Love is our new reality

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Sion Channels Her Higher Self – March 31st, 2018

The true power of forgiveness


One of the most powerful gifts is forgiveness as it is the true and most efficient liberator that exists which opens locks and breaks chains once emitted by you to either forgive yourself or others with all your heart. There is nothing or anybody that can stop it. It is like an angel of light that comes and breaks all ties, opens every door in the infinite until it gets to the root cause where the situation was generated and frees it with a great love, surrounds it with its light and guides that situation the opposite way it was going to manifest or was manifesting in your or anyone’s life bringing love, well being and healing to everyone involved with peace and unity.

Do you see the importance of forgiveness and how wonderful it is to have this powerful gift to which very few pay attention to. The majority of people forgive for social, sentimental or convenient reasons but very few do it consciously out of self love or love towards the aggressor, which is what is important that you understand beloved one. It is a door to your freedom not only emotional or spiritual but mental and physical. Living in a 3D planet that is very important; being mentally and physically free allows you to see with clarity all things and situations in your life and not to judge any persons or situations of any kind ever. Knowing that everyone is free by divine birthright to decide how to live allows you to live among them in a peaceful and respectful way and help only when asked for and to do that, beloved one, you yourself must be in complete spiritual, emotional, mental and physical freedom through the true freeing power of forgiveness of yourself and everyone else. Nobody can teach that, which they don’t understand or experience as Jesus said: “A blind man cannot guide another blind man as both will fall into the well” you have to be prepared and ready to help.

I have shown you one of the greatest powers of the universe, forgiveness which is our beloved Father/Mother/God, it is their essence along with the unlimited and incalculable love they have for all their children in all the Galaxies and Universes that exist up to now.

Never forget that the power of love, forgiveness, respect, mercy, humility, kindness and service to others all are liberators of chained souls and minds locked up in their own ignorance cages in this world of illusion. You know, dear child, in this world people consider their most powerful arms physical things like weapons of war, objects, swords, pipes, baseball bats, knifes, guns, etc… along with the physiological/emotional weapons with which they want to overpower other brother & sisters by tying their souls to fear and submission without knowing or understanding that by universal law they also tie themselves with chains of hate, resentment, criticism, pain and fear and that only the power of true love and forgiveness is what will come into their lives to break all those ties like a powerful two edge sword cutting yours and those of the person(s) that you offended or that have offended you.

This is a total liberation for all. That is the way God/Mother/Father’s love and forgiveness works and its always available to anyone that wishes to forgive one self and others.

Well, this is one of the greater powers after love and as I said to you because it is not physically visible people think that it isn’t important even some see it as a weakness, as I have told you before by not giving it to others they also deny it to themselves but you should understand beloved ones that our weapons are not physical, we do not need them (it smiles).

They only exist here in your world because you invented them with the guidance of the dark ones and unfortunately they are for your own self destruction which is what these dark beings really wanted but they will not ever be able to do it. You are now opening your eyes more and more every day realizing that violence and hatred have not lead you to anything good and never have a happy ending.

Humanity will have to learn to forgive itself and forgive with love all their brothers and sisters as you need unity to advance in your ascension and this message, my dear Sion, we have been sending it every day to the planet along with all our love and light, as we have said; always the message is the same to all during all the times of your existence and we have also dealt with each of you specifically through your guardian angels and spiritual guides who are with you 100% of the time from the beginning of your marvelous evolution trip but our problem was that almost no one listened. A few eons of your time had to go by for humanity to reach the minimum development so we could be heard and for change to start to happen. Today thanks to our God/Mother/Father this is accelerating magnificently and here we are you and me talking as one being able to have this great conversation in which we can finally speak of the whole truth and what really happened here. Every awoken being is now receiving information, as it can be assimilated and understood for your greatest good and that of others because we all are part of a marvelous truth that unites us as one galactic Gods race in the universe as legitimate sons and daughters of our light and love parents who created us free to be, do and have everything our mind-heart could imagine to wish unlimitedly and most wonderfully; Eternally.

I want you to understand this dear beloved, you were limited by space-time in this apparent 3D reality but it is not so in reality we are in the here and now always, it is only now that you are awakening to this knowledge that will allow you to change what you want now in this instant, in this moment you don’t have to wait any longer, for the power to do it is within you now and always, the time to manifestation is set also by you with your beliefs of space-time, which for the Universe it does not exist. The creating energy that transforms itself into everything that you desire is always ready to listen to you, we have waited for so long for this life moment in which we wanted to tell you that you not only have the power to change your personal life as you wish but to transform your world, your whole planet and the human race destiny forever with only the magic of asking, believing and receiving it now.

As easy as that is how the universe always works, it does not know of delays or wrong delivery address, it never makes mistakes nor forgets anything of what was requested even those desires that have not arrived to your lives are latent waiting for you to call them with conscious knowing that they are yours and nothing or anyone can take them away ever, this is the miracles manifesting faith. It never gives up on a non-manifested wish. Our advice is to try calling it again (believe in yourself, believe that it is possible for you to achieve that which you so much desire and know that it will change your lives) with the same strong force that you believe needing it every day it does not arrive, use the same force to declare that it is already yours by divine birthright and feel that it is here, that you have it in your hands and that there is more than enough for everyone in the universe therefore there is nothing impeding you to have it, that is why its important that you join your mind with this wonderful truth and tell it who you really are; A son/daughter of God/Mother/Father light and love, heir of all that you desire for you by birthright. Take your inheritance of light and love and start to bless your life and every one of your brothers and sisters right now.

With infinite Love

Your Soul


Message channeled by Sion – Victory to the Light!!!


Translation from Spanish to English: Ramon

Editing of English: Per Staffan



The messages posted on can freely be posted by other Lightworkers with the proper recognition of the channel and the translator as well as the website