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Sion in Mexico

Sion in Mexico Channels Her Higher Self, July 22nd, 2020


In order to receive more you have to clean out the things that you no longer need in your life, consciously free them with love and joy knowing that this is the greatest blessing in your life.


How to clean your past; Last chance!

In this times when all our memories and past situations, even of past lives, are coming back to our present is because we are ready to transmute and clean up all that trapped energy with your pain, anger, uncertainty, doubt, lack of understanding and the not knowing what to do at that time, etc, etc, etc….Well I want to tell you that you now have all the knowledge and power to do it because that past brought you here and now. You now have the power to see it again, identify it, forgive it and free it forever, you even can look it in the eye, feel it in your body, listen to it in your heart or in your mind and now you have the great opportunity to re-live it but under a scenario of mercy, compassion and forgiveness for you and all those who participated in it.

How many times you wished to be able to go back to the past and change something? Well, today is the time; the energies of the portal that started on June 30 will allow you to if you really want to take advantage of it and wish to do it!

To receive all your memories and situations that marked your life because at the time you did not know what to do or how to deal with it so you just suffered it and took it inside you like stuck energy creating a great feeling of dissatisfaction, unhappiness, anxiety, fears, doubts, guilts and total lack of progress in your projects or future dreams, a feeling of being stagnant that made you believe that that was the way your life would be and that was the life you were meant to live but now you have the great opportunity to be able to literally erase them from you present and future timelines. Would you like to do it now?

But how is that done you may ask.

Well, now that you have acquire the knowledge of the truth, now that your eyes have been opened and that your heart knows the power of unconditional forgiveness, mercy and compassion then you as a new awaken being can HEAL YOURSELF and let all that burden from the past go as you no longer need it for anything.

Fear does not exist anymore because maybe those characters that did you wrong are no longer physically here or around you but the hurt has remained in your heart during all this time and TODAY is the day for you to know that all those situations that you lived were planned for you and by me YOUR SOUL for the greatest good of your evolution and that all those involved are generous souls that agreed to help you in your journey thus there is nothing nor anyone to blame; Because there is no BLAME!

Being able to see yourself WITHOUT ANY JUDGMENT with what you have, who you are, where you are in this very instant of your life and understand that everything is as you planned it and accept it, acknowledge it, ACKNOWLEDGE YOURSELF AS ITS CREATOR knowing that in this life of illusion you were only experimenting the apparent separation from Creation Source and the temporary amnesia of what and who you really are; then you will realize that you have been playing your game cleanly and that you have won! When you recognize yourself as the ONLY CREATOR OF YOUR OWN LIFE and thus the only one that can change it forever! You follow? Are you understanding?

Whatever you life may be, this is your grand opportunity to change it forever! How you may ask.

Well, by you receiving all those memories, situations, mental or physical sensations with unconditional love and forgiveness you are giving them the opportunity to ask for your forgiveness for the hurt they caused, you are giving them the opportunity for you to understand that they were your creation, that they were there only fulfilling your command and that they were YOURSELF, BEING YOUR OWN TEACHER!

Embrace each one of those painful experiences and talk to them by name, tell them all they made you feel letting go all that you are carrying in your heart, ALL absolutely ALL. Open up to your soul and tell it ALL that you felt and are felling! FREE YOUR HEART FOREVER!


Cry, shout if you want. Sit them all in an imaginary chair in front of you and talk to them out loud, let everything out right now! Empty your heart! Do it now….FREE YOURSELF once and for all it is time.

Now take some time and see each one of this past situations or memories, either from this or other lives, with the UNCONDITIONAL FORGIVENESS MAGNIFYING GLASS and seek with that enormous magnifying glass a single reason why was not fair for you to experience that situation, a single reason and you’ll see that there is none. Everything in the Universe is movement and synchrony, all things happen for a reason and were created for that reason. Do you understand?

There is nothing that should not have happened in your life, they were only abilities and skills tests that you yourself proposed to experience for the greatest good of your soul and evolution and some or better said most of this tests you past with excellence and that every day of every life that you have lived you grew more spiritually getting closer to the great truth of who you really are.

And now that you are in this moment of your here and your now with this NEW YOU! Is the time for your last cleansing and that is why those few experiences or memories that have not been forgiven at all and freed in total unconditional love have comeback; So here you have your grand opportunity to do you magic to be able to go back to the past, with your eyes of the present and see through the portal of unconditional forgiveness, that is your big magnifying glass of love, all those aspects of yourself that you have not had the chance to see and realize that they are as needy of your forgiveness and love as you are of giving it to them and be free at last!

It is by you and for you that you do it, YOU ARE YOUR OWN SAVIOR!!!!!!

Remember this and enjoy this magnificent time and opportunity that you are being given to make it right.

You and I are together on this
With love
Message channeled by Sion – Victory to the Light!!!
Mexico, July 22, 2020

A message from Archangel Ananael via Sion, June 20th, 2020

A message from Archangel Ananael channeled by Sion – Mexico


I can do anything, I have everything, I am all because I am God in action

Open heaven’s gates until there is over abundance in your life! Extend your tents and reinforce your stakes because you are going to be blessed.

Believe that you can do now everything you desire
Believe that you have now all you desire
Believe you are now all that you desire to be

Because it is so! You are whom you always have desire to be it is just that it is hard for you to accept it because you are no seeing it at this moment. You already are, have and can enjoy your better self, accept it, feel it and believe it! Feeling is the force that grabs your blessings and make them come to existence – Do it today.

That is why is so important to be like children with an overflowing and marvelous imagination and their beautiful innocence that allows them to believe with a blind faith that ALL is possible for them.

For the magic to work in your life first you have to: Accept that exists, believe in it, believe that it work for you, flow with it and most important TRUST in it.

Your only job is to recognize it within, allow it to act through your visualizations or desires because everything that you ask or long for is already given, you have it, its yours and you will be able to take it with your hand of faith and make it come to existence for you here and now – do it right now! You don’t have to wait for something to come into your life because time does not exist. Understand, there isn’t a time between you and your desire it is already given, its yours, accept it first as a grand truth that has freed you today and forever of seeing you separated from all your desires. That is the great lie of the illusion.

