Ashtar via Susan Leland, September 22

Ashtar: The Energies Are Empowering Uplifting Changes!!!

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference – September 22, 2015

“Greetings, Beloved Family!  We are energized!  We are in Love with you and all of your Planet Earth! You are rising magnificently! And we are with you every step of the way on your journey. And so it is that we have been observing and, yes, we have been very busy in so many places! You have heard The Voice explaining a bit about how our behind-the-scenes activities are sometimes even overlapping each other, so as to create a disturbance in one area, which is certainly not intended, but nevertheless is just a result of so much going on.

“And then you have added to this the energies which are more and more powerful, and you might be saying, ‘Oh, how can this be?’  It just is. You see, Planet Earth is accepting more and more of these, let’s say, transforming energies, uplifting energies, High Dimensional Energies!  And so it is that more and more are actually coming in and are being felt because you see everyone -and I do mean all Kingdom members of all the Kingdoms – are receiving these energies and broadcasting them.  So there is that much more for each individual to be aware of in the atmosphere!


“And so it is that we have what has been sometimes described as a culmination of these incoming energies arriving on a particular date soon to come on your calendars.*  Well, we will emphasize that the more you ask for, the more you get.  And so it is not that the energies are suddenly going to stop coming in. That is not the case.  But what we are saying is that this is a time of so many different events occurring, with the Equinox and the upcoming Lunar Eclipse and the holy day just mentioned by our Beloved Masters and so on and so on.**

“And there are added energies that are arrived at – or shall I say perceived and noted and received – by the very fact of some rather ground-breaking events that are occurring, oh, for instance at your United Nations and within the various countries. Because, you see, as individuals receive these energies and broadcast them, they circulate throughout the community and the countries and, of course, through the World and the Universe beyond!!!

“Well, what it is doing is mobilizing people.  Yes, mobilizing!  I’m not talking about armies of war – I’m talking about Peace Armies! The peaceful warriors are mobilizing and they are joining in, in so many wondrous ways that it is truly miracle upon miracle as we observe what Humanity is doing!  There are absolutely no places anywhere which are not being affected by this, and no Kingdom members of any Kingdom.


“Of course, Humanity has to lead the way!  Why?  Because it is Humanity which has set itself up to be the ruler of all the other Kingdoms  – in charge – and to have literally the life or death power or control over all the other Kingdoms of Planet Earth. Or so Humanity believes.  And that has been, shall we say, the energizing factor in a lot of the things that Humanity has done simply because they could.  And it is not a judgment; it is not a blame; it is not for anyone to feel guilty about – it’s just been the way of life, the programs, if you will, that have been followed.


“And so now, as Humanity wakes up and says, ‘Wait a minute! We’ve got to change!’  You have literally all the Kingdoms joining together, below, on and above Planet Earth – if you want to speak of dimensional levels –  coming in to join, to partner with Humanity because Humanity has led the way in its consciousness and said, ‘That’s it! We’re changing directions!  We’re opening to know ourselves!’  And when you know yourselves, Beloved Ones, that is when you understand that you each have the empowerment to call forth the changes!!!

“And so, naturally, these energies are coming in and they are going to continue to come in to support and aid you every step of the way and in every direction that you could possibly imagine! Everything from the food you eat and the water you drink, the way that you care for and nurture all fellow humans and all of the other Kingdom members, and the way that you perceive the World around you!  And if you add to that the fact that you’re going to be perceiving from the Higher Dimensional Perspective where you already are – and this is going to increase more and more and more!

“Wooo, doesn’t it just want to make you dance and sing and be full of Joy because you’ve done it?!  It’s all done!  In the Higher Dimensional levels, when you come up to that Perspective, you can see for yourselves, it’s done!   There’s no going back.  There’s no reneging on the promises that you made to yourselves.  You’re keeping your promises!!!


