Love is our new reality

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Sananda via John Smallman, November 15th

Jesus Audio Blog for Sunday November 15th
We are all one, there is no separation. In fact separation is a state of confusion in which humans see themselves as lost, or abandoned by God, and that is terrifying for them because there is only God, Love, Source, and when It can no longer be felt or experienced terror results. To experience life, consciousness, as separated from the One – even though it is but a momentary idea or concept of a state that could never occur – causes a shutting down of awareness because, if it could occur, it would be a cessation of life, of existence. Within the illusion a false sense of life, a life that will end, has replaced awareness of Reality, and that is separation, but it is illusory.


So, to reconfirm most positively for you, there is only Reality, eternal existence in the Presence of God. It is inescapable and unavoidable because there is absolutely nowhere else. Yes, you have free will, and you can and do use your creative abilities to build enormously unsettling dreams to furnish the illusory environment that you invented and built. But the illusion is only present for you while you sleep, that is as you play the game of hiding from Reality in an apparent absence of Love. But you are enveloped in the divine field of Love in every moment of your existence, and even as you choose to believe in the illusion, thus maintaining it, you are never for even an instant separated from your Source.

You have given considerable power to your human or egoic minds, and you use your human brains, with their severely restricted abilities, to address the task of understanding and making sense of the illusion. It does seem that through the eons you have made considerable progress, as you compare tribal life from long ago with your advanced modern technological skills and abilities. But dreams are always dreams, ephemeral and short-lived, like civilizations that have come and gone before your own, some apparently leaving no discernible traces. However, they can seem extremely long-lasting.

Your present understanding is that your universe, which seems infinitely vast, has been in existence for approximately 13.7 billion years since it created itself out of nothing. And that seems like an extremely long time, but modern physics has now realized that the concept of time is illusory! 13.7 billion years is but the blink of an eye! But, when you are in pain or suffering, minutes can seem like eternity.

It really is time that you awakened. And you are in the process of doing just that. The man-made catastrophes that are causing so much damage and suffering all across the world are unacceptable to the vast majority of you, and the collective decision has been made to cease maintaining the illusion and to awaken into the eternal joy of Reality.

In the meantime it does seem that things are getting far worse on the planet as modern technology enables you to do much more damage in a much shorter period of time; but it also allows you to become aware of what is occurring far more rapidly. Time is accelerating, and therefore the effects of both your activities and your intentions are delivered with increasing rapidity. On-line shopping is a demonstration of this, and you can no doubt infer from this what effect it is having in the armaments and intelligence industries!

However, do not alarm yourselves with thoughts of that nature because Love is most effectively dissolving all unloving intents and permeating the hearts of even the most damaged souls among you. To hold the intent to be loving in every moment is now, in this present age – the New Age – more powerful and effective than ever before, and because increasing numbers of you are daily setting that intention as you awake in the morning, the effects can be seen all across the planet.

Compassion is widespread as more and more people seek to assist those in need wherever they may be, it is like a healing balm that spreads comfort, peace, and unconditional acceptance to all – Love in fact. All are suffering, all are in need, from the most violently abused to the most violently abusive, because that is the nature of the illusion, and the Tsunami of Love recognizes this and is now calming and eliminating the waves of violence that have been endemic on Earth for so long.

Please do not focus too much of your attention on the news of disasters and calamities with which the mainstream media floods the airwaves. Instead seek the Good News. There is an enormous amount of it as the intensity of the Tsunami of Love sweeping across and enveloping the planet brings healing, forgiveness, and compassion in unprecedented abundance to all who open themselves to it. And the energy fields of those holding that intent are expanding as well, so that there is no one on Earth who remains unaffected by the Tsunami of Love, It is all-pervasive, It is instilled in every human heart and no human heart is capable of resisting It, denying It, or blocking It, because, of course, there is no separation!

You are on Earth at this moment to engage with Love and to share and extend Love unconditionally with everyone with whom you interact in any way at all. You know this, and you are doing it magnificently. You are doing the work of awakening humanity because you chose to do so, and for that you are mightily honored. Keep up the good work, complete your assignments, and return to full consciousness, to full awareness of God, of Reality, and savor the joy that awaits your homecoming.

Your loving brother, Jesus.