Why would your loving Father/Mother/Creator give you all your heart desires and perfect gifts but put them in an unreachable place for you? That is the greatest stupidity that has been thought to you, which has diminish your creator power by making you think that you have to do a super effort, that you have to behave super good or that you have to go through an enormous process with titanic efforts in order to reach something that is already yours. That has been given to you as a birth right and is part of the nature you came with to this world and that you only needed to know it existed within, accept that is real, believe it to be true and enjoy it to give yourself all that you desire at the correct moment just for you – your here and your now.

The incorrect belief that many things have to happen in your life and that you have to fulfill God knows how many requirements in order to be able to ask for something and to get it. That belief has been imposed unto all of you since generations ago but with today’s knowledge it has been revealed the great truth of who you really are. Tell me my brother/sister do wish to keep waiting for your blessings, desires, gifts and powers to come to you someday? Because I tell you that it will be so unless you forget that foolish teaching that stops you from receiving; remember no to be the thief of your own kingdom. First thing you must do is to wipe out that idea out of your head and accept that the only job here is: BELIEVE TO SEE all you desire in your life.

Just believe in yourself, believe that this is possible for you, believe that you are the creator of every single day of your life. You are the owner and master of your destiny and that you will create it as you wish to live it in your here and now and for that you need not wait for something or someone to come do it for you, that is your responsibility and the only job to do now that you are awake. Understanding it first and then accepting it; by taking those two steps that magic is real for you.

My friend there is only left to design, through visualization, how you want things to be like, the blessings in your life putting attention to the details in your visualization so that it fills you with emotions and feelings of happiness because that is it precisely. Like when you are choosing something from the Universe’s experiences catalog that you want to experience.

It is time for you to start using your creator power in something else other than spontaneous sparks that rise in certain occasions of your life by default or from a great need to solve something and to start to create awake, consciously and deliberately in your life and most importantly that you take your life’s reins starting right now and do not allow anything or anyone to keep you away from your objectives forever more. It is your personal privilege to live every one of your desired experiences, to be, do and have all your heart’s desires.

The unlimited wealth and abundance are within you, you are their creation source
The unlimited health is within you, you are its creation source
The unlimited beauty and youth are within you, you are their creation source
The unlimited wisdom and knowledge are within you, you are their creation source
The unlimited love and peace are within you, you are their creation source
The happiness, joy, wellbeing and all the most beautiful emotions are within you, you are their creation source so then tell me; what are you looking for outside of yourself if it all emanates from you, you are the creation source of all here and now.

Until when are you going to stop living like that, in the eternal and boring wait for something or someone to come and do your job to create your own life. Hasn’t it been sufficient time to control yourself? Hasn’t it been enough time of telling yourself that you can’t do it or fool yourself that you are nobody? Or tell me beautiful and powerful God until when are you going to decide to take your scepter, put on your crown and recognize yourself. Because at this time there is nothing nor anyone preventing you, there isn’t enough power in or out of this world that can slow you down or stop you but that tiny wrong manipulative and lying thought that was implanted into your mind that says the contrary. So from today forward stop listening to it anymore! I dare you my brother/sister to start right now to be the deliberate creator of your own life and realize of the marvelous power that is here and now within you as the greatest gift that Father/Mother creators put in you since the day you were conceived by them and without a doubt is your birthright, as a king inherits from his parents the whole kingdom. That is the way a creator God inherits from his parents all their creation along with all the powers inherent to it.

So my brother/sister start today to enjoy your inheritance, your will has been read long before you entered this planet and it is time to enjoy it, just be yourself and live it NOW!

I am Archangel Ananael through my beloved Sion and so it is and it is so

Message channeled by Sion – Victory to the Light!!!
Mexico, June 19, 2020

Sananda via Sion, October 31st, 2018

Sananda – The great changes that are approaching!

The great events that are about to happen will change humanity’s course forever taking you to the start of a new golden age where the new human beings will be able to enjoy their true essence as gods of love and peace.

Good morning my beloved Sion it’s a pleasure that we are able to connect when the new day is yet to light up in this part of the planet, you ask me what is going to happen in your immediate future?

Well, my love as we have been saying to you; great changes are approaching in your and the planet’s horizon. Right now you are in a process of monumental changes that may appear as nothing to your human eyes because it looks like all is the same as always but believe me what you and your light worker brothers and sisters are living and experimenting is marvelous, it’s the ascension process itself !

The complete and radical change of the end of an era that even though it has been hard for most of you on Earth, it was of great blessings for the universe for all the changes that have been accomplished not only in your minds but by the impact on the lives of other brothers and sisters with your love and light, which many times it has been done unconsciously, by your presence alone you have achieved transmuting that negative and unstable energy for one of great love and peace.

What happens is that as you don’t see it with your physical eyes you believe every day is the same but what you don’t see is what is truly important and thus I’ll tell you about it my dear Sion:

You and all your brothers and sisters are being transformed from the inside out with the powerful energies that Father/Mother have been sending to the planet, which without them it would be impossible for you to return home with us. These changes in your DNA, like I told you in the book that I’m still working on with your daughter Valeria, are imperceptible to you and maybe you only feel it as physical discomfort due to the changes produced by it but in reality one of the greatest miracles, as you call them, that humanity could have conceived is happening.

The transition from humans to gods in one life time and with your own living bodies in such way that you are being your own witnesses to this wonderful moment of life not only on the planet but in the whole universe. As we have told you in many messages before this process from human to god in one life time has never been done before thus we are facing of one of the greatest events we have witnessed and of which we are very proud to say that we have done it along with you, that dear Sion its called evolution and we have done it, you and us together as ONE.

Saving your own selves from self-destructing like the other civilizations that were here, which were your selves in past lives, has been a great achievement and the passing of the December 21, 2012 marker, that we had to pass, which was done successfully as WWIII did not start as many on the planet wanted to so they could have their genocide and keep their world. Contrary to those sad non news, today we can tell you that you are firmly walking home where we, all full of joy, are waiting for you with open arms for your return to live in the beautiful paradise that Gaia is.

That my dear Sion is what is happening right now in your world and because the cleanup started from the inside out of each of you and of beautiful Gaia now those changes will have to show up outside of each of you and Gaia. That is why each day that goes by we are even closer to the moment that all that was changed, cleaned and transformed inside you and all the human beings as well as your beautiful planetary Mother will have to be seen changed, cleaned and transformed in the exterior of every single one of your lives and that is why everything has been moving a lot, there are some that for whom their whole life transformed and all is changing rapidly in their now which they have noticed even though they have not been able to understand yet what is happening but their lives have turn unimaginably and all are trying to adapt to all those changes and transformations in their lives that have led them to think; something is happening!

