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Sion channels her higher Self, April 16th, 2018

Sion: What does it mean to believe in oneself?


Seeing one’s self from the deepest of your heart allows you to know who you really are. Warriors totally trust their inner voice that guides them to what to do or say. It is that trust in that voice that allows them to move with clarity, security and certainty when its time to act.

It is the same as to walk with your eyes closed without stopping and trust that voice that will guide you, warn you of the dangers and obstacles in your journey and when you learn to listen to it is like having “eyes of light” where even with your physical eyes closed you can walk, run, fly and jump without any harm to you. That is the total trust in your inner voice which you must listen to at all times, it is always there to guide you, help you and tell you everything you wish and need to find your balance again.

Sion, I know you have looked for me, you cry and feel hopeless because you don’t know what to do, but I want to tell you to stop struggling, being stressed and swim against the current every day only to end up more tired, confused, disillusioned and frustrated for not being able to find the answers to your current life. Just trust yourself, which is the same as trusting me.

Breathe for a minute and trust! You are so desperate to understand what to do or to know, if what you are doing is correct then you don’t even breathe correctly. Breathe in the peace, the harmony, the love, the light, the beauty and calming your mind so you may hear me. I’m always communicating with you but you are always stressed, angry, disillusioned or simply neutral and thus you can’t hear me. I need you so, as today, you take time to close your eyes and listen to me. It is not the quantity of time but the quality of time, make a simple question and breathe; control your thoughts that pour like a waterfall bombarding you with all kinds of arguments of why, what, for what, who, blah, blah, blah…. Just stop your mind and come in to the peace, harmony and love of who is within you, come rest and breathe the peace so you may hear me. I am as interested and urged to connect as you are, we are one, remember that, but our connection cannot be in the midst of fear, doubt, desperation or anger.

I am light, peace, love, harmony, happiness, joy, abundance, eternity, health, triumph and success. That is what defines me and you, Sion. You can’t mix one with the other either you are light or you are darkness because the Law of Attraction will fill you of one or the other.

Understanding your darkness and embracing it is not to manifest it in your life but to let it go without judgment but do not give it even a minute of your creative power because it will not go and it will start to repeat itself over and over as a temporary loop. It is very important to not only read and understand it but mostly to do it, do not give darkness a place in your thoughts you don’t need it, it only wants you to follow its illusion of fear and confusion.

Sion: Why?

Because a mind confused by fear or doubt does not know what to do, it does not understand how to do the right thing, the mind can’t find the way because it looks in all directions and by being wrong over and over it does not achieve its goals, objective or dreams, as you may wish to call it. It collapses and ends up more confused and afraid than at the start. It is not for only one person that I have seen it happen to, but for millions of people and for thousands of lives over and over. Why do you think we all are here doing everything possible in our power to help you come out of the illusion trap in each of your minds and that of the collective, we with all our power and love light help and care for you so that you succeed in finding the way home which appears clear and visible when by your own free will you decide to end with the illusion in your mind. I don’t mean to fight with it as it is yourself but through a firm consciousness of who you really are declare, proclaim and hold in your heart that greatest truth.

Sion: What is that truth?

  1. That you are a child of Mother/Father/God’s love light, heir by birthright of the heavenly kingdom.
  2. That you were created to the likeness of Mother/Father/God.
  3. That all the power and divine gifts were given to you.
  4. That all the infinite riches and abundance were given to you.
  5. That you have all the knowledge and wisdom to be, to do and to have everything you desire.
  6. That you have all the love in your heart to give and share with all your brothers and sisters. And most important of all…
  7. That you have all the universe unlimited creative power within.

That beloved Sion is what they made you forget to confuse you and make you believe that you are mere mortals; Poor, Sick, Limited, Alone, Isolated, Fearing, Doubtful, etc, etc…

They bombarded your minds and tried to steal your birthright and when couldn’t they used your own creative power to deceive yourselves and by the law of attraction maintain you in the loop to be born, grow up, reproduce, service them and die over and over for eons. See… that implanted lie in your mind is what we are taking about and how do you take out such a deeply rooted lie? With a great revitalizing truth full of light and love (the seven truths of who you really are) because a lie only lasts until the truth emerges and then that lie does not have anything to grab onto in your mind and will fall like a rock without anything to hold it and it will never stick to your mind again.

I tell you all this even though I know you have heard or thought about it before so that you may understand the importance to believe in this truth with all your heart, soul and being and that you as the sole owner of your mind by your free will, understanding, wish, self love, desire and power to do it take this truth and declare it now with all your heart in your own mind.

I’m not asking for a ritual nor hours of your time, I’m telling you that starting today with the firm determination that you wish to change your life forever you tell yourself this same truth of who you really are and do not doubt even for a second that it is the truth.

It is not a fight against your self. It is the union with your mind. it is the greatest and most wonderful truth…

You are as God

I am as God

You and I are one for ever

There is no other truth

Believe in it, believe in you, believe in me

To believe in yourself is to believe in your Creator

I love you, I am ready…

Your Higher Self

Message channeled by Sion – Victory to the Light!!!



Translation from Spanish to English: Ramon

Editing of English: Per Staffan



The messages posted on can freely be posted by other Lightworkers with the proper recognition of the channel and the translator as well as the website