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Ask Ashtar via Susan Leland, January 10th


January 10 2016

“Is President Obama the person who will announce NESARA?” W.J.,
The Netherlands  (Translated from Dutch)

Ashtar: “Yes, although there will be others on the stage with him.  He became President under NESARA law – the first to do so – and he is very much aware of its benefits for all the World.  But, the plan is for him to be its announcer, since it was written and passed to apply to the United States of America.  It will become the law Worldwide, and it will bring Divine Governance, Freedom, Peace and Abundance to all!”


“I would appreciate your advice on whether the fear of death, the aging process and the final death experience have been programmed into humans, eons ago.”  P.G.

Ashtar: “Indeed, all of these are based in fear, and they have been most influential programs of the third dimension.  However, it is to appreciate that the aging and death of their physical bodies have made it possible for humans to return to continue living their experiences and learning their life’s lessons – until now.  For it is that all the members of Humanity choosing and preparing to ascend will not be going through the process of dying their bodies.  Further, new technologies of healing and rejuvenation are already appearing, and they will be available to all who desire to utilize them!”

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