And those same individual changes are happening to your loving Mother Gaia as she herself also is part of this change, cleanup and planetary transformation that is impacting the whole universe and that is why I want you to understand my beloved Sion that you and your brothers and sisters do not have to be afraid of the events that are forthcoming in the following weeks and months as they are part of everyone’s cleanup and are much needed to uproot all the darkness that had you trapped in the mind’s illusion.

Mother Gaia knows perfectly what is coming and she is not afraid of anything because she knows it is part of the process that she choses to live and it only flows with these changes and events that come up every day, allowing our guidance to follow her evolution process. Remember that what is inside so on the outside and what is above so below and all is one and the same. We are to the point to the start of great changes on the planet that are not other than Gaia’s internal changes and you have made it possible so prepare yourselves and your lives that change from your heart with the outmost love and joy for all that is coming, without fear, this is a marvelous and true heavenly celebration.

I love you my dear Sion

I promise you that very soon we will be together

Your beloved Sananda



Message channeled by Sion – Victory to the Light!!!

Translation to English from Spanish: Ramon

Editing of English: Per Staffan


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Sion channels her Higher Self, June 29th, 2018

How can I live the magical life I so much desire?


Sion: Please show me how to remove my humanity and live my life magically through your eyes.

The heavy burdens that have been imposed on you as human beings have made you believe that you are just that; simple limited human beings, this we have told you before but its something so important to understand and more so to practice it every day and there lies the bottleneck that many of you live every day. The apparent limitations that your were led to believe are your personal mental prisons in which each of you live day by day and most times you don’t understand that because your life is that way and by recreating it by default without understanding this you end up accepting it as if that is the life you were meant to live and/or your luck without knowing that by you reaffirming it by the Law of Attraction it will present to you over and over again as that is the creation order you are requesting to the Universe every time that you repeat it by feeling it, living it, crying and complaining about it, thinking of it in silence, asking your selves why you got a life like this, why didn’t I get a life like that person or that other person that lives fine and without problems and as you don’t understand nor find a solution to that there comes resignation and once again … the acceptance that that is your destiny.

No my dear brothers, you are the most magnificent miracles of your existence and all that terrible confusion of your mind is because you were programmed by dark beings that came to your world millions of years ago to corrupt Father/Mother God’s magnificent creation, most of you know the story of that and when many came to realize the enormous and powerful creating power you all have then start to seek the way to pass the message to others so you may change that limiting ways of thought and see further than your noses. Many lost their lives not once or twice but thousands of times throughout this long road of beings in evolution, they gave their lives again and again in each incarnation in the name of truth, many were recognized by the world and are still remembered today but there were thousands of people that gave their lives in anonymity to convey the great message of the vivifying truth that was much more than just to survive in this world lost by the mind’s illusion. Yes, not an encouraging outlook you may say but that is how it was and that is without me telling you about the atrocities many of you had to go through for the love of the truth and now you don’t remember but we have all that registered.

All that time when humanity was deceived and decimated with the intention to hide the truth of who you were has come to its end. The great work and extraordinary acts of love that many of our brothers that you know as Ascended Masters, very evolved beings that by their own free will decided to come down to the planet to help their brothers and sisters find this marvelous truth and show them a path of light to remove darkness from their minds, which each one of them achieved during the time of their existence and thus the light of truth grew within the minds of those who accepted and acted on it during their life time. Even though the road has been long for all of you and us today the truth is coming out to the light not only on the minds and hearts of each one of you that you how now see it more clearly but to the public light to be revealed to every creature in this beautiful blue planet. This remembrance from darkness to the light that we just did allows us to see the great importance to understand that this has been your achievement and that of every human being or embodied soul that decided by free will to come and help with their light this beautiful ascended being called Gaia and even though each one of you is going at your own pace in your ascension process all and every one has taken enormous evolving jumps that have allowed that today we all are communicating with you through different minds that have understood the existence of something greater than to survive in this world and that is not a miracle but the understanding and acceptance of the truth of who you already are in reality, which comes to completely change the concepts and old beliefs imposed breaking the barriers and tearing down mental walls that were the illusory prisons were you lived, a vivifying truth is the greatest and most effective power to crumble any lie and this my dear brothers is what is happening today in your world, the Apocalypse that they made you fear so much is nothing more than the revelation of the truth so here is your blessed Apocalypse that has been teaching you how marvelous and powerful creator gods you are and even though the revelations are so shocking many are reluctant to believe them and prefer to stay with what they believe to be their truth. My brothers and sisters we can assert to you that “the known will be your home, your grave and your truth” if you do not want to dare change your thoughts and see further than your fears, there where there are no boundaries nor limits where the heavens and earth unite to create the magical life that you have always desired. You want what everyone wants but to attain it you must do that which no one does and I’m not referring to physical effort or work but to go within not to see what you find but with the firm certainty and knowledge of who you really are and open heaven’s doors until over abundance fills each aspect of your life, every desire, every dream, every little detail you want to experiment with in your life with the love and wisdom to give and share with every one of your brothers and sisters this magnificent and wonderful blessing to know deep within that you can do it all, that you really are the man or woman of your dreams, that you are the sublime dream you cried for a long time and caressed to have and live.

Yes, my brother you already are that which you call miracle in your life, you already are. You do not need to go anywhere to look for the magic treasure that has always inhabited within and was covered by layers upon layers of veils of fears and doubts that now are not there anymore because even if you are a sceptic about it, my brother, evolution does not stop for you or anybody she just advances like a river in the universe and those who want to submerge in its waters will flow with its force and speed to reach all the mental changes that will break once and for all with the lie of who you are not and you’ll start recognizing first yourselves as the marvelous gods that you have always been and then you’ll recognize yourselves in each one of your brothers as equals, this my brothers is the way that some of you have traveled already and in this moment that you read these words you know that you are one of them and the others are in the process, some a bit behind some closer but all walking the true road of the new Christ Galactic Human that now only sees the truth and walks with it with the certainty that the footprints ahead are the same that were left by their brothers Sananda, St. Germain, Buddha, Krisna, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Joseph, John, Peter, Judas, Isaiah, Jeremiah, etc…   to name some of the most known but the footprints are of thousands of all those that also found this road and followed it as you are now, those footprints of light that you are leaving now others are finding and starting to follow realizing this great truth and humanity’s great awakening is taking place, coming out of the deep dream of deceit and illusion that you thought was your life it is being torn down by the most wonderful vivifying truth.

