Love is our new reality

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Mother/Father God via Ann Dahlberg, March 29th, 2018

Mother/Father God

Thursday, March 29th, 2018

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Father/Mother God from all that is. I am with you in all that you undertake, dear children on Earth.

I am with you when the wind is whispering in your ear.

I am with you when the sun shines on your bodies.

I am with you when the water is cooling your bodies.

I am with you among plants and trees.

I am with you wherever you travel. Your experiences are my experiences, but I put no judgment on them. They are just there as an energy that comes and goes. They are there as the cool breeze that touches your face, to then fly off and away. Everything that has been created is equally valuable to me. Everything is created from love from a pure and high energy and it is indestructible. The foundation of this energy is always pure and clean. Nothing can destroy its original form. You are all created from this high energy and then you have chosen which expressions that you have wanted to try out and which creations that you have wanted to do. You have tried the light energies as well as the dark. You have closed off the light to source in order to understand the difficulties in duality to live in fear and loneliness. You have also opened the light to source in order to let in more light and come back to the unit that you once left. You have all the time have had an indestructible diamond within you – a diamond that has just rested and waited to again be found.

Many diamonds are shining on Earth today, as there are many people who have searched for its treasure and found the path to their own diamond. They have started to cut and polish it so that it will shine a bit extra. In the light from the sun your diamonds shine brightly a good distance outside of your body. People can feel the radiance and have started to polish a bit extra on their own diamond. Mother Earth’s own diamond is now radiating beautifully in the sunshine and she is met by singing and shouts of joy. There are many who have waited for you to discover your diamond dear children on Earth – the light loving energy that leads you home. I help you now to find and polish your diamonds dear children. You are so longed for and loved that you have hordes of beings who are doing all they can so that you will understand that you always have been part of light and love – it has always been within you. You have just closed it up so that it has not been able to radiate its wisdom and love. My love is eternal and it has always been with you. My door is always open and it is only love that can radiate out through it. Everything that is created is created out of love and everything created will also return to love. There is nothing else. Fundamentally, there is only love and this you will also understand when you open yourselves up for love and let your own portal be wide open.

It is the winds of love that are blowing on Earth. They blow away all that does not belong to love. The power of love is great, much greater than you ever in your little world can understand and experience. The power of love is holding together the whole universe and there are songs of praise for its light and warm energy. When it is written that love can move mountains it is so true, dear children. It can move mountains and brake chains. Right now you and Earth are in the process of breaking free from the chains that has kept you imprisoned for so many years. An era has ended and a new one has entered. We will once again see our Mother Earth bathing in light. The same is true for you dear humanity and your fellow beings on Earth. The universe is now celebrating how yet one more solar system has chosen to return to its own light. I, your Father/Mother God, cannot with words sufficiently express the love and gratitude that I feel for you the children of light – when you are now returning home after having tested your wings.

I love you, has always done so, and will always love you. This is the way it is and this is the way it will stay. There is nothing in the universe that can change my love for you. It was, is and always will be the same.


Father/Mother God




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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