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Benjamin Fulford Update – May 30, 2016

New York branch of Khazarian mafia now final obstacle to world peace
May 30, 2016

When Baron Jacob Nathaniel Rothschild, hiding out at Mark Rich’s house on the hill in Zog, Switzerland was identified as the head of the Khazarian mafia, Rothschild reached out to the White Dragon Society via a nephew to negotiate a peace settlement involving and exchange of gold for money and the establishment of a future planning agency. This is now on hold because the New York branch of the Khazarian mafia, headed by the Cohen crime family, blocked it, Rothschild family sources say.

The final Khazarian mob hold outs are trying to present WDS plans for the world economy as socialist or Stalinist. They are hoping to use either Vice President Joe Biden, Democratic Party hopeful Bernie Sanders or US Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump as people who will reform the existing system enough that they can avoid rebooting the system all together as the WDS proposes. What these people need to understand is that on May 2nd , 2016 the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION went bankrupt when its Puerto Rico subsidiary defaulted on a 422 million dollar payment. Legally the United States Corporate government is now under the control of the United Nations Corporation headed by Baron Rothschild. However, the status of the United Nations Corporation itself is doubtful because they have neither the gold or the moral standing to maintain the current chaotic and planet destroying system they oversee.

Rothschild and Khazarian mafia control has been reduced, in essence, to the bankrupt G7 group of nations. Take a look at this picture taken at the G7 meeting last week in Japan. 

Notice that while all the other leaders are waving in the group photo German Chancellor Angela Merkel is making the sign of horus with her hands, using the button on her jacket as an eye. Since Merkel is the only leader there who is of the Saxe Gotha Rothschild bloodline that runs the G7 and the eye of Horus represents supreme leadership, she is sending out the message that the other leaders in the photo are just servants.

What is important to know is that the WDS and its allies have identified the names and locations of all the top members of this ruling bloodline and have the technical capability of removing them from this world. Doing so would be the very last option the WDS would take and it would only happen if it became necessary to do so to prevent genocide.

The point though is that the families that currently control the G7 and the UN corporation are no longer in any position to dictate to the world. Their financial system, the source of their power, is now based almost entirely on fraud. The Rothschilds once famously bankrupted the Bank of England by taking their paper money and demanding payment in gold. The WDS and its allies are now in a position to do the same to the European and US bloodline families. The London and US gold trading markets are now trading 600 times more paper gold than they have real gold to back it with. Almost all of the real gold in the world is now in the hands of WDS allies.

What this means is the WDS is now in a position to offer to trade gold for all outstanding Euros and US dollars that can be traced to legitimate commercial activities. After a two month window
US dollars and Euros would no longer be accepted for international payments. Under this proposal the US military and agencies would continue to be financed using the new currency. This would essentially remove the final vestiges of power of the Khazarian mafia.

In such an event the WDS is proposing that all legitimate commercial activity continue as always. The illegal drug trade and other grey area activities would be given appropriate legal status and moved into the new system.

The future planning agency proposed by the WDS would start by hiring, as initial planners for setting up the agency, about 7 to 9 people. For example, either Chinese President Xi Jinping or Vice-President Li Keqiang could represent China, Donald Trump or whoever is selected as President to represent the US, Russian President Vladimir Putin or Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to represent Eurasia, Prime Minister Narendra Modi to represent India, someone to represent the Islamic world, perhaps Indonesian President Joko Widodo, someone to represent Africa, possibly Jose Eduardo Dos Santos of Angola and Angela Merkel of Germany or some suitable substitute to represent the old bloodline families of Europe.

Read full report at ……

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