Now dear Sion you ask me where is all that magical life and how do I live it?

And I tell you, when you see behind your fears and do what few do, seek within not with desperation or doubt but with certainty and love knowing who you are and call the things you desire and make them exist for you and then for others too you are on the light footprints road where life is revealed to you in a magical form with the true magic that our Father creator of everything has giving you and with which he not only creates worlds, universes and galaxies but beautiful and wonderful beings that are his beloved children, if you have clear in your mind the dimension of the power that you have been granted you’ll know that there is nothing absolutely nothing that you can’t be, do or have so that you now live that life full of magic, color and adventures that you desire, filling your heart of joy and feeling the most fortunate human being, happy because all this is unlimited to you and all those brothers that will follow your light footprints through the great truth road that Sananda shared with you to know so you would be truly free and today my dear brothers and sisters we see many of you walking this road of love full of treasures, adventures and incredibly wonderful discoveries that will be declared in your mind.

Yes, I’m God in action!

I hope my dear Sion that this beautiful and small synthesis of your marvelous history as humanity that we have lived step by step with every one of you serve you to start living the magical life you so desire. With all my love and deepest respect for every one of you I say farewell in peace and harmony full of joy for what I see all of you starting to enjoy your magical lives today.

Your higher self, I am


Message channeled by Sion – Victory to the Light!!!

Sananda: The champagne effect in your lives, via Sion, May 18th, 2018

What is the “Champagne Effect” in my life?


Hasn’t it happen that you desire something else than just to survive in this world?

Even now that you are awake and have the knowledge that allows you to see further than your nose with which you understand that there is something much greater than what you thought and that you are the key piece to be able to have that magic life you so desire with all your heart.

See, I believe that everyone at some time has reached the point on the awakening process and maybe many are now feeling stuck in this part, where you know you have everything to live the life of your dreams and want to do it but you feel that you do not progress or that you are running around in circles coming back to the same place in your mind over and over. Well don’t feel bad we all have gone through something like it and if there are some that have succeed, good for them as it requires very deep personal work but don’t worry you can always ask your guides, angels, archangels and family ancestors for help to come out of this mental ditch created by the programing of incorrect believes during such a long time, you know it and even accept it but it is not the place where you would like to stick around for much longer right? So what to do, how to get out of there? How do you tell your mind to stop thinking more of the same because you will keep reproducing it in your life as per the Law of Attraction, which we know well, so how do you teach your conscious mind what your subconscious is capable of doing and ask it to stop controlling everything and flow with its divine twin.

That is part of the cleanup we all are going through without exception; whether you understand it or not, believe in this or not, the energy that Mother/Father is sending to the planet today is affecting all life in it and this beautiful and powerful energy is giving our lives great tumbles with sometimes very dramatic changes but when we are consciously able to see we will realize the marvelous blessings they are sending. All is part of the change to be able to see the new dawn and the new golden age that we all with great joy and happiness desire with all our hearts and then… what happens with that sensation that you want to have all that you have understood you can achieve in your life but it has not arrived. There is a process called the “Champagne Effect” where by pushing out the bottle’s cork it explodes with a big bang, flies trough the air and the champagne bursts out like a volcano’s eruption and its impossible to stop so much that you must start filling the glasses with it if not it will empty out without stopping. That is what happens with the blessings in your life, your dreams, your desires, goals or whatever you want to be, do or have. They are ready and contained in your mind-heart (bottle) ready to come out and fill your life and that of others with the joy, well being, happiness, fulfillment, wisdom and love for you and for life itself (champagne) in short to bring you that magical life you so desire in an instant.

Every one of you know very well that for your reality to change first you have to go within to change all the auto imposed believes that tell you this is not possible for you and that if you want to live or have all that which comes out of the bottle (blessings) you have to work very hard and sacrifice all even sometimes to do awful things to reach that apparent life of success before all. But I want to tell you that the Father’s love is total and unconditional even with your bad decisions that only become your best teachers so you may advance so there is no blame of anything for whatever decision taken that did not take you to where you expected, being free of guilt is a blessing you deserve. Now what does all of this running around, as you say in your planet, has to do with how to change my life NOW!

By your accepting and understanding that all, absolutely all that happens to you, not only in this life but in all the thousands that you have lived, you attract it to yourself for your own enriching experience in your evolution. It is an enormous step towards your magical life, you are pushing the cork so it pops out as no matter how much pressure the champagne puts out the cork is designed not to pop until someone comes along with the desire to push it with their own hands and that one person is you of your own free will, with willingness to change your life, with understanding that there is something greater than only survive in this world and to see the good things and other’s success just go by you. It is time to take awareness that it is you who have the power to bring everything from within, to give to yourself that magical life you always desire and that you do not need to do anything that denigrates or hurts you to obtain it.

The first step is to trust in yourself as a divine being, child of the divine with 100% of chance and possibilities to change your life in the moment you desire now with the knowledge that that in which you focus is what you bring to your reality.

The only thing missing is the magic ingredients in this formula is what raises your vibrations and makes them fly to the heavens as the champagne cork and those are the wonderful powers you already have:

Your feelings, Your emotions and Your sensations

These positive forces will push the cork out of the bottle and will free all the blessings of happiness, prosperity, knowledge, certainty, well being, love, freedom, joy, trust, etc… All your greatest desires and even with added euphoria for your magical life. And it is there where you as the only owners of them, under your control will do the magnificent work to give the last push to the cork in the bottle for the magic of life to start coming out and it pours out not only in your life but in many other peoples lives (fill their glasses) to whom you will tell how you made it happen, how by changing your attitude and feelings towards your selves and by starting to see people with eyes of love and understanding fill yourselves of the same in your lives, like loving the animals, the plants even the stones and all that is beautiful in this planet allows to awake up the benevolence towards self and others, if you seek further you will find much more sensations, emotions and beautiful feelings that will allow you to see not only how magical your life will be but they will empower you without ego so that all that beautiful energy that now fills your life becomes the absolute power to create that which you never thought possible and that which you haven’t been able to imagine that you could do same as I did, believe me I’m here with you happy to see that your magical life is right in front of you and there is nothing you can not do, be or have in the instant you decide to add to your dreams the magic of the most marvelous emotions, sensations and feelings with all your heart understanding that they are the ones that raise the frequencies up to heaven itself where it then pours on you as a cascade of abundance in your life of all that you wish for my dear brothers and sisters.

