Love is our new reality

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Ashtar via Susan Leland, September 26th, 2017

Ashtar:“We’ve Turned A Corner – Be Your Divine Creators!”
“Greetings, Beloved Family of Ashtar On The Road!  If this is your first time at one of these gatherings, just sit back, relax and allow your energies to soar so that we come together in a group of Love and its Light.  There is so much benefit, whether you have thought about this or not, there is so much benefit that our coming together gifts to the entirety of Planet Earth, and it really is wondrous to be here in person, as you say, but everyone who joins in by listening to the recording of this event is also making that same contribution.  And what is that contribution?  Why, it’s LOVE!
“It’s increasing the Love vibrations of the world.  And that is critical because it is, as you have heard, very important that we be in a high enough vibration that our Galactic brothers and sisters can come and join with us in our missions and we can, in turn, support them, because it’s all one mission.  It’s all about getting there, you know.  So do not underestimate the importance of your presence here, whether it be in this moment or in the moments to come.  We want you to know how very important you are and how very powerful you are!
“Now, that is going to be a major topic for us in this gathering.  And we have some ideas for implementing that empowerment for you to feel for yourselves and as a group, a family group.  However, there are a few other comments I would make first having to do with the fact that as you have just heard, there are more and more coming from other places to Planet Earth specifically to serve and bring their technologies.
“You know, the Dark Hats don’t want you to have these technologies.  They want to keep them all for themselves and, frankly, they want to use them for, well, let us just say, for destructive purposes, bringing destruction to you and to all of Planet Earth.  And they just aren’t going to get away with it any more.
“Now, we have curtailed their activities in large part and as you just heard,* there are plans on the drawing board to continue with this curtailment.  So it is important that you step up and join in the support, the energetic support.  Oh, I know, I know, you can’t travel across the country to join a group that is doing this or that, but you can join them in Spirit.  If there is a group, for instance, that is going to meet with some officials somewhere to enlighten them, to teach them, to show them in some way that their destructive ways that they, after all, have learned from someone else, need to be, let’s say, channeled into more loving purposes.  And it is happening worldwide.
“The obvious fact that, for instance, the activities of Monsanto and Syngenta and Bayer and the big companies like that who are all out for the money and while they’re at it, they like to do a bit of genocidal activity as well, they cannot be continued.  They must be DIS-continued!  And if they do not allow themselves to be opened to listen to what the people have to say about it, then, you know, they’re headed some place where they can no longer do the destruction that they’ve been doing.
“Now, it is very important to lose the anger. Get rid of it!  Don’t go there.  If you can stay out of anger, you’re going to be much more effective in assisting with the – let’s just say – the disappearance of the restrictions and so on and so on that have kept you down, literally down, in 3D.  So, clear yourselves first and then do focus or meditations, however you want to say it, on these things.  Because, if you come into any kind of a focus with anger or resentment or any of the fear-based emotions, it is not going to be nearly as effective as if you come in with clear heart, loving heart and a peaceful overview.
“What I mean by that is that you’re not allowing your knowledge of what they’ve done or anything at all about them to diminish in any way the Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude that you are directing toward them.  And when you come together in a group of two or more, it’s that much more effective.  So, yes, if you want to get a group of people together, for instance, to welcome in the Sasquatch, Bringers of Peace, this is entirely appropriate to do.
“If you want to get a group together to send Love to Mother Gaia and all of her Kingdoms, this, too, is entirely appropriate.  So bring it together however you choose to do, whether individually or as a part of a group.  And you’ll always be part of a group when you are sending energy for these purposes because this is happening worldwide on a variety of topics, and you will be joined and your efforts will be supported and strengthened as you participate.  So I do want to encourage you to join.  You don’t need to – I mean, you can sit in your chair.  You don’t need to go anywhere and join in.
“And more and more people are finding that when they do this they are joining in with an energy of Love and Peace and a knowing that all is well, a kind of a calming effect is what it has.  And meanwhile, of course, all of those who are going about the business of clearing, cleansing and restoring are that much more supported by the support they have from YOU. 
“So I want to officially announce, although we’ve done many things before along these lines, I want to officially announce that we are moving that much farther into the Golden Age and that the Ashtar On The Road Family can do more among its members who desire to help make an even bigger difference.  By being here, you’re making a difference.  And by doing something tomorrow and the next day and the next, you continue to make that difference.  And I can only tell you that the Universe and all of the Beings of Love are so appreciative of what it is that you are doing.
“Now, I have said that we are moving that much closer into the Golden Age.  And this is true.  As we move together along the road into it, it is that you yourselves will be lifted up more and more and thus you will be reaching out your energy fields that much farther and helping others to come along. 
“Now, this does not have to be your primary goal, but I’m telling you that it’s a scientific fact: The more you broadcast the progress that you’re making, the Love that you’re bringing in, and the progress that you’re making toward the Golden Age, the more you are sharing that with the World and the Universe beyond.  And you are being observed and you are being thanked, because you are a leader and it’s very important.
“You don’t have to go stand on a street corner and pass out flyers telling everybody about the Golden Age.  You can just be you broadcasting your loving energies as you move down the street, and that will do it – just fine and dandy. 
“So!  We are on the verge.  As we have said, we’ve turned a corner.  And among the attributes, this journey is that you find yourselves newly empowered and I want to emphasize the empowerment to be the Divine Creators that you came here to be.  Because, just because we get into the Golden Age doesn’t mean that your job is finished.  Oh, no!  You’ve got a lot of living to do, living the Golden Age lifestyles and that lifestyle is one of being a creator, a Divine Creator.
“Years ago you had a television show.  I used to think it was lovely.  And I’m not talking about the situations that humans got into.  I’m talking about the woman with the twitchy nose because she could cause things to happen by twitching her nose and that was being a Divine Creator.  She knew she was powerful and she did what she could do and so on and so on.  It’s not important to remember what went on in those programs.
“Now, just imagine!  All of you have a twitchy nose and you can start utilizing that or anything else that you choose, any other part of you, any other aspect or attribute of yourselves.  That is your Divine Self, expressing itself.  Most people use their hands.  Fabulous – whatever you choose to do!  Use it!  In some of you this attribute has lain dormant for eons of time.  But here you are, ready to wake up and be the creators that you came here to be.  And there’s plenty for you to do.
“So clean up whatever last bits you have to clean up and let’s move together on the Golden Age road knowing that together we shine the lights so bright that the World cannot help but see.  And most of the World, at least, will want to follow right along with us as was always intended that this would take place exactly the way that it is.  It’s all perfect, it’s all Divine, it’s all Love.  And so it is.  Salut.”
* Tara & Rama Report:
Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, September 26, 2017.  
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