Adama via Susan Sammarco, July 3d

I am “Adama”.

Well, that was a wonderful surprise, was it not? We knew that this would be a wonderful day with many good speakers. And I come to tell you today that we, from the Hollow Earth area, Telos and Shambala and all other regions, we are now coming to the surface to share with you. You can see us in cafes; you can see us in stores and in other parts of your day to day life. Those of us who are here as your mentors will be making contact in a very short period of time.

You are free! Freedom has taken its place and even if you cannot fully see it, it is here. We are so proud of the opportunity of coming on the surface with you to share with you and to care with you. We know this is an important time for all beings. Those of you who meet us will also soon meet your Galactic Brothers and Sisters.

All of these things you soon shall be able to see. So, be patient a little longer. Know that those things hidden behind the screen from your eyes have already been accomplished in the higher frequency. They are there for you to enjoy as you continue on your journey of rising frequencies as well.

These are times to be happy. Times to be at peace. These are times to be in bliss. We know that there are times of challenges but let that moment go by. Move through it to a greater happiness and greater bliss than you have ever known.

Freedom is yours my friends. Freedom is now. We are glad to stand with you and all move forward in this great journey.

I let it be so, today.


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