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Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, October 8th, 2017

Judas Iscariot

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Judas Iscariot and I come today to help you understand what it is that is happening on our Earth today. Our dear Earth has started to throw off her old patterns of oppression and negativity. She now liberates herself from the old matrix at the same time as a new one is being constructed. It is this you view as chaos and seemingly all is falling apart. In a way it is, the old is falling apart, while the new is being built up. By holding your light in your heart you provide much help to Mother Earth. It makes her and your journey easier. You will then see the new structures and the light that is pouring in over Earth now.

There are many who work for the light dear friends and they receive much help from us as well as guidance in their hearts. We are approaching a critical point of development on our Earth. It is high time to choose which path you should follow now dear friends. The heart wants to pull in one direction and you maybe in a different direction. It is hard to wake up, but what is most wise is to let the heart wake up. It knows, as I have said before, which path that is best for you. The path becomes easier if you follow your inner guidance. Your mind has the tendency to confuse things a bit. In your heart you have the answers that are valid for you. You cannot find it anywhere else. Be faithful to yourself and stand steady on the ground and deeply anchored in Mother Earth, then it is not so easy to be swept off track. The deep roots of the trees can remain even in the worst of hurricanes. It is the same for you. If you are anchored deeply in Mother Earth you are not so easily thrown off. You remain and hold the light in spite of the storm outside. We are eternally grateful for this, as it is then that large changes can occur. These changes have started. Humanity is more and more coming together and is becoming unit for peace and harmony. This wish sprouts in your hearts and they pull in more and more light. This is something to celebrate dear children on Earth. It is incredibly grand and beautiful to see this whole large mass that has started to move in the same direction.

My heart is expanding of joy for Earth today – The whole large Earth with all its splendor and riches. Our Earth now really shines with wonderful colors and there is a great radiance around her. Dear children on Earth, this is one of the rare opportunities in the Universe when a whole planet is ascending and on top of it all together with all the life on its surface. It is a marvelous wonderful time that now has started on Earth. Everything will happen very rapidly now and you can look forward to a brighter spring my dears. I am so incredibly happy for your sake and for the sake of our dear Earth. The Light is here now dear friends so stretch out your hands and receive it. It is coming from all sides now so let it trickle into your bodies and let it convert the old to the new. Let it wake up your DNA so that you can use your whole capacity as the beautiful and divine beings you are deep inside. It is meant for you to wake up to your own whole and greatness. You are more than you have become, which makes me think of one your movies – The Lion King”. He did think he was capable of doing anything, but it turned out he was both brave and strong. He had received a large and beautiful heart from his Father, exactly as you dear children Your father has given each one of you a large and beautiful heart with many beautiful abilities. It is time to wake up to yourselves now and start to use these fine gifts that you have received.

With this I leave you now with much love in my heart.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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