Love, love yourself and fill yourself only with the best emotions, sensations and feelings they are your greatest strength and creation power. Enjoy, smile every day at every minute, be happy everyday, be grateful and live your magical life now!

I dare you to do it and use your emotions, feelings and sensations to the max, you’ll discover that the magic you so much seek out there to change your life has always been within.

With all my love and greatest joy, I am Sananda Kumara better known as Jesus of Nazareth.

And I am your brother not your God

I am here and now with you.

Sananda Kumara

Message channeled by Sion – Victory to the Light!!!


Translation from Spanish to English: Roman


Editing of English: Per Staffan

Sion channels her higher Self, April 16th, 2018

Sion: What does it mean to believe in oneself?


Seeing one’s self from the deepest of your heart allows you to know who you really are. Warriors totally trust their inner voice that guides them to what to do or say. It is that trust in that voice that allows them to move with clarity, security and certainty when its time to act.

It is the same as to walk with your eyes closed without stopping and trust that voice that will guide you, warn you of the dangers and obstacles in your journey and when you learn to listen to it is like having “eyes of light” where even with your physical eyes closed you can walk, run, fly and jump without any harm to you. That is the total trust in your inner voice which you must listen to at all times, it is always there to guide you, help you and tell you everything you wish and need to find your balance again.

Sion, I know you have looked for me, you cry and feel hopeless because you don’t know what to do, but I want to tell you to stop struggling, being stressed and swim against the current every day only to end up more tired, confused, disillusioned and frustrated for not being able to find the answers to your current life. Just trust yourself, which is the same as trusting me.

Breathe for a minute and trust! You are so desperate to understand what to do or to know, if what you are doing is correct then you don’t even breathe correctly. Breathe in the peace, the harmony, the love, the light, the beauty and calming your mind so you may hear me. I’m always communicating with you but you are always stressed, angry, disillusioned or simply neutral and thus you can’t hear me. I need you so, as today, you take time to close your eyes and listen to me. It is not the quantity of time but the quality of time, make a simple question and breathe; control your thoughts that pour like a waterfall bombarding you with all kinds of arguments of why, what, for what, who, blah, blah, blah…. Just stop your mind and come in to the peace, harmony and love of who is within you, come rest and breathe the peace so you may hear me. I am as interested and urged to connect as you are, we are one, remember that, but our connection cannot be in the midst of fear, doubt, desperation or anger.

I am light, peace, love, harmony, happiness, joy, abundance, eternity, health, triumph and success. That is what defines me and you, Sion. You can’t mix one with the other either you are light or you are darkness because the Law of Attraction will fill you of one or the other.

Understanding your darkness and embracing it is not to manifest it in your life but to let it go without judgment but do not give it even a minute of your creative power because it will not go and it will start to repeat itself over and over as a temporary loop. It is very important to not only read and understand it but mostly to do it, do not give darkness a place in your thoughts you don’t need it, it only wants you to follow its illusion of fear and confusion.

Sion: Why?

Because a mind confused by fear or doubt does not know what to do, it does not understand how to do the right thing, the mind can’t find the way because it looks in all directions and by being wrong over and over it does not achieve its goals, objective or dreams, as you may wish to call it. It collapses and ends up more confused and afraid than at the start. It is not for only one person that I have seen it happen to, but for millions of people and for thousands of lives over and over. Why do you think we all are here doing everything possible in our power to help you come out of the illusion trap in each of your minds and that of the collective, we with all our power and love light help and care for you so that you succeed in finding the way home which appears clear and visible when by your own free will you decide to end with the illusion in your mind. I don’t mean to fight with it as it is yourself but through a firm consciousness of who you really are declare, proclaim and hold in your heart that greatest truth.

Sion: What is that truth?

  1. That you are a child of Mother/Father/God’s love light, heir by birthright of the heavenly kingdom.
  2. That you were created to the likeness of Mother/Father/God.
  3. That all the power and divine gifts were given to you.
  4. That all the infinite riches and abundance were given to you.
  5. That you have all the knowledge and wisdom to be, to do and to have everything you desire.
  6. That you have all the love in your heart to give and share with all your brothers and sisters. And most important of all…
  7. That you have all the universe unlimited creative power within.

That beloved Sion is what they made you forget to confuse you and make you believe that you are mere mortals; Poor, Sick, Limited, Alone, Isolated, Fearing, Doubtful, etc, etc…

They bombarded your minds and tried to steal your birthright and when couldn’t they used your own creative power to deceive yourselves and by the law of attraction maintain you in the loop to be born, grow up, reproduce, service them and die over and over for eons. See… that implanted lie in your mind is what we are taking about and how do you take out such a deeply rooted lie? With a great revitalizing truth full of light and love (the seven truths of who you really are) because a lie only lasts until the truth emerges and then that lie does not have anything to grab onto in your mind and will fall like a rock without anything to hold it and it will never stick to your mind again.

I tell you all this even though I know you have heard or thought about it before so that you may understand the importance to believe in this truth with all your heart, soul and being and that you as the sole owner of your mind by your free will, understanding, wish, self love, desire and power to do it take this truth and declare it now with all your heart in your own mind.

I’m not asking for a ritual nor hours of your time, I’m telling you that starting today with the firm determination that you wish to change your life forever you tell yourself this same truth of who you really are and do not doubt even for a second that it is the truth.

It is not a fight against your self. It is the union with your mind. it is the greatest and most wonderful truth…

You are as God

I am as God

You and I are one for ever

There is no other truth

Believe in it, believe in you, believe in me

To believe in yourself is to believe in your Creator

I love you, I am ready…

Your Higher Self

Message channeled by Sion – Victory to the Light!!!



Translation from Spanish to English: Ramon

Editing of English: Per Staffan



The messages posted on can freely be posted by other Lightworkers with the proper recognition of the channel and the translator as well as the website

Sion Channels Her Higher Self – March 31st, 2018

The true power of forgiveness


One of the most powerful gifts is forgiveness as it is the true and most efficient liberator that exists which opens locks and breaks chains once emitted by you to either forgive yourself or others with all your heart. There is nothing or anybody that can stop it. It is like an angel of light that comes and breaks all ties, opens every door in the infinite until it gets to the root cause where the situation was generated and frees it with a great love, surrounds it with its light and guides that situation the opposite way it was going to manifest or was manifesting in your or anyone’s life bringing love, well being and healing to everyone involved with peace and unity.

