Love is our new reality

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The Council of Radiant Light via Eric, April 9th, 2018

Council of Radiant light 9/4/2018

 Much is to happen, foreseen and unforeseen, the keys are here right in front of your very eyes the source is within and we watch and we  guide from above the portals are open. resurrection was not as you thought, as you think, as you’ve been deceived.  brilliance from within untold happiness, untold lies, guidance so bright that you could barely look every person has this possibility every aspect everything is God God is everywhere, god is in everything.  Much love only love from above from within, much is to come much will come, untold happiness an understanding a changing of humanities total understanding the changing of all dynamics both within and without all is one, one is all, no separation, no humiliation, no segregation. we smooth the way, we iron the bumps out, we are with you at all times, we ride the oceans we calm the oceans.

Illumination is happening right at this very moment, violet it is,” St Germain”. Eyes closed but still being able to see, this represents the divine aspect of consciousness the real you the real understanding all will have this gift this ability this understanding too look though things as before but when your eyes are closed you will have a total understanding a total knowing and this is not very far away this is  happening it is like a wave washing across the beach. some will have this before others, but everybody will eventually have this understanding this knowing.

Revelations are not quite as you understand them.  The physical and none physical are all one, everything is one, one is all all is one, the light resides and grows strong. All is being transmuted all is transmuted, all will be transmuted only love only love we see much we understand much and you will too. The real you is stepping forward at this time the illusion is breaking down the illusion mans illusion your third dimensional illusion. The veil is dropping, you see all with open eyes, you see the future, see the past you blend it you place it put it all together a total understanding.

A knowing a knossis, one with all, a gift gods gift you do not have to speak it is though the eyes. The connection the understanding the communication can be done without the vocal chords. War and peace, war doesn’t produce peace, peace it shall be. Mixed up upside down blood in the land in the sky in the etheric realm there is much to clear, there is much being cleared there is more to be done and you will assist, your heart and your soul are one the essence lies within for all to see.

Eternally  embrace the light the soul connection male female are one the union is coming many will embrace this movement there shall be somewhat choppy at times but the landing will be like on a sandy  tropical beach. Sun shinning happy times are coming, much bliss some tidying up to be done trust your inner guidance, your will be where you need to be as all is in divine timing you will be given the keys to the right door and this understanding is that you will be guided in the direction that you need to go the true path lies ahead a new beginning a new start as if on an endless holiday but not a holiday we wait in anticipation .

Much Love, the Team