Sion in Mexico Channels Her Higher Self, July 22nd, 2020


In order to receive more you have to clean out the things that you no longer need in your life, consciously free them with love and joy knowing that this is the greatest blessing in your life.


How to clean your past; Last chance!

In this times when all our memories and past situations, even of past lives, are coming back to our present is because we are ready to transmute and clean up all that trapped energy with your pain, anger, uncertainty, doubt, lack of understanding and the not knowing what to do at that time, etc, etc, etc….Well I want to tell you that you now have all the knowledge and power to do it because that past brought you here and now. You now have the power to see it again, identify it, forgive it and free it forever, you even can look it in the eye, feel it in your body, listen to it in your heart or in your mind and now you have the great opportunity to re-live it but under a scenario of mercy, compassion and forgiveness for you and all those who participated in it.

How many times you wished to be able to go back to the past and change something? Well, today is the time; the energies of the portal that started on June 30 will allow you to if you really want to take advantage of it and wish to do it!

To receive all your memories and situations that marked your life because at the time you did not know what to do or how to deal with it so you just suffered it and took it inside you like stuck energy creating a great feeling of dissatisfaction, unhappiness, anxiety, fears, doubts, guilts and total lack of progress in your projects or future dreams, a feeling of being stagnant that made you believe that that was the way your life would be and that was the life you were meant to live but now you have the great opportunity to be able to literally erase them from you present and future timelines. Would you like to do it now?

But how is that done you may ask.

Well, now that you have acquire the knowledge of the truth, now that your eyes have been opened and that your heart knows the power of unconditional forgiveness, mercy and compassion then you as a new awaken being can HEAL YOURSELF and let all that burden from the past go as you no longer need it for anything.

Fear does not exist anymore because maybe those characters that did you wrong are no longer physically here or around you but the hurt has remained in your heart during all this time and TODAY is the day for you to know that all those situations that you lived were planned for you and by me YOUR SOUL for the greatest good of your evolution and that all those involved are generous souls that agreed to help you in your journey thus there is nothing nor anyone to blame; Because there is no BLAME!

Being able to see yourself WITHOUT ANY JUDGMENT with what you have, who you are, where you are in this very instant of your life and understand that everything is as you planned it and accept it, acknowledge it, ACKNOWLEDGE YOURSELF AS ITS CREATOR knowing that in this life of illusion you were only experimenting the apparent separation from Creation Source and the temporary amnesia of what and who you really are; then you will realize that you have been playing your game cleanly and that you have won! When you recognize yourself as the ONLY CREATOR OF YOUR OWN LIFE and thus the only one that can change it forever! You follow? Are you understanding?

Whatever you life may be, this is your grand opportunity to change it forever! How you may ask.

Well, by you receiving all those memories, situations, mental or physical sensations with unconditional love and forgiveness you are giving them the opportunity to ask for your forgiveness for the hurt they caused, you are giving them the opportunity for you to understand that they were your creation, that they were there only fulfilling your command and that they were YOURSELF, BEING YOUR OWN TEACHER!

Embrace each one of those painful experiences and talk to them by name, tell them all they made you feel letting go all that you are carrying in your heart, ALL absolutely ALL. Open up to your soul and tell it ALL that you felt and are felling! FREE YOUR HEART FOREVER!


Cry, shout if you want. Sit them all in an imaginary chair in front of you and talk to them out loud, let everything out right now! Empty your heart! Do it now….FREE YOURSELF once and for all it is time.

Now take some time and see each one of this past situations or memories, either from this or other lives, with the UNCONDITIONAL FORGIVENESS MAGNIFYING GLASS and seek with that enormous magnifying glass a single reason why was not fair for you to experience that situation, a single reason and you’ll see that there is none. Everything in the Universe is movement and synchrony, all things happen for a reason and were created for that reason. Do you understand?

There is nothing that should not have happened in your life, they were only abilities and skills tests that you yourself proposed to experience for the greatest good of your soul and evolution and some or better said most of this tests you past with excellence and that every day of every life that you have lived you grew more spiritually getting closer to the great truth of who you really are.

And now that you are in this moment of your here and your now with this NEW YOU! Is the time for your last cleansing and that is why those few experiences or memories that have not been forgiven at all and freed in total unconditional love have comeback; So here you have your grand opportunity to do you magic to be able to go back to the past, with your eyes of the present and see through the portal of unconditional forgiveness, that is your big magnifying glass of love, all those aspects of yourself that you have not had the chance to see and realize that they are as needy of your forgiveness and love as you are of giving it to them and be free at last!

It is by you and for you that you do it, YOU ARE YOUR OWN SAVIOR!!!!!!

Remember this and enjoy this magnificent time and opportunity that you are being given to make it right.

You and I are together on this
With love
Message channeled by Sion – Victory to the Light!!!
Mexico, July 22, 2020