Do you see the importance of forgiveness and how wonderful it is to have this powerful gift to which very few pay attention to. The majority of people forgive for social, sentimental or convenient reasons but very few do it consciously out of self love or love towards the aggressor, which is what is important that you understand beloved one. It is a door to your freedom not only emotional or spiritual but mental and physical. Living in a 3D planet that is very important; being mentally and physically free allows you to see with clarity all things and situations in your life and not to judge any persons or situations of any kind ever. Knowing that everyone is free by divine birthright to decide how to live allows you to live among them in a peaceful and respectful way and help only when asked for and to do that, beloved one, you yourself must be in complete spiritual, emotional, mental and physical freedom through the true freeing power of forgiveness of yourself and everyone else. Nobody can teach that, which they don’t understand or experience as Jesus said: “A blind man cannot guide another blind man as both will fall into the well” you have to be prepared and ready to help.

I have shown you one of the greatest powers of the universe, forgiveness which is our beloved Father/Mother/God, it is their essence along with the unlimited and incalculable love they have for all their children in all the Galaxies and Universes that exist up to now.

Never forget that the power of love, forgiveness, respect, mercy, humility, kindness and service to others all are liberators of chained souls and minds locked up in their own ignorance cages in this world of illusion. You know, dear child, in this world people consider their most powerful arms physical things like weapons of war, objects, swords, pipes, baseball bats, knifes, guns, etc… along with the physiological/emotional weapons with which they want to overpower other brother & sisters by tying their souls to fear and submission without knowing or understanding that by universal law they also tie themselves with chains of hate, resentment, criticism, pain and fear and that only the power of true love and forgiveness is what will come into their lives to break all those ties like a powerful two edge sword cutting yours and those of the person(s) that you offended or that have offended you.

This is a total liberation for all. That is the way God/Mother/Father’s love and forgiveness works and its always available to anyone that wishes to forgive one self and others.

Well, this is one of the greater powers after love and as I said to you because it is not physically visible people think that it isn’t important even some see it as a weakness, as I have told you before by not giving it to others they also deny it to themselves but you should understand beloved ones that our weapons are not physical, we do not need them (it smiles).

They only exist here in your world because you invented them with the guidance of the dark ones and unfortunately they are for your own self destruction which is what these dark beings really wanted but they will not ever be able to do it. You are now opening your eyes more and more every day realizing that violence and hatred have not lead you to anything good and never have a happy ending.

Humanity will have to learn to forgive itself and forgive with love all their brothers and sisters as you need unity to advance in your ascension and this message, my dear Sion, we have been sending it every day to the planet along with all our love and light, as we have said; always the message is the same to all during all the times of your existence and we have also dealt with each of you specifically through your guardian angels and spiritual guides who are with you 100% of the time from the beginning of your marvelous evolution trip but our problem was that almost no one listened. A few eons of your time had to go by for humanity to reach the minimum development so we could be heard and for change to start to happen. Today thanks to our God/Mother/Father this is accelerating magnificently and here we are you and me talking as one being able to have this great conversation in which we can finally speak of the whole truth and what really happened here. Every awoken being is now receiving information, as it can be assimilated and understood for your greatest good and that of others because we all are part of a marvelous truth that unites us as one galactic Gods race in the universe as legitimate sons and daughters of our light and love parents who created us free to be, do and have everything our mind-heart could imagine to wish unlimitedly and most wonderfully; Eternally.

I want you to understand this dear beloved, you were limited by space-time in this apparent 3D reality but it is not so in reality we are in the here and now always, it is only now that you are awakening to this knowledge that will allow you to change what you want now in this instant, in this moment you don’t have to wait any longer, for the power to do it is within you now and always, the time to manifestation is set also by you with your beliefs of space-time, which for the Universe it does not exist. The creating energy that transforms itself into everything that you desire is always ready to listen to you, we have waited for so long for this life moment in which we wanted to tell you that you not only have the power to change your personal life as you wish but to transform your world, your whole planet and the human race destiny forever with only the magic of asking, believing and receiving it now.

As easy as that is how the universe always works, it does not know of delays or wrong delivery address, it never makes mistakes nor forgets anything of what was requested even those desires that have not arrived to your lives are latent waiting for you to call them with conscious knowing that they are yours and nothing or anyone can take them away ever, this is the miracles manifesting faith. It never gives up on a non-manifested wish. Our advice is to try calling it again (believe in yourself, believe that it is possible for you to achieve that which you so much desire and know that it will change your lives) with the same strong force that you believe needing it every day it does not arrive, use the same force to declare that it is already yours by divine birthright and feel that it is here, that you have it in your hands and that there is more than enough for everyone in the universe therefore there is nothing impeding you to have it, that is why its important that you join your mind with this wonderful truth and tell it who you really are; A son/daughter of God/Mother/Father light and love, heir of all that you desire for you by birthright. Take your inheritance of light and love and start to bless your life and every one of your brothers and sisters right now.

With infinite Love

Your Soul


Message channeled by Sion – Victory to the Light!!!


Translation from Spanish to English: Ramon

Editing of English: Per Staffan



The messages posted on can freely be posted by other Lightworkers with the proper recognition of the channel and the translator as well as the website

Father God via Sion, March 12th, 2018


Come out of the cage, come out of deceit ! 


What is the lesson or teaching I am to receive and learn?

As long as you keep feeling as a victim of the people you will replay it as per the Law of Attraction. You must change your vibration level and empower your self without the ego, know that you can do these things, know that you can trust yourself. However, you seldom trust your self.

Normally when something happens to you, you muster the strength to face those things and then you go back to your victim role again, where you give your all and do not receive anything back, where you serve but are not served, where you support and care for others but don’t get the same.


Why, you ask yourself desperately bursting into tears. Isn’t it that you may still be under your old implanted role that you think is the way you are and that you won’t be able to change, that which we have seen in you all this years. And yes, you do have an implanted role. Something that is not yours, that is not your nature, that does not define you.

