Love is our new reality

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Father God via Sion, March 12th, 2018


Come out of the cage, come out of deceit ! 


What is the lesson or teaching I am to receive and learn?

As long as you keep feeling as a victim of the people you will replay it as per the Law of Attraction. You must change your vibration level and empower your self without the ego, know that you can do these things, know that you can trust yourself. However, you seldom trust your self.

Normally when something happens to you, you muster the strength to face those things and then you go back to your victim role again, where you give your all and do not receive anything back, where you serve but are not served, where you support and care for others but don’t get the same.


Why, you ask yourself desperately bursting into tears. Isn’t it that you may still be under your old implanted role that you think is the way you are and that you won’t be able to change, that which we have seen in you all this years. And yes, you do have an implanted role. Something that is not yours, that is not your nature, that does not define you.

You Are My children

They have tried to turn you off with a lie implanted in your mind as a child and with which you have struggled all your life without understanding what you struggled against because thoughts can’t be seen but they are felt and are with you every day. But the good news my children is that they are only that; Implanted thoughts that can be changed in the precise instant that you wish.

How do I change an implanted thought?

Imagine a steam ship with those large wheels that paddle the water with the rhythm by which the ship’s boiler is fed and the steam rises for the ship to advance. That is your mind recreating the same advancement procedure. But the ship has a rudder, a small rudder that controls the whole ship. Even if it was the Titanic, the ship is controlled by the small rudder that represents your free will.

And what does this mean?

That you have the power to decide where to go. Always and at every moment you have the free will of deciding.

Decide if you accept or not something in your life and change the course of your ship, called life, either a change of direction, by taking new conscious decisions that what you want for yourself is for the highest good and thus for the highest good of all or to make a full stop and do a 360 degree turn and leave behind the old course and trace a new route to where you want to go.

Realize that you are not caged, you are free to go and enjoy your life anywhere you desire where you:

Choose to live

Choose to work, where you

Choose to make friends, where you

Choose to dream, where you

Choose what experience you want to live

You, you, you and no one other than you have the power to say; ENOUGH!

No more following the implanted mental pattern

By your Father

By your Mother

By your Society

By your Work

By your Government

By your Country

By your World!


We also are had enough of seeing you suffer in an illusory cage, in a mental cage to which you go in it and close the door on your own and throw the key away and soon after your are screaming to open up because you can’t take it anymore and you crash against the bars, shake them and cry, yelling, asking why, why are you living this way – but you do not understand, I repeat you do not understand that always, in every moment you have the key.

And you say but I threw it far, can’t reach it, don’t know how to get out of here! And I say:

No door or situation has the power to close itself as it is there just to teach you something to help you evolve and by not having the power to close by it itself you will never be trapped in any situation unless that you decide not to come out by your own free will as the key that opens all the doors is you my beloved, beloved children. Use the power I gave you, use your mind, change course and order the door to open.

The door will always obey  – its there to help you pass the test.

Your freedom is yours and is eternal by birthright.

You’ll have always the power to decide what you want to be, have and do.

You attract everything with your mind, be free of your selves.

The ALL powerful Gods I have created have all the power to change things, situations, places, people, objects, etc… to their favor. Please learn this lesson that is called:

Use the power that you have as my children and change everything that you desire, just let it flow. Believe in it as you believe in me.

Don’t see the world with the eyes they implanted in you, see it throough the eyes I gave you. Do it now my children, do it!

Enough of suffering and crying for an unreality that you have created and in which your mind has you trapped and when you understand something new it wants to sabotaje you.

No my children, NO

I have given you the power to control your mind, don’t allow it to go and do what it, with her implanted lies want you to do and see.

Unite your mind with the most marvelous truth, tell it who you really are. You are my children and I love you.



I’m calling you

Enough suffering!

Its time to live life

Its time you go out into the world

I your Father call upon you now!

Come out and manifest all the power I have given you.

I love you my loved ones




Message channeled by Sion – Victory to the Light!!!