A message from Archangel Ananael via Sion, June 20th, 2020

A message from Archangel Ananael channeled by Sion – Mexico


I can do anything, I have everything, I am all because I am God in action

Open heaven’s gates until there is over abundance in your life! Extend your tents and reinforce your stakes because you are going to be blessed.

Believe that you can do now everything you desire
Believe that you have now all you desire
Believe you are now all that you desire to be

Because it is so! You are whom you always have desire to be it is just that it is hard for you to accept it because you are no seeing it at this moment. You already are, have and can enjoy your better self, accept it, feel it and believe it! Feeling is the force that grabs your blessings and make them come to existence – Do it today.

That is why is so important to be like children with an overflowing and marvelous imagination and their beautiful innocence that allows them to believe with a blind faith that ALL is possible for them.

For the magic to work in your life first you have to: Accept that exists, believe in it, believe that it work for you, flow with it and most important TRUST in it.

Your only job is to recognize it within, allow it to act through your visualizations or desires because everything that you ask or long for is already given, you have it, its yours and you will be able to take it with your hand of faith and make it come to existence for you here and now – do it right now! You don’t have to wait for something to come into your life because time does not exist. Understand, there isn’t a time between you and your desire it is already given, its yours, accept it first as a grand truth that has freed you today and forever of seeing you separated from all your desires. That is the great lie of the illusion.

Why would your loving Father/Mother/Creator give you all your heart desires and perfect gifts but put them in an unreachable place for you? That is the greatest stupidity that has been thought to you, which has diminish your creator power by making you think that you have to do a super effort, that you have to behave super good or that you have to go through an enormous process with titanic efforts in order to reach something that is already yours. That has been given to you as a birth right and is part of the nature you came with to this world and that you only needed to know it existed within, accept that is real, believe it to be true and enjoy it to give yourself all that you desire at the correct moment just for you – your here and your now.

The incorrect belief that many things have to happen in your life and that you have to fulfill God knows how many requirements in order to be able to ask for something and to get it. That belief has been imposed unto all of you since generations ago but with today’s knowledge it has been revealed the great truth of who you really are. Tell me my brother/sister do wish to keep waiting for your blessings, desires, gifts and powers to come to you someday? Because I tell you that it will be so unless you forget that foolish teaching that stops you from receiving; remember no to be the thief of your own kingdom. First thing you must do is to wipe out that idea out of your head and accept that the only job here is: BELIEVE TO SEE all you desire in your life.

Just believe in yourself, believe that this is possible for you, believe that you are the creator of every single day of your life. You are the owner and master of your destiny and that you will create it as you wish to live it in your here and now and for that you need not wait for something or someone to come do it for you, that is your responsibility and the only job to do now that you are awake. Understanding it first and then accepting it; by taking those two steps that magic is real for you.

My friend there is only left to design, through visualization, how you want things to be like, the blessings in your life putting attention to the details in your visualization so that it fills you with emotions and feelings of happiness because that is it precisely. Like when you are choosing something from the Universe’s experiences catalog that you want to experience.

It is time for you to start using your creator power in something else other than spontaneous sparks that rise in certain occasions of your life by default or from a great need to solve something and to start to create awake, consciously and deliberately in your life and most importantly that you take your life’s reins starting right now and do not allow anything or anyone to keep you away from your objectives forever more. It is your personal privilege to live every one of your desired experiences, to be, do and have all your heart’s desires.

The unlimited wealth and abundance are within you, you are their creation source
The unlimited health is within you, you are its creation source
The unlimited beauty and youth are within you, you are their creation source
The unlimited wisdom and knowledge are within you, you are their creation source
The unlimited love and peace are within you, you are their creation source
The happiness, joy, wellbeing and all the most beautiful emotions are within you, you are their creation source so then tell me; what are you looking for outside of yourself if it all emanates from you, you are the creation source of all here and now.

Until when are you going to stop living like that, in the eternal and boring wait for something or someone to come and do your job to create your own life. Hasn’t it been sufficient time to control yourself? Hasn’t it been enough time of telling yourself that you can’t do it or fool yourself that you are nobody? Or tell me beautiful and powerful God until when are you going to decide to take your scepter, put on your crown and recognize yourself. Because at this time there is nothing nor anyone preventing you, there isn’t enough power in or out of this world that can slow you down or stop you but that tiny wrong manipulative and lying thought that was implanted into your mind that says the contrary. So from today forward stop listening to it anymore! I dare you my brother/sister to start right now to be the deliberate creator of your own life and realize of the marvelous power that is here and now within you as the greatest gift that Father/Mother creators put in you since the day you were conceived by them and without a doubt is your birthright, as a king inherits from his parents the whole kingdom. That is the way a creator God inherits from his parents all their creation along with all the powers inherent to it.

So my brother/sister start today to enjoy your inheritance, your will has been read long before you entered this planet and it is time to enjoy it, just be yourself and live it NOW!

I am Archangel Ananael through my beloved Sion and so it is and it is so

Message channeled by Sion – Victory to the Light!!!
Mexico, June 19, 2020