You Are My children

They have tried to turn you off with a lie implanted in your mind as a child and with which you have struggled all your life without understanding what you struggled against because thoughts can’t be seen but they are felt and are with you every day. But the good news my children is that they are only that; Implanted thoughts that can be changed in the precise instant that you wish.

How do I change an implanted thought?

Imagine a steam ship with those large wheels that paddle the water with the rhythm by which the ship’s boiler is fed and the steam rises for the ship to advance. That is your mind recreating the same advancement procedure. But the ship has a rudder, a small rudder that controls the whole ship. Even if it was the Titanic, the ship is controlled by the small rudder that represents your free will.

And what does this mean?

That you have the power to decide where to go. Always and at every moment you have the free will of deciding.

Decide if you accept or not something in your life and change the course of your ship, called life, either a change of direction, by taking new conscious decisions that what you want for yourself is for the highest good and thus for the highest good of all or to make a full stop and do a 360 degree turn and leave behind the old course and trace a new route to where you want to go.

Realize that you are not caged, you are free to go and enjoy your life anywhere you desire where you:

Choose to live

Choose to work, where you

Choose to make friends, where you

Choose to dream, where you

Choose what experience you want to live

You, you, you and no one other than you have the power to say; ENOUGH!

No more following the implanted mental pattern

By your Father

By your Mother

By your Society

By your Work

By your Government

By your Country

By your World!


We also are had enough of seeing you suffer in an illusory cage, in a mental cage to which you go in it and close the door on your own and throw the key away and soon after your are screaming to open up because you can’t take it anymore and you crash against the bars, shake them and cry, yelling, asking why, why are you living this way – but you do not understand, I repeat you do not understand that always, in every moment you have the key.

And you say but I threw it far, can’t reach it, don’t know how to get out of here! And I say:

No door or situation has the power to close itself as it is there just to teach you something to help you evolve and by not having the power to close by it itself you will never be trapped in any situation unless that you decide not to come out by your own free will as the key that opens all the doors is you my beloved, beloved children. Use the power I gave you, use your mind, change course and order the door to open.

The door will always obey  – its there to help you pass the test.

Your freedom is yours and is eternal by birthright.

You’ll have always the power to decide what you want to be, have and do.

You attract everything with your mind, be free of your selves.

The ALL powerful Gods I have created have all the power to change things, situations, places, people, objects, etc… to their favor. Please learn this lesson that is called:

Use the power that you have as my children and change everything that you desire, just let it flow. Believe in it as you believe in me.

Don’t see the world with the eyes they implanted in you, see it throough the eyes I gave you. Do it now my children, do it!

Enough of suffering and crying for an unreality that you have created and in which your mind has you trapped and when you understand something new it wants to sabotaje you.

No my children, NO

I have given you the power to control your mind, don’t allow it to go and do what it, with her implanted lies want you to do and see.

Unite your mind with the most marvelous truth, tell it who you really are. You are my children and I love you.



I’m calling you

Enough suffering!

Its time to live life

Its time you go out into the world

I your Father call upon you now!

Come out and manifest all the power I have given you.

I love you my loved ones




Message channeled by Sion – Victory to the Light!!!

Mother Mary via Sion, March 8th, 2018

Mother Mary

International Women’s Day

Today in your world the International Women’s Day is celebrated without a real understanding of what does it mean to be women. In this world through eons of time, as everyone knows, this feminine energy has been terribly suppressed with all kinds of lies and false arguments that it was God’s weak creation and almost a piece of Adam’s bone according to its human history. Well, dear brothers and sisters nothing is further from the truth than that.

The feminine energy is the Father’s complementary energy and it is life giving throughout the universe, she is the one in charge to generate life in all its forms. The Great Mother as we all know her is the most beautiful being that could exist, full of love, tenderness, peace and light that sustains all life in the universe.

The feminine energy is the creator of worlds, plants, animals and all the living beings that today exist in the universe. She is the spark of life, she was given that marvelous life giving gift as it was given to ALL women and females in all corners of the universe. Every one of them carries the same gift, the same life giving spark full of the creation energy to fulfill the Father’s mandate to grow, multiply and fill the earth. It is life itself. 

All of you are life itself, all of you are blessed with Mother/Father God’s seed to be carriers of life and thus why were so attacked, minimized, tortured, beaten, ridiculed, slaved, dominated and all so that you could not express the greatness that you are, sisters all of the light and the true love. And why do I say the True Love?

Because the love that is given to the majority of you in this planet does not honor who you really are.  All of you are the Holy Grail that much has been sought for in your planet and never has been found because each of your women carries the Holy Grail inside their body in their blessed womb.

As I said you are the recipients of the Father’s divine seed and you are the givers of life, the access portal for every divine soul coming to the planet, the portal into life. All you beautiful women are a blessing full of love, tenderness, peace and light with all the creativity, intelligence and strength that characterizes each and every one of you.

Beautiful women of Earth, sisters all, we say unto you that we are always with you and that forever have been each step of the way in your walking trough this earth and that now:


Change has arrived, it is here now with you and this energy from the Great Mother that soon will cover Earth will bring justice to all of you, your daughters and your daughters daughters. So that never more there will be suffering for you my beloved sisters.

The moment for the feminine energy is here and now, in your presence and she will fill the Earth with her love, tenderness, peace and light and in a divine and marvelous instant will erase forever the oppression and suffering of million of women of yesterday and of today ending once and for all with this darkness and filling the Earth with the most marvelous rose pink and blue light of perfect equilibrium of the divine masculine and divine feminine within each and every being in this planet putting an end to the differences and marking the beginning of the new era of the mighty Gods, complete, magnificent, full of the love, tenderness, light and peace for ever. Creating the harmony and equilibrium between both like a beautiful dance of unconditional love in which we will dance together and sing a new song!

The New Age starts NOW, ready?

I am Mother Mary

Queen of the heavens and Earth

Prepare, I’m coming soon

My love and light are within you always

Message channeled by Sion – Victory to the Light!!!


Translator from Spanish to English: Ramon


The messages posted on can freely be posted by other Lightworkers with the proper recognition of the channel and the translator as well as the website source.

Father God via Sion, March 5th, 2018


My Powerful Gifts

Channeled by Sion


Hello Father,

Can you explain how can I use my gifts like Love, Kindness, Mercy, Peace, Joy, Motivation, Fidelity and Integrity to create that which I desire in my life and when do the physical powers that I know we all have manifest?


