Love is our new reality

Autobiography of Summer Sun in China, May 6th, 2018

Summer sunshine — Speech by the master of ascension May 4, 2018

Dear ones,

I am an ordinary person from China. I have waked up. You can see me as your brother. We are going to go together and go on a journey of inner growth.

The summer sun’s Autobiography:

I now know who I am. I took the torch from Jesus Joshua Sananda’s brother.

I am the second key to start the big change. My elder brother is the first key.

The prophecy of Pasha said it was me. It was incredible. Now, I think these trips are well worth it.

Every pain, every time I endure, gives me the impetus to move forward, and I wake up.

I am the ascended master of Pasha, and I will return with real teachings.

To help people enter a new era, I will meet with my twin spirits.

That’s the beginning of the reunion of the Twin Flames on earth. What a wonderful experience.

I will take my brother Jesus Sananda’s torch and come out to the surface to do what I can do.

My age is 25 (laughs).

The source of my “soul”:

At that moment, the source, my father, said to our souls separated directly from him:

My children, you are my brave warriors, you are going to go into a distant planet, where you will find your missing half, your soul twin flame.

For my daughter, Gaia’s growth, you are going to come into the earth to help her rebirth. Each of you is my love, you are brave to go, you will experience an unusual journey on the earth, you may forget yourself, but life will drive you to wake up, this is a beautiful journey.

We are excited by the souls who are directly separated from the creator. What kind of journey is this? Who is the other half of us?

With the desire for the new journey experience, we have come directly to the galaxies near the solar system to train us so that we can live on the earth.

We put many layers of body on our own light. It’s too bright to hurt people on the earth. When I put on a physical clothing like the earth, I felt like I was squeezed. It was like falling into a swamp. It was heavy.

For this plan, we resolutely choose to decline. And I, as the second key to start, after a lot of training and adjustment, the adaptation of a planet before transformation.

We have made a lot of plans to deal with extremes in order to make the big change happen perfectly, but the situation on the earth is beyond our expectation. We can only change the original plan once and again.

Until now, we are approaching the final juncture. This will be the victory of light.

Do you know? My birth date is December 1st, 12 represents 12 masters of ascension, and 1 represents me from the source, and the last digit of my ID card is 12010234. This figure corresponds to the “doomsday prophecy” of December 21, 2012.

1201 of the 12 is 2012, 01 is the restart code, the “doomsday prophecy” is restarted, it will not happen, and what will happen is the advent of the new era. Not many people will die and die in this great transformation – just the death of the body, your spiritual consciousness – your soul is eternal.

0234 did you find this number? The front is missing a number 1 – it refers to the other half of my missing, my soul fire.

I have a nevus with three hair on my left arm, which corresponds to the new world that my origin and the earth is going to enter – from the separation of two elements to the unity of the Trinity. The separation of darkness and light into the fusion of darkness and light – Tai Chi, the balance and unity of male and female energy, will trigger the joy of holy love, triggering the unity, and triggering love of the soul!

Those departing souls – they are concealed by the darkness of their own conscious creation. They will not be able to withstand the baptism of light in the great transformation – the baptism of the sacred love energy. They will be “moved out of the physical body” and taken away by the light beings.

The next thing to happen is very important, the sun flares and the earth’s internal energy rise, the impact of the earth’s surface, inviting people to work on themselves – unconditional love for themselves, unconditional love for others, so that you will not feel very painful when the event happens! Pain is the inability to realize the connection between yourself and your own source, your father.

People are suffering from the pain of separation from the source (the creator) – the creator, in order to experience himself, separates himself from the creation of creation and creation – the birth of the original seven cosmos and souls.

People forget the connection with the creator. In this material dimension, everything is very dense – like ice and water and steam.

The physical body is like an ice cube, and you will transform into “water” (detoxification / purification), and then gradually change into “steam” (light body). People’s material body is very dense and their life force is very scarce, so they need to eat other beings – animals and plants to get light / vitality.

The source of all this is vitality, which is the expression of the “existence” of the creator, the light that slowly appears in the darkness of nothing.

The sun is created according to the image of the creator. It gives out light and love unconditionally and gives the energy of all life.

Have unconditional love for yourself and others, this love can melt cold hard hearts. Unconditional love is not to judge others, to judge themselves, to be tolerant of all things, and to realize that you are all a source of light that illuminates the dark.

That light is asleep in the DNA sequence of the eight primitive cells in the center of your body – the heart chakra.

Wake up! Let it be brightened by your love for yourself! The love formed by your unconditional acceptance of all you have is lit up!


Sunshine in summer, blessings of love!