Love is our new reality

The Angels via Jenny D’Angelo, April 30th, 2018

Like a Fountain of Light

These are days of wonder and splendor and shadow; truth and doubt; fear and growing trust. To be a human now is necessarily a challenge, living within the old thought structures even as they crumble. Where to turn? Where to look? And what to look for?

It is always the quiet awareness that will give you your first breath of ease. Whether the breath comes first or the ease matters not. They come together for you, in you, here and now. Take a few more breaths so that you feel softening in your heart/chest area. Your shoulders drop. Your arms relax. Your fingers stop holding so.

Perhaps your palms start tingling. Your whole palms are energetic light ports. You can put your hand straight up to the sky. Think of a place or area that needs your attention. Your hand can turn exactly to that direction from wherever you are, like a submarine periscope.

Send light. Send Light. Send light. You can do this.

As you do, each time, each instance assists, much more than you know. You stand in your clear and centered self, recognizing the calm power of presence. This awareness predates knowledge.

On days when the energetic grids are in upheaval, you may experience great instability, but you can find a small point of peace and calm always. The trick is only to do it. Stop what is yammering or shouting, whining or complaining, just this once.

Breathe, place your hands on your heart, notice that most delicate impulse to quiet. It is there. In that timeless moment, we and the Company of Heaven come. We can infill you like a fountain of light. Just such a personal and individual moment of awareness gives entry. Nothing is lost. Nothing is wasted. All is given.

This very day can reveal its beauty, uniquely for you. With eyes refreshed, you will see.

We love you always. We love you now.