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Mother Mary via Sion, March 8th, 2018

Mother Mary

International Women’s Day

Today in your world the International Women’s Day is celebrated without a real understanding of what does it mean to be women. In this world through eons of time, as everyone knows, this feminine energy has been terribly suppressed with all kinds of lies and false arguments that it was God’s weak creation and almost a piece of Adam’s bone according to its human history. Well, dear brothers and sisters nothing is further from the truth than that.

The feminine energy is the Father’s complementary energy and it is life giving throughout the universe, she is the one in charge to generate life in all its forms. The Great Mother as we all know her is the most beautiful being that could exist, full of love, tenderness, peace and light that sustains all life in the universe.

The feminine energy is the creator of worlds, plants, animals and all the living beings that today exist in the universe. She is the spark of life, she was given that marvelous life giving gift as it was given to ALL women and females in all corners of the universe. Every one of them carries the same gift, the same life giving spark full of the creation energy to fulfill the Father’s mandate to grow, multiply and fill the earth. It is life itself. 

All of you are life itself, all of you are blessed with Mother/Father God’s seed to be carriers of life and thus why were so attacked, minimized, tortured, beaten, ridiculed, slaved, dominated and all so that you could not express the greatness that you are, sisters all of the light and the true love. And why do I say the True Love?

Because the love that is given to the majority of you in this planet does not honor who you really are.  All of you are the Holy Grail that much has been sought for in your planet and never has been found because each of your women carries the Holy Grail inside their body in their blessed womb.

As I said you are the recipients of the Father’s divine seed and you are the givers of life, the access portal for every divine soul coming to the planet, the portal into life. All you beautiful women are a blessing full of love, tenderness, peace and light with all the creativity, intelligence and strength that characterizes each and every one of you.

Beautiful women of Earth, sisters all, we say unto you that we are always with you and that forever have been each step of the way in your walking trough this earth and that now:


Change has arrived, it is here now with you and this energy from the Great Mother that soon will cover Earth will bring justice to all of you, your daughters and your daughters daughters. So that never more there will be suffering for you my beloved sisters.

The moment for the feminine energy is here and now, in your presence and she will fill the Earth with her love, tenderness, peace and light and in a divine and marvelous instant will erase forever the oppression and suffering of million of women of yesterday and of today ending once and for all with this darkness and filling the Earth with the most marvelous rose pink and blue light of perfect equilibrium of the divine masculine and divine feminine within each and every being in this planet putting an end to the differences and marking the beginning of the new era of the mighty Gods, complete, magnificent, full of the love, tenderness, light and peace for ever. Creating the harmony and equilibrium between both like a beautiful dance of unconditional love in which we will dance together and sing a new song!

The New Age starts NOW, ready?

I am Mother Mary

Queen of the heavens and Earth

Prepare, I’m coming soon

My love and light are within you always

Message channeled by Sion – Victory to the Light!!!


Translator from Spanish to English: Ramon


The messages posted on can freely be posted by other Lightworkers with the proper recognition of the channel and the translator as well as the website source.