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The Collective via Caroline Oceana Ryan, January 9th

Caroline Oceana Ryan ~ A Message to Lightworkers ~ January 9, 2016

The latest guidance for Lightworkers, from our friends, the fifth and sixth dimensional Galactic and Angelic beings known as the Collective:
Greetings, friends! We are glad to have the opportunity to speak with you in this beautiful and brilliant new year.
We are aware that there is both excitement in the air and some uncertainty, regarding a number of situations in your world.
It is so that those in Syria continue to suffer the cold, starvation, and uncertainty of life on all levels.
And that what is called the international community (humanity’s growing Unity consciousness) has offered a mixed bag—fear in some cases, and compassionate action in others, regarding allowing Syrian families into their countries.

It is also so that you must elect a new US president in November—at the rate that Time is spinning by, that is nearly no time at all.
Millions wonder if the US will be left with someone competent, and wise enough to handle the pressures of the job without the fraud, deceit, pandering to Wall Street cronies and war profiteering seen so often in world politics.
In the midst of this—this mad, swirling world that is quickly succumbing to increasingly higher vibrations of Divine Love, Light, Peace, Abundance, and Justice—you are feeling your hearts open.
You feel old issues rising to the surface and demanding to be dealt with, and very great choices to be made regarding your mission here on Earth at this time.
And we would say, that if you could see your ever-increasing brilliance, you would not doubt.
You would not doubt each country’s abilities to show justice and compassion to those in dire need of it; you would simply support all efforts to do so.
You would not feel uncertain regarding the outcome of elections; you would simply do whatever you could to support the candidate your heart most tells you is the one to trust, then let go of all outcomes.
You would ask the Divine Beings watching over this planet—the Ascended Masters, the Angelic realms, Lady Gaia’s own soul, Mother/Father God, Mother Sekhmet and Alcyone—that they now aid and intervene for humankind’s higher good in whatever ways possible.
And you would allow yourself to remember why you came here at this particular time.
You would make a point of listening inwardly to those things that bring you joy, that seem to ring a bell and draw you into a circle of Light, that convince that inner part of you so used to routine it has nearly forgotten how to sing or dance, that you are here to do just that.
And so we would encourage you in this new year to not be so steeped in the “news” as it is reported in most media outlets, that you mistakenly believe that that is actually how things are going in the world.
We would encourage you to hear your inner voice—your intuitive voice, which carries the kindness, encouragement, and wisdom of your higher self, your spirit guides, and your Angelic guardians—and to “get your news” from them.
Ask them whatever you wish—they will not lie to you.
They will not pretend that you are here to do things you are not here for, nor omit important areas you specifically came to experience or accomplish.
They are there to remind you that every day, you draw closer to a fifth dimensional life, and in fact are building one now.
That your purpose in life is know joy, fulfillment, fascination, discovery, and adventure.
And that there is nothing in your current life that cannot be lifted to a much higher version of itself.
This is so, whether you think in terms of your health, your daily work (paid or unpaid), your view of yourself and the world, your sense of purpose in life, your spiritual growth and awareness, your level of abundance, your connections to others, and every other area of life.
Your Earth society is rebuilding itself so powerfully and so quickly, that there are not yet the right forms in terms of communication, cultural self-image, and basic knowledge of what is actually happening in the world’s economies and governments, for the real story to be shared with you.
We would say, that you are building those forms, and that every day, you are preparing both yourselves and your friends and family, who are in some cases a bit further behind you on the path.
Open yourself up to new ideas, to new revelations, to taking on fully the leading-edge way-showers role you came here to fulfill.
And do not be surprised if by this time next year, your entire view of the world has shifted so powerfully, you would not believe your new stance, if we were to describe it to you now.
Nor would you continue that mental programming which tells you that all things spiritual belong only in this building or that, or only in prayer and meditation time, or certain forms of music, and not out on the streets, in the schoolroom, in the boardroom, in congresses and parliaments, in voting booths and space stations.
For there is nowhere on this Earth that the brilliant Light of Ascension is not being shone.
Whether in the deepest dungeon or on the highest mountain, that great Light is permeating every corner, every heart and mind, every form of consciousness and its natural outgrowths.
And so we would encourage you simply to keep your heart-mind open to that which holds the ring of truth for you.
That which feels to be right for you at this or any time, and that which resonates with joy and lightness as the sort of idea that will aid and introduce the New Earth to the many millions who are crying to know Her.
For you are here, dear ones!
You have arrived in your new era, and no one can keep it from you.
Not those who are supposedly powerful and important, nor any being in this Universe, known or unknown, and certainly not your formerly limited sense of self.
Release the old, sad, sorry images, for they no longer apply.
The “victim” role no longer applies.
See the New Earth everywhere you go—invest heavily and powerfully in those feelings, those images that bring you joy, and signal the beginning of a great and amazing new era, with justice, equality, and abundance for all.
Choose your new life, and choose your new year!
Namaste, friends! We are with you, always.

Copyright 2016, Caroline Oceana Ryan
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