Love is our new reality

Aura the Pleiadian via Ann Marie, June 29th, 2018

June 29th, 2018

Sharing your creativity is sharing love. Many of you fear the word love. You must begin to understand the multitudinous meanings of this simple word. It is not merely a relationship with another person. It is an expression of the self, shared first and foremost with your self.

When you allow yourself to express your creativity openly—your passion, your joy—you automatically send love into the universe. The energy particles of your creativity travel throughout space and time distributing themselves among other like particles. It is an act of co-mingling raising the vibration of all to a higher level due to the nature of whence these particles came. The origination, the power of these particles comes from the heart—the true source of love.



June 27th, 2018

Peace is coming through self-love. Through self-love you will find peace. It is all through the self. This must be understood in order to achieve peace.

It is not a group process. It is an individual process. Only through the self may transformation come to the entire. Collective changes will occur as each individual accepts, embraces and loves themself entirely. It is the way forward. It must be understood. It is a required restructuring of the “for the good of all” mentality—a false belief.

The army of light is a figurative term. We are not at war. We are bringing peace. There is only peace.