Love is our new reality

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Ashtar via Susan Leland, June 28th

Ashtar:  “Claim Your Freedom and Welcome In the LoveLight!”

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference – June 28, 2016

“Greetings, Beloved Ones!  We are so delighted to be here with you, and we are so de-LIGHT-ed – coming of the Light, you know, with the Light, bringing in the Light – that all that is being accomplished on Planet Earth!  Now, we know there are events taking place, words being expressed and so on, that seem to be dragging the World down even further into chaos and fear.  Let me assure you the opposite is true!  We could give you examples all night and all day of all the wonderful, wonderful events and, yes, the expressions coming forth all over the World to bring the Light into those places where it still isn’t shining, at least not very bright.

“We will tell you this.  Even in the darkest of places, the meeting places – for instance, you know, those smoke-filled rooms or however you want to see them – where the real pullers of the strings, the controllers, gather to map out their next place or event to stage to try to maintain their control – even in those darkest of rooms or places, Lights are shining!  And, there is more reality coming in with that Light.

There are those – you heard an example from these Divine messengers* – an example of Hillary herself, at least getting the point that her dark programs are not going to prevail and she is NOT going to be the next president of the United States of America and she will NOT be leading the World further into the abyss.  Instead, the next president will be a world leader, just like President Obama, just like Presidents Putin and Xi and countless others on every level of holding political office, government office and so on!

“We will share with you, as a matter of fact, a president can only do what his foundations – and to a certain extent controllers – will allow him to do.  This has certainly been the case.  You have seen this with President Obama.  He has had to be very much the double agent, always, always, always a Being of LoveLight, working solely for the Light, but sometimes having to appear to go along with the dark agenda, to do their bidding, to let them think that they have absolute control, when the Truth is the opposite.

“And we are happy to tell you this.  We want you, when you do your visualizations, that is, we advise you – we do not control you, we do not tell you what to think or what to express.  But when you do your visualizations, see this Light coming in more and more, blanketing and permeating all of Planet Earth, below, on and above, because that is TRUTH!

“And any kind of propaganda or lies that you are hearing, that is telling you the opposite, is not Truth.  It is delusional illusion created by those who want to maintain control.  But as we have just stated, one of the very ‘top of the ladder beings’ is starting to know, because Truth is Light, and Light is starting to penetrate and permeate even the darkest of places!  And if you want to liken those places to the ones who wear the dark hats, into their inner beings, their Hearts and minds and so on, well, you certainly can use that image if it works for you, because we are encouraging you to bring in that LoveLight more and more!

“The Wingmakers are everywhere.  Do you know who the Wingmakers are?  They’re YOU! About 700 years ahead of where you are right now, but they’re coming to assist.  They are absolutely blasting that LoveLight everywhere!  And some people are seeing gigantic and beautiful fireworks in the sky – we shall call them fireworks.  This is the Wingmakers at work, bringing the LoveLight TO YOU!

“Now, there are reasons for this, but just see it as the LoveLight coming in and thank all involved – the Wingmakers, the dark ones, everybody in between.  It’s just a place on the spectrum, you know.  And it is important for you to understand that everybody has had an opportunity to participate in bringing all of this about.

“How could you stand tall and claim your Freedom if you didn’t know the difference between Light and dark?  Now in the beginning it wasn’t necessary.  There was only Light, right?  You know that!  Some of you may even be starting to remember that, when all there was, was Light.  And YOU were One in the Light, all of you brothers and sisters from the Universe!

“But there’s this thing called free will.  There’s this thing called the ability of Humanity to drop down a considerable amount, so as to be able to experience the opposite of Light, and all that you could possibly find to experience in that place.  That’s all!  Let go of judgment!  And most certainly let go of fear!  Because where does judgment come from anyway but from FEAR?  And remember the definition – FEAR is an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real.  Keep that in mind!!!  You’re going to see a lot of creations which are inspired and put forth to further the energies of FEAR.  It is for you to remain in CALMNESS!!!

“We’re going to say, rise to the occasion!  Don’t drop down into the dumpies of despair, depression, despondency – you know, all those 3D words that so many people are taking medications for. If you need the medications, great!  Use them, but remember to bring in the Light, because that is where the ultimate answer lies!

