Love is our new reality

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Ashtar via Susan Leland, November 15th

“Dear Ashtar on the Road,
“Are you going to say we should be grateful to the creators, perpetrators, and men who murdered, wounded, and terrorized the people of Paris? You said we should be grateful to those who did the 9/11 destruction in one of your recent channelings…” M.W.
Ashtar: “First, It is not to be grateful for the actions themselves, but rather for what they represent.  It is important to understand that these are times on Planet Earth when decisions must be made by every member of Humanity.  And, it is becoming more and more clear to almost everyone that fear and its violent expressions are not the way to achieve World Peace, much less to prepare for Ascension.  And so it is that a new manner of Lifestyle is being more and more sought after!
“We can tell you that, while there is still much clearing which needs to be done here, the consciousness of the Planet has risen yet Higher in response to the violence in Paris.  This is not unlike the upward movement in the consciousness which has occurred after other violent actions, whether they were perpetrated by humans or not.  And so, it is to be grateful that the Hearts of Humanity are joined in Loving and Compassionate Expression.  It is to embrace all involved in this Oneness!
“As to the clearings which must take place, again I will say that all involved must be included – yes, even the perpetrators.  They must be forgiven for their actions, in order that the clearings may be complete, and so that the World may move on and upward.  This does not mean that there should not be justice, but it does mean that anger, hatred, and all of the fear-based thoughts and emotions must be met and transformed into Unconditional Love.  This is the way to move up and out of these kinds of violent expressions, because meeting violence with that which is the opposite of Love will only perpetuate more violence. 
“I have stated many times that the dark hats are losing their empowerment to control and terrorize Humanity with their programs of violence.  And, I have stated that the Ashtar Command and all others coming from the Higher Dimensions cannot alone bring the World into the Golden Age and the Peace it offers.  We must have Humanity’s support and participation!!!  When we read the uplifted consciousness, we know that you are partnering with us, and that gives us more empowerment to assist the World upon its Ascension Path!
“It is not to blame us or anyone that these events have happened, but rather to join in offering your Love to heal the many wounds this has created.  And, we will remind you that almost all members of Humanity have lived many lifetimes in this World, and that they have worn all shades of hats!  This is a Planet of free will, so choices have always been available in this regard.  As difficult as it may be to accept, the Truth is that all of the participants chose to be involved, and it is to be grateful for what they have taught us with their sacrifices! 
“We are with you in loving service, and our Mission is to support and assist in your Ascension up and out of 3D.  We see your success in accomplishing this through the empowerment of Love, and we tell you once again that we love you beyond all expression!!!  Salut!”