Love is our new reality

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Aspects of Joy | The Elders via Lee Degani, 27 februari, 2024

Aspects of Joy | The Elders via Lee Degani

by Lee Degani

“Greetings. Greetings, beloveds, we come as the Elders. We speak with one voice. We are known as the Arcturians and we bring you the vision, we bring you the image of a sun, a golden sun with the rays radiating out. That is what you are doing when you radiate out your love, when you radiate out peace, when you radiate out prayers. It is all one and the same. But each beam, each ray, carries its own essence that is drawn from the sun.

When you travel up the golden spiral, you are traveling through the passageway to the great central sun and then through that portal to the highest point of oneness and yes that is available to you. But we ask you to come into another aspect, the aspect of you. For the oneness is carried at all times.

You are finding ways to be conscious of it, to access the gifts, the powers that you have within each one of you. That power is your will, your divine will and finding your Joy. Think of Joy as the sun itself when you are in a place of Joy whether it is singing or taking care of a child or kissing a loved one goodnight or hugging a tree or creating a story to share with others, you are in a place of Joy.

That Joy has different aspects. When you are in a place of truth there is joy, it is the truth of Joy, it is the Joy of truth. When you witness the waves of the ocean coming to the shore and then going back out again, you are seeing, you are feeling, you are being the beauty of Joy, the Joy of beauty.

When you feel the peace of sitting in the sun and hearing the quiet around you, the quiet of the birds singing their songs, the quiet of the trees waving their branches, their leaves, seeing the quietness of the blue sky, you are within the beauty of Joy, the Joy of beauty.

Joy is the center but it is the one. And what about Love, you ask? Love is the fuel that brings the Joy, for when there is Love, there is Joy of Love, there is the Love of Joy. Love is all around you, it is within you, it is in the air. Utilize it. Utilize it to bring the Joy that will bring the transformation, the gifts you have been praying for, the gifts of peace for all, the Joy of peace for all.

Focus on the Joy beloveds. Focus on that which brings thee Joy. Find the moments. That travels into the great central sun so that it may beam out to everyone. We leave you with much Joy. We leave you with Love. Farewell.”