper?’  Yes, indeed, you are your brother’s keeper! In some cases your brother can only receive help of some kind because your brother, or your sister, might be a tiny child, an orphan who really can’t make his or her own way in the World, but must be taken care of. 

“But more often than that, your brother or sister is someone who simply wants you to recognize that they are a worthwhile and worthy human being!!!  And that if you will reach out to them, they will answer you and you will both lift up into Higher Realms of Vibration of Light – yes, of Love, where TOGETHER you can resolve whatever there is to resolve! You can clear whatever needs to be cleared and you can heal whatever there is to heal!!!

“It is for Humanity to recognize that there have been great usurpations and misuses of the empowerment which has been available, and it has been deliberately concentrated into the hands of the few at the expense of the many – in all aspects of life.  And while it is true that to be a citizen of the United States of America is a grand heritage, it also carries with it especially grand responsibilities!  The World is tired of hearing that America can do no wrong, or America can go in and do whatever it wants in the name of its empowerment.  You’ve all heard this: ‘Money talks’ – and so on and so on.  And the corporations go in and they set up their sweat shops or slave labor farms in countries where somewhere along the line, somebody gets paid enough money to look the other way while these injustices are happening, and so on and so on.

“And we understand that you’ve heard a lot about these things and might want to not be hearing about them anymore.  Well, we assure you, these things are getting cleaned up!!!  We can’t do it without your permission, your welcome and, yes, your assisting us with your energetic support!  And then if you have the opportunity, dive right in and be an activist anywhere in the world!!!**  Speak up for change that brings about the Golden Age. And do whatever you know to do in your Heart that is – let us say, the right thing to do!  In Hawaii it is called the ‘pono’ actions and expressions.

“This is coming from the Heart.  It’s not about wealth, as in, ‘If I support this person in this project, then I will make a lot of money.’ It’s not about that!  It’s not about, ‘Well, if I write this particular article, I’m going to get a lot of people that will want to jump off the bridge because I tell them to do that.’  It’s not about that kind of power!  It’s not about that kind of leadership!  It’s about expressing everything that you do from your Heart, which is the center of thinking in the Golden Age!!!  It is the center of Harmony within the totality of your beings, not just that part of you that looks – you know, has form and shape in the third dimension.  All of you, IT’S ALL OF YOU!  It’s your Heart that connects with all of you.  It gets the observations of your Higher Dimensional Selves coordinating with your Hearts, your brains – all of you – determining what is the pono course of action or expression, or both, and going from there.

“NESARA brings the Freedom to every man, woman and child and by extension, to all of Planet Earth and the Universe beyond!!!  It is the bringing of Divine Governance, which partners with you. You become partners.  You must be partners in governing yourselves, and joining with everyone else to let your voices be heard in the Unison, the Harmony and the Joy of being a Citizen of the Golden Age of Planet Earth!!! This transcends all borders, transcends all feelings about possessions of this or that.

“Oh, yes, you’ll have comfortable home spaces and clothes to put on your bodies and whatever you need.  And you’ll be able to have what you desire to require for yourselves, but from the Higher Dimensional Levels of being One With All.  And as it is so eloquently put – and has been so many times – if you will simply lead the way within yourselves, governed by Love and all that Love engenders, being the Compassionate Observers of all, being in Divine Forgiveness of yourselves and all others, and being Grateful for where you are in every moment and for where you are going, then, Beloved Ones, you are on the Path!!!

“You are Citizens of the Golden Age and you are on the Path further toward your own Ascensions.  That is the nuts and bolts, if you will, of your Ascension preparations!!!  Utilize these Energies of Love. They’re absolutely bombarding Planet Earth, and all of you and all who dwell below, on and above the Planet! Use them, bring them in, cleanse and clear out whatever there is of the old paradigm that no longer suits you!!!

“Do you know that when you do this for yourselves, you do it for the entirety of the Planet and you help to loosen the hold that the naughties, as I call them, or the dark hats, have held over you for the past 13,000 years?  That’s huge!!!  So remember that!  You are doing it for the entirety of the Planet!!!  And when you connect within yourselves and allow yourselves to feel and know and trust in your abilities so to do – because you all have them – when you clear out whatever blockages you might have to your own self-knowing and your own self-trust, that is when you create from this High Vibrational space!!!  That is when all you desire to require is made manifest in your World!  That is when you come together with your brothers and sisters, joining in a joyful connection, in a joyful communication and in what my Beloved Brother Sananda calls ‘a most Sacred and Joy-full Communion,’  a Communion of Hearts, echoed in your minds and coming together to co-createthe Golden Age and the Ascension of Planet Earth!!!

“And so now I invite you to come to the website of and read the messages there, to join our e-mailing list.  If you have not done so, you can do that right there to partner with us, empowering even more with your Love and your participation, that we may together bring forth NESARA and the open acknowledgement of our presence – the presence of the Ashtar Command and your Starseed brothers and sisters – and move together into this wondrous time of the Golden Age of Planet Earth. The Truth is that it’s already here!!!  We simply ask you to join with us and raise yourselves up and into it!  Thank you, Beloved Ones, for being here in this most Sacred Gathering, a Gathering of Light, a Gathering of Love!  And so it is. Salut!”

*  Links to recording and transcript of Obama’s speech
** Link to Ashtar On The Road Activists
Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, January 12, 2016.
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