Hi, good morning

Its quite an interesting question that you ask me this morning, to which I tell you it is a clear sign of your awakening, this interest that you have now to understand all this and how it works allows us to see all that you have progressed through my child. Lets see, we’ll start by explaining that the “gifts” as you call them are in reality magnificent powers with which you can’t only change your life but that of other brothers and sisters, many of my children by ignorance do not always use this “gifts” that they have because in this world they have made them seem as WEAKNESSES. Why do you think it is so !!!!!

Because in reality they are MOST POWERFUL, They are my essence and yours too. My Divinity and the greatest power of the Universe is in them, as I have always told you LOVE is me and you!!! And all the gifts that you mention here, which I know you have them because I have them too are synonyms of unconditional Love, complement of the Love, which is with what you my children are ME.

The beings of darkness have always wanted to steal your real power deceiving you and making you believe that all those gifts are WEAKNESSES !!! And to be powerful here you have to be cruel, without feelings and all kinds of trickery and lies so that you vibrate in low frequencies. That way they can feed from your energy. Do you remember of FESAC (Feelings+ Emotions + Sensations = Attraction = Creation) all that involves very high Unconditional Love vibrations for you first and for ALL, when you all vibrate in that Love, Happiness, Joy, Thankfulness, Laughter, Fun; in those beautiful moments in peace, in service to others you are using all the power of the Universe that unites to you to bless you. When you my beloved children live in this high vibrational frequencies you can ask whatever you wish and will have it TODAY!

Is very important that you understand that in order to develop those physical powers that you tell me about like telepathy, first you have to control your emotions very well and to know that those powers are WITHIN YOU – WAITING TO BE FREED AND RECOGNIZED BY YOU. CALL THEM EVERY DAY inviting them to manifest by keeping your vibrations high. I know that sometimes its complicated to maintain the high vibrations but if you decree it every day as your hearth’s wish the Universe will only attract to you the most beautiful emotions so that your vibrations are always high. All things have a solution always and even though it sometimes seems that the door you wanted to go thru closes and you don’t understand why that situation was only there to teach you that the decision you were making wasn’t the best and that the Universe always will offer you the best option. By keeping your vibrations high it allows you to send the correct message to the Universe and my creative energy that eternally surrounds you will easily listen to you and transform immediately into that that you wish. That is why I tell you that none, I repeat – NO problem cannot have a solution as my creative power, that is yours, utilizes the same MAGICAL creation energy that it transforms in that which you desire most. As you can see there are no limits either for you or ME my child.

Keep working on using your power I always have been next to you waiting that you BELIEVE IN IT and that you recognize it, that you remember it, it is always ready to give you everything. Same as if I say to you: Sion give yourself everything you desire!!! Only think it, YOU ARE THE SOURCE OF YOUR LIFE!! Give thanks for it and expect it with joy TODAY!!! Not tomorrow or the day after tomorrow TODAY!!! It does not matter that it may take you a few days of practice you always state that it is for today, time does not exist my child it’s only an illusion that they make you believe. When you ask for something with all your heart it is already there my love ready for you to enjoy and fill yourself with joy and happiness, my greatest pleasure is to see you all happy, smiling, creating and being like me.

This my dear Sion is a topic that I want to talk to you and all your brothers and sisters, for you to share this message OK.



Message from Father:

Children of mine ALL; my beloved children I want today, in this beautiful day, to share with you something that for your Mother and I is very important. The magnificent creative power that you have always have, that with lies they made you believe that you don’t have it, has been awaken within you through the enormous energy flow we have sent to Gaia during the last years and if you do a retrospective of how your were then and how you are now you’ll realize that many things have changed within that have provoked that your exterior change a lot. Well, I believe that this has been quite clear in all the messages we have sent you through your brothers to explain this. The amazement of realizing that this power is really inside of you and the marvelous potential to which you already are accessing, since the first moment that you recognized it and then you wished with all your hearts opened the secret door to the chamber where you and I live as always has been AS ONE WITHOUT SEPARATION. As I explained my beloved Sion we can never be separate as I’m you and you are Me so it is impossible not to be ME!! You get it!!!!!

Yes, I’m all powerful

You too

Yes, I’m omnipresent

You too

Yes, I’m eternal

You too

Yes, I’m only unconditional love

You too

Yes, I’m the riches and infinite abundance of the universe

You too

Yes, I’m the wisdom and unlimited knowledge

You too

Yes, I’m the day, the night, the light, the sun, the water, the air, the birds, the fire, the earth etc…

You too OK


Understanding this is to let in your heath at this moment, accepting it as your only truth I’M THE SAME AS MY FATHER, I’M A MAGNIFICENT AND POWERFUL CREATOR GOD!!! This power is everywhere waiting that A GOD calls it with the power and authority that his voice transmits TO TRANSFORM, UNDERSTAND ME PLEASE, TRANSFORM INTO THAT WHICH YOU DESIRE.

This is the true magic, is like when you take soil and water to make clay. Take it into your hands and transform it into beautiful creations of yours. The same is done with your mind, first you have an idea or wish of what you want to create (soil & water) then you imagine how you want it to be like (clay in your hands) you get excited & vibrate high and the universe listens to you (you see it and feel it as yours) and IT APPEARS MAGICALLY before your eyes, your creation and you fill with more joy and you want to create something else bigger and more beautiful because now you know that you can do it and you’ll do it once again and again eternally every time creating things and situations larger and more beautiful for you and everybody. In reality it is not difficult at all to do it its just that you remember that you have always had that power and that you have used it always even though you didn’t know; well now that you know, that you understand it I want you to use it for everything and that you understand that this creative power obeys your highest vibrations and that today my beloved children it is here within you wanting to powerfully manifest in each one of you because it is the moment for you to use it to enjoy all of the paradise I gave you with all my love. Call it every instant of your day, practice, use it, encourage your brothers that like you are awake to use it together and amaze yourselves of what you are capable of.


Realize that your magnificent power is waiting for you right now in this life instant with all the desire to be one with you NOW!!

How long are you going to make it wait?

I’m your farther and you are my beloved children and I say unto you:

I’m hoping with all my heart to let me be one with you and lets live again the beautiful adventure of creating everything we want and have fun together!

Do you want to?

With all my love



Message channeled by Sion Victory to the Light!!!



Translator from Spanish to English: Roman


The messages posted on can freely be posted by other Lightworkers with the proper recognition of the channel and the translator as well as the website source.