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Sananda: The champagne effect in your lives, via Sion, May 18th, 2018

What is the “Champagne Effect” in my life?


Hasn’t it happen that you desire something else than just to survive in this world?

Even now that you are awake and have the knowledge that allows you to see further than your nose with which you understand that there is something much greater than what you thought and that you are the key piece to be able to have that magic life you so desire with all your heart.

See, I believe that everyone at some time has reached the point on the awakening process and maybe many are now feeling stuck in this part, where you know you have everything to live the life of your dreams and want to do it but you feel that you do not progress or that you are running around in circles coming back to the same place in your mind over and over. Well don’t feel bad we all have gone through something like it and if there are some that have succeed, good for them as it requires very deep personal work but don’t worry you can always ask your guides, angels, archangels and family ancestors for help to come out of this mental ditch created by the programing of incorrect believes during such a long time, you know it and even accept it but it is not the place where you would like to stick around for much longer right? So what to do, how to get out of there? How do you tell your mind to stop thinking more of the same because you will keep reproducing it in your life as per the Law of Attraction, which we know well, so how do you teach your conscious mind what your subconscious is capable of doing and ask it to stop controlling everything and flow with its divine twin.

That is part of the cleanup we all are going through without exception; whether you understand it or not, believe in this or not, the energy that Mother/Father is sending to the planet today is affecting all life in it and this beautiful and powerful energy is giving our lives great tumbles with sometimes very dramatic changes but when we are consciously able to see we will realize the marvelous blessings they are sending. All is part of the change to be able to see the new dawn and the new golden age that we all with great joy and happiness desire with all our hearts and then… what happens with that sensation that you want to have all that you have understood you can achieve in your life but it has not arrived. There is a process called the “Champagne Effect” where by pushing out the bottle’s cork it explodes with a big bang, flies trough the air and the champagne bursts out like a volcano’s eruption and its impossible to stop so much that you must start filling the glasses with it if not it will empty out without stopping. That is what happens with the blessings in your life, your dreams, your desires, goals or whatever you want to be, do or have. They are ready and contained in your mind-heart (bottle) ready to come out and fill your life and that of others with the joy, well being, happiness, fulfillment, wisdom and love for you and for life itself (champagne) in short to bring you that magical life you so desire in an instant.

Every one of you know very well that for your reality to change first you have to go within to change all the auto imposed believes that tell you this is not possible for you and that if you want to live or have all that which comes out of the bottle (blessings) you have to work very hard and sacrifice all even sometimes to do awful things to reach that apparent life of success before all. But I want to tell you that the Father’s love is total and unconditional even with your bad decisions that only become your best teachers so you may advance so there is no blame of anything for whatever decision taken that did not take you to where you expected, being free of guilt is a blessing you deserve. Now what does all of this running around, as you say in your planet, has to do with how to change my life NOW!

By your accepting and understanding that all, absolutely all that happens to you, not only in this life but in all the thousands that you have lived, you attract it to yourself for your own enriching experience in your evolution. It is an enormous step towards your magical life, you are pushing the cork so it pops out as no matter how much pressure the champagne puts out the cork is designed not to pop until someone comes along with the desire to push it with their own hands and that one person is you of your own free will, with willingness to change your life, with understanding that there is something greater than only survive in this world and to see the good things and other’s success just go by you. It is time to take awareness that it is you who have the power to bring everything from within, to give to yourself that magical life you always desire and that you do not need to do anything that denigrates or hurts you to obtain it.

The first step is to trust in yourself as a divine being, child of the divine with 100% of chance and possibilities to change your life in the moment you desire now with the knowledge that that in which you focus is what you bring to your reality.

The only thing missing is the magic ingredients in this formula is what raises your vibrations and makes them fly to the heavens as the champagne cork and those are the wonderful powers you already have:

Your feelings, Your emotions and Your sensations

These positive forces will push the cork out of the bottle and will free all the blessings of happiness, prosperity, knowledge, certainty, well being, love, freedom, joy, trust, etc… All your greatest desires and even with added euphoria for your magical life. And it is there where you as the only owners of them, under your control will do the magnificent work to give the last push to the cork in the bottle for the magic of life to start coming out and it pours out not only in your life but in many other peoples lives (fill their glasses) to whom you will tell how you made it happen, how by changing your attitude and feelings towards your selves and by starting to see people with eyes of love and understanding fill yourselves of the same in your lives, like loving the animals, the plants even the stones and all that is beautiful in this planet allows to awake up the benevolence towards self and others, if you seek further you will find much more sensations, emotions and beautiful feelings that will allow you to see not only how magical your life will be but they will empower you without ego so that all that beautiful energy that now fills your life becomes the absolute power to create that which you never thought possible and that which you haven’t been able to imagine that you could do same as I did, believe me I’m here with you happy to see that your magical life is right in front of you and there is nothing you can not do, be or have in the instant you decide to add to your dreams the magic of the most marvelous emotions, sensations and feelings with all your heart understanding that they are the ones that raise the frequencies up to heaven itself where it then pours on you as a cascade of abundance in your life of all that you wish for my dear brothers and sisters.

Love, love yourself and fill yourself only with the best emotions, sensations and feelings they are your greatest strength and creation power. Enjoy, smile every day at every minute, be happy everyday, be grateful and live your magical life now!

I dare you to do it and use your emotions, feelings and sensations to the max, you’ll discover that the magic you so much seek out there to change your life has always been within.

With all my love and greatest joy, I am Sananda Kumara better known as Jesus of Nazareth.

And I am your brother not your God

I am here and now with you.

Sananda Kumara

Message channeled by Sion – Victory to the Light!!!


Translation from Spanish to English: Roman


Editing of English: Per Staffan