Sion channels her Higher Self, June 29th, 2018

How can I live the magical life I so much desire?


Sion: Please show me how to remove my humanity and live my life magically through your eyes.

The heavy burdens that have been imposed on you as human beings have made you believe that you are just that; simple limited human beings, this we have told you before but its something so important to understand and more so to practice it every day and there lies the bottleneck that many of you live every day. The apparent limitations that your were led to believe are your personal mental prisons in which each of you live day by day and most times you don’t understand that because your life is that way and by recreating it by default without understanding this you end up accepting it as if that is the life you were meant to live and/or your luck without knowing that by you reaffirming it by the Law of Attraction it will present to you over and over again as that is the creation order you are requesting to the Universe every time that you repeat it by feeling it, living it, crying and complaining about it, thinking of it in silence, asking your selves why you got a life like this, why didn’t I get a life like that person or that other person that lives fine and without problems and as you don’t understand nor find a solution to that there comes resignation and once again … the acceptance that that is your destiny.

No my dear brothers, you are the most magnificent miracles of your existence and all that terrible confusion of your mind is because you were programmed by dark beings that came to your world millions of years ago to corrupt Father/Mother God’s magnificent creation, most of you know the story of that and when many came to realize the enormous and powerful creating power you all have then start to seek the way to pass the message to others so you may change that limiting ways of thought and see further than your noses. Many lost their lives not once or twice but thousands of times throughout this long road of beings in evolution, they gave their lives again and again in each incarnation in the name of truth, many were recognized by the world and are still remembered today but there were thousands of people that gave their lives in anonymity to convey the great message of the vivifying truth that was much more than just to survive in this world lost by the mind’s illusion. Yes, not an encouraging outlook you may say but that is how it was and that is without me telling you about the atrocities many of you had to go through for the love of the truth and now you don’t remember but we have all that registered.

All that time when humanity was deceived and decimated with the intention to hide the truth of who you were has come to its end. The great work and extraordinary acts of love that many of our brothers that you know as Ascended Masters, very evolved beings that by their own free will decided to come down to the planet to help their brothers and sisters find this marvelous truth and show them a path of light to remove darkness from their minds, which each one of them achieved during the time of their existence and thus the light of truth grew within the minds of those who accepted and acted on it during their life time. Even though the road has been long for all of you and us today the truth is coming out to the light not only on the minds and hearts of each one of you that you how now see it more clearly but to the public light to be revealed to every creature in this beautiful blue planet. This remembrance from darkness to the light that we just did allows us to see the great importance to understand that this has been your achievement and that of every human being or embodied soul that decided by free will to come and help with their light this beautiful ascended being called Gaia and even though each one of you is going at your own pace in your ascension process all and every one has taken enormous evolving jumps that have allowed that today we all are communicating with you through different minds that have understood the existence of something greater than to survive in this world and that is not a miracle but the understanding and acceptance of the truth of who you already are in reality, which comes to completely change the concepts and old beliefs imposed breaking the barriers and tearing down mental walls that were the illusory prisons were you lived, a vivifying truth is the greatest and most effective power to crumble any lie and this my dear brothers is what is happening today in your world, the Apocalypse that they made you fear so much is nothing more than the revelation of the truth so here is your blessed Apocalypse that has been teaching you how marvelous and powerful creator gods you are and even though the revelations are so shocking many are reluctant to believe them and prefer to stay with what they believe to be their truth. My brothers and sisters we can assert to you that “the known will be your home, your grave and your truth” if you do not want to dare change your thoughts and see further than your fears, there where there are no boundaries nor limits where the heavens and earth unite to create the magical life that you have always desired. You want what everyone wants but to attain it you must do that which no one does and I’m not referring to physical effort or work but to go within not to see what you find but with the firm certainty and knowledge of who you really are and open heaven’s doors until over abundance fills each aspect of your life, every desire, every dream, every little detail you want to experiment with in your life with the love and wisdom to give and share with every one of your brothers and sisters this magnificent and wonderful blessing to know deep within that you can do it all, that you really are the man or woman of your dreams, that you are the sublime dream you cried for a long time and caressed to have and live.

Yes, my brother you already are that which you call miracle in your life, you already are. You do not need to go anywhere to look for the magic treasure that has always inhabited within and was covered by layers upon layers of veils of fears and doubts that now are not there anymore because even if you are a sceptic about it, my brother, evolution does not stop for you or anybody she just advances like a river in the universe and those who want to submerge in its waters will flow with its force and speed to reach all the mental changes that will break once and for all with the lie of who you are not and you’ll start recognizing first yourselves as the marvelous gods that you have always been and then you’ll recognize yourselves in each one of your brothers as equals, this my brothers is the way that some of you have traveled already and in this moment that you read these words you know that you are one of them and the others are in the process, some a bit behind some closer but all walking the true road of the new Christ Galactic Human that now only sees the truth and walks with it with the certainty that the footprints ahead are the same that were left by their brothers Sananda, St. Germain, Buddha, Krisna, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Joseph, John, Peter, Judas, Isaiah, Jeremiah, etc…   to name some of the most known but the footprints are of thousands of all those that also found this road and followed it as you are now, those footprints of light that you are leaving now others are finding and starting to follow realizing this great truth and humanity’s great awakening is taking place, coming out of the deep dream of deceit and illusion that you thought was your life it is being torn down by the most wonderful vivifying truth.

Now dear Sion you ask me where is all that magical life and how do I live it?

And I tell you, when you see behind your fears and do what few do, seek within not with desperation or doubt but with certainty and love knowing who you are and call the things you desire and make them exist for you and then for others too you are on the light footprints road where life is revealed to you in a magical form with the true magic that our Father creator of everything has giving you and with which he not only creates worlds, universes and galaxies but beautiful and wonderful beings that are his beloved children, if you have clear in your mind the dimension of the power that you have been granted you’ll know that there is nothing absolutely nothing that you can’t be, do or have so that you now live that life full of magic, color and adventures that you desire, filling your heart of joy and feeling the most fortunate human being, happy because all this is unlimited to you and all those brothers that will follow your light footprints through the great truth road that Sananda shared with you to know so you would be truly free and today my dear brothers and sisters we see many of you walking this road of love full of treasures, adventures and incredibly wonderful discoveries that will be declared in your mind.

Yes, I’m God in action!

I hope my dear Sion that this beautiful and small synthesis of your marvelous history as humanity that we have lived step by step with every one of you serve you to start living the magical life you so desire. With all my love and deepest respect for every one of you I say farewell in peace and harmony full of joy for what I see all of you starting to enjoy your magical lives today.

Your higher self, I am


Message channeled by Sion – Victory to the Light!!!