Love is our new reality

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The Andromedan High Council: A New Criteria for Feeling Good, February 27, 2024

The Andromedan High Council: A New Criteria for Feeling Good

by Ailia Mira

Divine Ones,

We are happy to be with you now and to speak with you from our perspective about what you are experiencing presently and how you are participating in this time of increasing energy and the expansion of your embodied presence.

First of all we wish to celebrate you and all that you are allowing. Often when the incoming energy is so strong — as it has been this week — you lose sight a bit of the bigger picture and of how far you have come. We remind you now of this, and tell you that we see incredible light and clarity in your fields, and the fuller expression of your harmonic wholeness is more and more readily present and emanating from your embodied form. You are so much more lit up than you often realize.

We see Earth as a whole becoming so much brighter and clearer. You are aware of the many chaotic energies playing out in ways that bring lower frequency patterns to light. Remember it is just that — lower frequency patterns coming to light. Everything must be allowed to receive light. To be illuminated. Remember that light itself is doing so much of the heavy lifting here. For it is in this illumination that activation and elevation can come about. It is through illumination that the ignition of higher potential is accomplished.

Your presence is a key to this occurring in the world now and we celebrate this too and invite you to do the same. Each day you might thank your Divine Self and your Spiritual Support Team for being with you and to take a moment to feel the joy in knowing you are so loved, and seen, supported and accompanied. All the time. You are surrounded by loving energy fields and so many beings of Light look after you and are supporting you. And by remembering this, you empower it further. And yourself. You empower yourself by opening to this vast infinite non-physical light which is your Source. And as you open to this, you are infused with love and light and peace and joy and harmony and stillness — all the qualities of your divinity are repeatedly transmitted to you. And more and more, they take hold within you and are rooting, integrating into your physical form. Changing how that form is expressing, and fueling your ascension.

We see you, also, being so aware of the way you cannot do the things in your daily lives that you used to be able to do. You are finding that you feel less productive and we see that sometimes you are able to really let that be as it is, because frankly, you cannot do more given how you feel. We encourage you, friends — and we are friends, with so many of you and we welcome that from all of you — we encourage you to know that you are in fact, doing so much that is of such great value — it’s just not the same kinds of things you used to do and it’s not so much anymore about outer action and busyness.

The value of what you are doing each day by allowing this inner evolution and transformation, and each night while you sleep, is enormous! Take this to heart and feel the truth in what we are sharing here. Within you, you know this as real, yet you don’t always consider it when you’re moving through your day. You still tend to bring expectations of yourself, to your day, which are based on old ways of being. Ways that in truth are becoming obsolete.

Your Divine Self, the True Self, the eternal Monadic Presence that you may call your soul, or your I AM — the words do not matter — this vast whole and expansive eternal field of light that is YOU, is always communicating with you, infusing you with the spirit of your entire being and also guiding you in big and small things. You can know what guidance you are receiving by simply feeling for what feels right to you. You can trust that your Divine Self is infusing you with clarity and when something feels right to you, you can trust it, choose it and know if you do, life will flow and things will fall into place. A higher arrangement is being allowed when you tune in and operate this way.

It is that simple.

Dare to believe in what gives you ease. In what aligns with how you feel moment to moment. Dare to love yourself generously and feel valuable and significant, even if the ways you are living seem very different from the criteria you used to hold in order to feel good about your days. Learn to have a new criteria for evaluating and seeing the importance of each moment. Dare to hold as your criteria, your willingness to be true to yourself. To feel into what is harmonious for you and to align with what feels right.

Your authentic, true expression and you choosing that which feels right empowers everything. Begin to use this as the way you consider the way the day has gone. Are you feeling inner peace and harmony? Then you have accomplished everything! Are you feeling centered and connected with yourself? Are you listening to your body and giving it the rest, hydration, movement, fresh air and whatever else you sense it needs? Are you having some moments of simple joy and pleasure? These are all wonderful ways of considering how your life is going and more than anything else, if you attend to yourself with an intention to be true to yourself, then know that you will succeed at everything you came here to experience, create and contribute.

We know that the incoming energies and the demands that all of this place upon you can feel overwhelming at times and also like it may have been happening for so long, that it feels sometimes that you just want a break. So then, ask for it. If you need it, tell your Divine Self you need a break, a night off, time to rest and regroup and your Divine Self will infuse you with energies and information to support you in coming back to center and reconnecting with your deep inner knowing of how beautiful and precious this lifetime is and why you chose to be here.

You came here for the tremendous expansion you knew would be part of your experience. You came here to give generously of your self, energetically, to contribute your energy to the mix of energies and harmonics here on Earth and you knew that you would be so invigorated and inspired by getting to experience this transition from the 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension and beyond. To see what that was like, from inside the experience.

You, Amazing One, are a way showers and a world bridger. You are a precious being of light, willing to enter into this game and play your part for the joy and the experience it would give you. Keep this close to your heart and alive within your awareness.

You are doing it! Becoming the higher dimensional being you came here to evolve into, while in the physical. You are becoming an ascended master. And for some of you? You’re doing it AGAIN. You’ve done it before on other planets, in other realms of focus and sharing your inner knowing as presence, with those who are doing this for the first time, by emanating and transmitting what you know, vibrationally, makes it more intuitively accessible for others.

All of you are contributing beautiful and relevant energies to this collective experience. Value yourselves. Value one another. Believe in the brilliance and expansion you’re becoming and creating. And know that you have a multitude of fans and friends, cheering you on and who are inspired and touched by the courage and openness with which you are living.

We are here for you and with you. We are the Andromedan High Council. We love having this opportunity to speak with you and share how we see and celebrate your embodied BEING!

We hope you feel the immense love and joy we are shining upon you right now. We are beaming it your way! Close your eyes and if you wish, open to receive this now and if you would like, use it to establish a deeper more personal connection with us.

Then know always that we are here and with you and ask us, for anything you may need and we will do all we can to assist. Thank you for taking the time to connect with us.