Love is our new reality

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Father God via Sion, March 5th, 2018


My Powerful Gifts

Channeled by Sion


Hello Father,

Can you explain how can I use my gifts like Love, Kindness, Mercy, Peace, Joy, Motivation, Fidelity and Integrity to create that which I desire in my life and when do the physical powers that I know we all have manifest?


Hi, good morning

Its quite an interesting question that you ask me this morning, to which I tell you it is a clear sign of your awakening, this interest that you have now to understand all this and how it works allows us to see all that you have progressed through my child. Lets see, we’ll start by explaining that the “gifts” as you call them are in reality magnificent powers with which you can’t only change your life but that of other brothers and sisters, many of my children by ignorance do not always use this “gifts” that they have because in this world they have made them seem as WEAKNESSES. Why do you think it is so !!!!!

Because in reality they are MOST POWERFUL, They are my essence and yours too. My Divinity and the greatest power of the Universe is in them, as I have always told you LOVE is me and you!!! And all the gifts that you mention here, which I know you have them because I have them too are synonyms of unconditional Love, complement of the Love, which is with what you my children are ME.

The beings of darkness have always wanted to steal your real power deceiving you and making you believe that all those gifts are WEAKNESSES !!! And to be powerful here you have to be cruel, without feelings and all kinds of trickery and lies so that you vibrate in low frequencies. That way they can feed from your energy. Do you remember of FESAC (Feelings+ Emotions + Sensations = Attraction = Creation) all that involves very high Unconditional Love vibrations for you first and for ALL, when you all vibrate in that Love, Happiness, Joy, Thankfulness, Laughter, Fun; in those beautiful moments in peace, in service to others you are using all the power of the Universe that unites to you to bless you. When you my beloved children live in this high vibrational frequencies you can ask whatever you wish and will have it TODAY!

Is very important that you understand that in order to develop those physical powers that you tell me about like telepathy, first you have to control your emotions very well and to know that those powers are WITHIN YOU – WAITING TO BE FREED AND RECOGNIZED BY YOU. CALL THEM EVERY DAY inviting them to manifest by keeping your vibrations high. I know that sometimes its complicated to maintain the high vibrations but if you decree it every day as your hearth’s wish the Universe will only attract to you the most beautiful emotions so that your vibrations are always high. All things have a solution always and even though it sometimes seems that the door you wanted to go thru closes and you don’t understand why that situation was only there to teach you that the decision you were making wasn’t the best and that the Universe always will offer you the best option. By keeping your vibrations high it allows you to send the correct message to the Universe and my creative energy that eternally surrounds you will easily listen to you and transform immediately into that that you wish. That is why I tell you that none, I repeat – NO problem cannot have a solution as my creative power, that is yours, utilizes the same MAGICAL creation energy that it transforms in that which you desire most. As you can see there are no limits either for you or ME my child.

Keep working on using your power I always have been next to you waiting that you BELIEVE IN IT and that you recognize it, that you remember it, it is always ready to give you everything. Same as if I say to you: Sion give yourself everything you desire!!! Only think it, YOU ARE THE SOURCE OF YOUR LIFE!! Give thanks for it and expect it with joy TODAY!!! Not tomorrow or the day after tomorrow TODAY!!! It does not matter that it may take you a few days of practice you always state that it is for today, time does not exist my child it’s only an illusion that they make you believe. When you ask for something with all your heart it is already there my love ready for you to enjoy and fill yourself with joy and happiness, my greatest pleasure is to see you all happy, smiling, creating and being like me.

This my dear Sion is a topic that I want to talk to you and all your brothers and sisters, for you to share this message OK.



Message from Father:

Children of mine ALL; my beloved children I want today, in this beautiful day, to share with you something that for your Mother and I is very important. The magnificent creative power that you have always have, that with lies they made you believe that you don’t have it, has been awaken within you through the enormous energy flow we have sent to Gaia during the last years and if you do a retrospective of how your were then and how you are now you’ll realize that many things have changed within that have provoked that your exterior change a lot. Well, I believe that this has been quite clear in all the messages we have sent you through your brothers to explain this. The amazement of realizing that this power is really inside of you and the marvelous potential to which you already are accessing, since the first moment that you recognized it and then you wished with all your hearts opened the secret door to the chamber where you and I live as always has been AS ONE WITHOUT SEPARATION. As I explained my beloved Sion we can never be separate as I’m you and you are Me so it is impossible not to be ME!! You get it!!!!!

Yes, I’m all powerful

You too

Yes, I’m omnipresent

You too

Yes, I’m eternal

You too

Yes, I’m only unconditional love

You too

Yes, I’m the riches and infinite abundance of the universe

You too

Yes, I’m the wisdom and unlimited knowledge

You too

Yes, I’m the day, the night, the light, the sun, the water, the air, the birds, the fire, the earth etc…

You too OK


Understanding this is to let in your heath at this moment, accepting it as your only truth I’M THE SAME AS MY FATHER, I’M A MAGNIFICENT AND POWERFUL CREATOR GOD!!! This power is everywhere waiting that A GOD calls it with the power and authority that his voice transmits TO TRANSFORM, UNDERSTAND ME PLEASE, TRANSFORM INTO THAT WHICH YOU DESIRE.

This is the true magic, is like when you take soil and water to make clay. Take it into your hands and transform it into beautiful creations of yours. The same is done with your mind, first you have an idea or wish of what you want to create (soil & water) then you imagine how you want it to be like (clay in your hands) you get excited & vibrate high and the universe listens to you (you see it and feel it as yours) and IT APPEARS MAGICALLY before your eyes, your creation and you fill with more joy and you want to create something else bigger and more beautiful because now you know that you can do it and you’ll do it once again and again eternally every time creating things and situations larger and more beautiful for you and everybody. In reality it is not difficult at all to do it its just that you remember that you have always had that power and that you have used it always even though you didn’t know; well now that you know, that you understand it I want you to use it for everything and that you understand that this creative power obeys your highest vibrations and that today my beloved children it is here within you wanting to powerfully manifest in each one of you because it is the moment for you to use it to enjoy all of the paradise I gave you with all my love. Call it every instant of your day, practice, use it, encourage your brothers that like you are awake to use it together and amaze yourselves of what you are capable of.


Realize that your magnificent power is waiting for you right now in this life instant with all the desire to be one with you NOW!!

How long are you going to make it wait?

I’m your farther and you are my beloved children and I say unto you:

I’m hoping with all my heart to let me be one with you and lets live again the beautiful adventure of creating everything we want and have fun together!

Do you want to?

With all my love



Message channeled by Sion Victory to the Light!!!



Translator from Spanish to English: Roman


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