“That is the Freedom for EVERYONE!  That is Divine Freedom with Divine Governance – starting within each individual Heart for the expressions in the form of integrity and connectedness with all the Love in the Universe, and acting from that place!  And that place is here and that place is now!!! That’s how it has always been in the Hearts of all of you, and all of Humanity.  But it is that these programs have been allowed to run for so long – we know it is difficult to let go of them, to transformationally transmute them into Higher energy.  So the Wingmakers are here with us.  They’re actually a part of the Ashtar Command, if you will, specifically amplifying the Light!

“And what are we talking about here?  The LoveLight for all of Planet Earth.  We ask you to join in, to welcome in the LoveLight. If it makes you a little dizzy sometimes, or if you’re feeling as though you’re going to lift right off, well, sit down or lie down. But welcome the Light!!!  It’s powerful – yes, you know that! Anytime you do a meditation and you bring it in, you can feel it and you know it is powerful.  Well, it is the most powerful energy in the Universe and guess what?  It’s your Life Force energy!

“So I invite you to bring it in, to use it, to join even more.  We’re talking about more frequently, more often, more deliberately – that’s a good ‘D’ word, when you use it in this context.  And BE a True Lightworker all the time!!!  You can set yourself on that course every day when you get up out of your warm, comfortable beds.  And you can set your course for that during your sleep times and, of course, during your meditation times.  Just make up a little bit of a mantra.  You can even write it down and put it under your pillow, if you wish.

“Let the power of Love come into you in ever-increasing amounts – because the Truth is that there’s an infinite amount for every one of you – and use it! Join in!  Be a member of the Ashtar Command or the Ascended Ones, the Angels, or all of the above because when we join together We’re All One, anyway.  You are on the ground in a human body.  We could not do any of this without you!  And we have for you our own unlimited Love that we share with you, we beam to you!  We have the ability, like the Wingmakers, to bring even more from the Great Central Sun, from our Creator, from all places of LoveLight in the Universe – all the Higher Realms of Light. You can call it ‘Heaven’ if you wish, or the ‘Heavenly Realms.’  It’s unlimited!  You all deserve it and it’s in unlimited quantities for each and every one of you!

“But I will tell you this – when you are down in the dumpies, it is very hard for that Truth to transmute whatever fear-based energies or emotions or expressions you are feeling.  Don’t let them get to you!  Stand tall, be courageous!  Claim your Freedom from all that is dark.  Claim your Divinity, most of all within your own selves and then BE IT in all of your thoughts, words and actions!!!

“Now something that is happening more and more, is that more and more non-coincidental – but very much in a sequential order as you call it forth – people, events, and just happenings for you to observe – are occurring in your own spheres, or within your own energy fields, including within your vision, your hearing, your 3 dimensional senses and beyond – Higher, Higher, Higher, to, as Sananda calls it, your wisdom eye, or your third eye.  How many of you are getting more and more of a sense of intuition developing and evolving?  This is because you’re taking in more and more of the LoveLight!  That’s the catalyst; that’s the energy; that’s the empowerment!!!

“Rejoice!  Rejoice at these happenings, these Ascension preparations that are taking place within you – and focus there! Join your Hearts with your Minds and focus in the Higher Realms -yes, even when you’re washing your dishes or working in your gardens or whatever.  Connect in and relax into the energies of Love.  And then you’re going to feel more and more the sequential flow, and you’re going to feel as though you are, say, floating down a river on a raft, totally refreshed, totally relaxed, going with the flow or the current.  And everyone on the shore is cheering and sending their Love to you!  And you, in turn, are free to express your Love to them as you go along your own Life’s path!

“No more struggling and swimming upstream.  No more feeling as though you are about to drown in all of the programs and lies, but rather be free, be exhilarated and yet, be relaxed.  This is the vision that we hold of you.  This is how we see you.  We simply invite you to join us in enjoying this vision for yourselves!  I promise you, Beloved Ones, if you’re not feeling this flow right in this minute, it is there for you.  So reach out and claim it!  It’s your Divine Right and it’s Who You Really Are!

“So once again we express to you our great, infinite Love and we thank you for being the true Lightworkers, Lights of Love you are!  And so it is.  Salut!”
* Tara and Rama Report: 
Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, June 28, 2016.
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