“The big promise, of course, is your Homecoming!  And what does that mean? It means coming into your total residence in the Higher Dimensional Light of Love!  You’re already there in part, and often at night – well every night really in your sleep – you leave your body and you go there.  You confer with your guides, you perform your missions.  Some of you come in on your own ships as members of the Ashtar Command.  How exciting to know that more and more of these experiences are going to be, let us say, real – consciously real to you because you’re going to understand that you’re living them even now!!!


“Yes, you’ve got some changes to undergo in your third dimensional dense bodies but have you consulted lately?  Have you checked in with your White Brotherhood medical team or your angel guides, or whomever, to find out?  You might ask a question such as, ‘I know my body is losing density. I know my body is literally lightening up. Can you verify? Can you confirm this?’  Some of you who are, shall we say, more scientifically inclined, might even say, ‘Can you give me a percentage of how much more my body is Light than it was, let’s say, five years ago?’ And you can do some testing and so on and so on, if you’re so inclined.


“The point I’m making is, yes, you’re evolving!  Yes, you’re moving into that which you promised yourselves long ago that you would do!  And so is it any wonder you might be a little tired, here and there?  With all of these energies coming in, with all of these momentous occasions happening one right after the other -changing your world completely, moving you up into Higher Dimensional Reality, Lifestyle, and Consciousness, and giving you the Freedom which has not been available to you in 3D – at least, very little of it has been available to enjoy the lives you’re living completely, to manifest and create whatever it is that is your heart’s desire?!!!


“You can honestly require whatever it is that you have been desiring, and trust and know that so long as it adheres to the Golden Rule, it shall be.  So be it. It shall be!  Now of course, it can be overridden by that which you call your Higher Dimensional Selves, to it’s always wise to get into a consultation, a conference, a meditation – Sananda calls it a ‘Communion’ within the totality of yourself – and chart your course according to what you learn.


“You have free will.  You don’t have to do it, but it’s a good idea. It’s a good – shall we say, it’s like a compass.  It’s like using a compass on your paths to your Ascensions. The more you use your compass to assist in guiding you, the more true your paths will be.  The fewer detours you will take; the fewer roadblocks you will find along the way.


“Now, you are moving into, by virtue of these energies coming in, these momentous occasions upon your calendars, all that is happening in the great World around you, and all of the work that you are doing within your own sacred selves.  You are finding that there are a lot fewer roadblocks, glitches and detours.  You are finding that it is easier to commune, or you are finding that you give a thought – you put a thought out and it comes back to you.  That’s a good reason to be careful about what you think!  It’s not just what you say; it’s not just what you do – it’s what you think!!!


“Now, be not concerned!  All you need to do is focus upon thinking LOVE – Unconditional, High Dimensional Love.  And the more you do that and utilize these incoming energies, the easier – some people call it monitoring your thoughts: we will simply say ‘being in harmony with your thoughts – this will be!


“So, again, it comes back to the energies and their usage by you, each and every one of you as individuals and then, by what you do within your communities or within the community of our Ashtar On The Road Family.  Make no mistake, Beloved Ones, those of you who are here, as we say, live on this call, and those who come and join in with the recording, are being asked to do Missions of help, support, and let’s face it – upliftment for all the World and by so doing, to your Solar System and the Universe beyond.

“Yes, we have Mission and Purpose as members, Family members of Ashtar On The Road – we’re all in this together!  You, as individuals, you as the totality of this beautiful Family and we, of the Ashtar Command, and by extension, all beings of Love and Light in the Universe, because we’re all connected!  We’re all One!!!

“And that, Beloved Ones, is how we are together, partnering, accomplishing and getting this Mission done.  And that is why I tell you, it is done!  It is done.  There might be some additional chaos to come in your World, and that, again, is why we gather together and do our Exercises, or Meditations, together.  And that is why we invite you to continue them, to repeat them, to add all inspirations that you have, and to join with all the Lightworkers of the World and the Universe beyond in accomplishing this Great Mission!!!  Though I assure you that from the Higher Dimensional Perspective, it is seen that it is already done. So be it. And so it is!  Salut!”

*  September 28th.
**Tara and Rama
Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, September 22, 2015.
© Ashtar On The Road Publications 2004-2015. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.

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